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Nope, system with 480p graphics (3D ones no less) should use 3D models. There goes the need of a stadium game (unless it's developed by a third party that's great with 1080p graphics, are fans of the competitive scene, and know how to give an outstanding online experience).

You fan of classic all sprite graphics? I don't blame you, some companies respect them, just look at BlazBlue. Though with the 3D console titles, everyone is ecstatic to see their creatures brawl on a big screen. No need for a good plot or handful of sidequests? Pokémon has been running on running on its creative system of collectable customizable creatures and sooner or later, this is going to get stale. Why not follow suit of the other big name RPG studios and have a good plot and sidequests? It won't hurt the fans who play it just because of how unique the battle system is.
BlazBlue: I remember it for other reasons... Taokaka and Boobie Lady Litchi partly as I've got the PSP version of the first game. But in that case only the consoles and the PC could support 3D if the game had support in the first place. Which they sadly don't as the "world" isn't in 3d like the FPS that are in 3D.

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I don't mind seeing a transition to 3D, however, I DO mind it when they look all trashy and jpeged like what we've seen in the trailer. Why's it gotta look like that?
That's because you're seeing a Frame from a video that is being compressed so people can see it online. Chances are it been recompressed about 3 or 4 times before most people can see it. Youtube Videos are really compressed, but many people don't notice party as most of the "compression artefacts" as they generally last only fractions of a second. Also you're seeing one 3DS Pixel being magnified to be about 4 or more Screen pixels.

The best way to see the video is Via the 3DS eShop, which shows the Trailer at 90% actual size. (The trailer is the exact same one that is shown on websites.)

None of those artifacts will be seen in game, mainly as they're are result of putting it online, not the game.

However, If don't take your said as exactly what you mean.. Textures being images are often needed to be compressed, but given the nature of most of the Pokémon designs this shouldn't be noticeable. As the Model maker for the Unknown and Luvdisc in my signature, it know exactly how it's made. I can say that there are no texture images used. Lucario has one or two.