Okay let's be honest, when Best Wishes first started, it started on a very high note. A lot of people were happy with how things were going, people actually liked the fillers, the battles were great, and a lot of fans were happy that the writers didn't spam TR every episode.

Then, 2 years ago, the Pokemon anime community were excited about how Team Plasma would be making a debut, Giovanni and Team Rocket would be making a return, Looker would also be coming back, and Team Plasma were going to be facing off against Team Rocket.

The amazing trailer for the two-parter got even old fans excited...until the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan and indefinitely postponed the episodes. After those episodes were postpones, a lot of people started getting disappointed with the Best Wishes saga performance and quality wise.

So now that Episode N is finally taking place, Team Plasma is making a debut, Looker is making a return, and N is appearing, it looks like the Best Wishes saga may be re-glorified like it was before.

But watching the opening over and over again, do any of you guys think the Best Wishes saga could have been way different if the TR VS TP did air. If it had aired, Team Plasma would have most likely appeared a lot more during the remainder of the series, Episode N most likely wouldn't exist, the Unova League arc probably would have been the end of the Best Wishes saga, Kotetsu and Virgil might have not existed, and N might have appeared way earlier.

Who knows, maybe the Unova League were planned to be interrupted by N and Team Plasma.