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    Post pokemon you need and/or are willing to trade to help people complete their pokedex.

    I am willing to trade any item, and if you specify, possibly a pokemon you want too. Yes, even Wormadam...I just want to get my dex completed before 6th gen comes out

    The pokemon I need are:
        Spoiler:- Release the wants:
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    Pokemon I am looking for, willing to trade any berry, item, ball, and/or TM for it, along with a Phione depending on the Pokemon
    latias,regigigas, regice, snorunt, solrock,wyanaut, sealeo,

    Feel like battling? If you have a 4th generation Pokemon game, enter my Friend Code in! 2665 9900 9349, and name? Ty-Son!

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    We don't allow Trade requests in $th Gen Discussion forum, You should use this forum:

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