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    I'm putting Sale of the Century on hiatus for now. With that said, here's a different 3-player game.


    3 contestants face a board of 30 dollar values among 6 categories. Each category has 5 clues ranging from $200 to $1000, in $200 increments. The champion (or first player) selects a clue on the board. Once the clue is revealed, any of the contestants may ring in (on the forum) to answer; your response MUST BE IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION (such as Who is Abraham Lincoln). Get it right, you get the money and get to choose the next clue, get it wrong, you lose the money. If nobody rings in within about 24 hours, the person who got the last clue selects again. Rinse and repeat 'til the end of the round, except for...


    (cue SFX)

    The contestant who finds the one clue with the Daily Double can wager any or all of their money (but at least $5). If they have less than the top value in the round, they can wager up to that much. Correct answers add the wagered money, incorrect answers take away the wagered money. Whether or not the response is right, they then select again.


    Pretty much the same thing, except the dollars are doubled ($400-$2000) and there's TWO Daily Doubles on the board. At the end of the round, players with at least a dollar to their score advance to...


    One more category is revealed, and the contestants write down wagers between $0 and their current score (which they'll send to me by PM). Once the wagers are in, the final clue is revealed, and the contestants then have 48 hours to PM their response (still phrased in the form of a question). After that, we reveal the responses and the wagers; as in a Daily Double, contestants who provide correct questions are awarded the amount they wagered; contestants who provide incorrect questions (or fail to phrase the response in the form of a question) have their wager subtracted. The player with the most money wins and plays the next game, while second and third place get $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. If we end up with a tie, the tied players win their earnings and return the next game.

    Disclaimer: Most clues will come from the Jeopardy Archive.

    And another reminder: PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT. If I discover you are cheating, you will be banned from all current and future games I host, unless you can prove you can play the game without cheating.

    Well, I think I've covered the basics; I need three players to get started.
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