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    Phantevion - by mating Leafion and Espeon together when egg hatches - it evolves.
    Eevee Grass/Psychic/Ghost "New type Prism" Type Psedo-Legendry - Prism Type pokemon changes type each turn from grass,to pyschic, then to ghost

    Uber Status - 600
    Max Stats
    PAtt 187
    DEF 350
    SP 289
    Sp Def 312
    Speed 400+
    Special - Status Mastery - grass and status spells do not miss

    Signeture Abilities
    Pyscoma - Puts target asleep. has 100 acc, when target wakes up they take 10% of there life PP 5 (sleep only last 2-3 turns) (this sleep stacks with other status effects.
    Soul Eater (ghost type) - as long as the target is effected by either poison or sleep. gain life
    Dark Pulse

    By Mating Flareon/Umbreon... new puedo legendry
    Gyrieon - Prism type Flying/Fighting/Poison
    Uber 600 Max
    Max Stats
    Patt 392
    Def 300
    Spatt 189
    Spdef 332
    speed 302

    Special - Evasion Mastery - when this evee enters battle gains 30% evasion bonus for 3 turns

    Signeture Attacks
    Outbreak - 40/100 (Type Poison/Flying Physical) damages all targets and gives 100% toxic effect
    Breezing Fist - Deals 80/100% Damage to target . harshly increasing speed
    this attack.
    Drain Punch

    Mithraeon - Rock/Ground/Steel Pseodo Legendry Eevee evolution
    Mating Vipereon/Glaceon - Prism Rock/Ground/Steel

    Uber 600 Max
    Max Stats
    Patt 289
    Def 512
    Sp 189
    Sp Def 512
    speed 140

    Special - Unbreakable - when this pokemon enters the battle feild your team gains perminate reflect and light screen added, until battle is finished or broken by brick break

    Signeture abilites

    Core Spikes - Cover yourself With Iron - Protects yourself from physical type attack. attacker takes 100% damage you would of taken (can only do this to one attack)
    Rock Armor - Covers yourself with stone - protects yourself from special type attack the attack takes 100% damage you would of taken (can only do this to one attack)
    Cave In - Deals 35/100 damage to target as (ground) as well as sets up stealth rock (this ability is like earthquake/stealth rock mixed physical.
    stone cold - deals 20/100 damage can hit up 2-5 times each time has 10% chance to freeze
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    Create anything thread is here

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