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    Right, hey everyone, it's OCEANICLANTURN toot toot. My last fic was abandoned because I ran out of ideas. After some inspirations, rage, advices and thoughts, I decided to bring back my pen and start a new leaf. I'll get to the old one if I feel like continuing it. However, now, my time will be dedicated to this fic and this fic only. I will add more "side projects" provided that time allows and I get a few reviews for this fic.

    I'll try and update once a week. Tests and stuff can really throw you off the mark, but I'll write five chapters in advance to prepare for posting. Anyways, I'll do my best.

    It's PG-13 for some mild cursing and some darker moods, but it won't be very... bad.

    Before I begin, if you're reading this, please give me a heads-up. It makes me feel better to know that someone other than my friends are reading this. It'd be better if you can review, but I won't hold it on you if you don't.

    Anyways, here's Chapter One:

    Chapter One: An Unusual Start
    I checked myself in the mirror again. My short, raven black hair was combed properly. My green jacket, covering my orange shirt, was clean, thanks to Mother’s washings. My jeans were a bit tattered, but that was fine, because I’m not going to a fashion show or anything.

    I dashed out of the door into Twinleaf Town. It was a warm, sunny day, and the trees rustled from the calming breeze. The citizens were carrying out another usual day, but today was my special day, I thought happily to myself as I headed on Route 201, towards Professor Rowan’s Lab in Sandgem Town. Professor Rowan had always been busy, so I decided to go there myself. There wasn’t much threat crossing Route 201, as it had a dirt clearing, paved to head towards Sandgem Town.

    My name is Aron Archer, fourteen years old, and I have lived in Twinleaf Town for the past twelve years, after moving from Johto’s Olivine City. I had reached the age which I could receive my Pokemon. A few years before, the Pokemon Association had agreeably raised the age which children are allowed to get their first Pokemon, which was implemented after a mass voting, after the general’s public agreement.

    I made my way down the path as the sounds of rustling could be heard inside bushes and trees. I was willing to bet that it was a wild Pokemon, maybe a Bidoof or Starly, or maybe even something even rarer, a Munchlax? That seemed even more prestigious than the normal Pokemon found.

    I was tempted to reach in and touch the Pokemon, but consciousness took over and whirred, do not touch, possible attack! I shook my head, and walked further. It was only a few steps when I saw a figure that dropped from the branches. It was a Pokemon that I had never seen before. Its wings were covered with burn marks and scratches, and it looked unconscious. It had a huge white collar-like feather around his neck and its body was covered in blue, as well as its face. Strangely, there was also a red feather on the tip of his head.

    I had a momentary struggle, deciding on whether to help the poor Pokemon or not. I knew that attending to a wild Pokemon, without any Pokemon on my own, would be dangerous. However, I knew that the Pokemon was in deep injury, and it could be bad if left unattended. After moments of struggle, I decided to help the Pokemon swatted out of the sky.

    My first mistake.

    Carefully, I scooped it up in one hand and strolled to a clearing. Gently, I placed in down on a rock and using the first aid supplies I had in my bag, I tried to bandage it. However, its scream was so loud that it resonated through the forest, and suddenly I was surrounded.

    The attackers looked like the injured Pokemon’s evolved form. They were bigger and had much larger wings. Their back was red and their “collar” was disconnected feathers that still circled around their neck. The Pokemon’s head were also red, just like their body. They had a deadly looking sharp claw and beak that made me shiver.

    “Guys, this isn’t what you think it is. This Pokemon fell off and I was trying to heal it,” I reasoned. Their eyes still shone with violence and I could tell the words did not get through. The swarm let out a loose cry, and more surrounded me. I couldn’t run and couldn’t reason, I felt scared and powerless. Closing my eyes, I braced for the worst.

    “Discharge,” a man’s voice rang from a distance. I opened my eyes in amazement, as a magnet like Pokemon flew up and let loose a huge electric wave, zapping the swarm of Pokemon as they fell apart and crashed towards the ground in respective directions. At that moment, I felt a surge of pity overwhelming me, pity at the Pokemon’s treatment.

    “Those are Braviary, and the little one,” he wagged his finger towards the injured Pokemon, “is called Rufflet.”

    “Thanks…” I tried to ignore the sounds of the Braviary’s cries ringing in my skull, “but isn’t that a bit too harsh? They sounded… hurt.” I stumbled at the last word, unable to make a proper pick.

    When I had said that, the man glanced at me once again. His eyes were as cold as steel, and his face was a dark as a shadow.

    “You’re another one of those types. You do not understand the power of Pokemon. The only thing they’ll understand is force, and cold words,” he muttered, “that’s why… I raise only Pokemon that have no emotion. Like this one, for example,” the man pointed to his Pokemon, who was levitating in a side.

    “That’s not true,” I retaliated, my voice forcefully loud as I scooped the injured Rufflet in my arms, “Pokemon are our friends, comrades and teammates. Every Pokemon has emotion, and they’re just like human beings!”

    He gave me a look that made me back down. It wasn’t a look of ferocity or hostility, however, but rather a look of pity, as if he knew what he was talking about.

    “Go away, for now I shall see the lake with emotion,” he muttered bitterly as he called out another foreign Pokemon, “see them off, Claydol.”

    The world around me turned purple and I felt a mythical force carrying me off somewhere. I closed my eyes and braced myself, and a sudden flash blinded my vision.

    When I opened my eyes again, I was standing in the middle of Professor Rowan’s Lab. His assistants, all dressed in a white coat, stopped and gawked at me, I realize that somehow teleporting isn’t a great way to introduce myself, so I went for the best approach.

    “Hi, I’m here.” I gave a forced smile.

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