Inspiration. That moment where everything you say, feel, write, type or think feels completely and utterly natural. It may last you just long enough to kill off your writer's block and finish that chapter for the fic you've neglected for months, or may lead you to one of the most prolific periods of your life.

As human-beings, and especially as writers, we've all felt this feeling before. There are a myriad of reasons we might experience inspiration. Perhaps you've just finished a great book/game/movie/show/fic/whatever and felt you could do something great too, or maybe you just feel wonderful in general and everything in life is great, and you just can't help but do something with that feeling.

Take a moment to remember your inspiration. How do you usually feel about the product of your inspiration? This thread is for sharing any of our experiences with inspiration, in hopes that it may lead some of us to it again.