Firstly, I know there is a dedicated Monotype thread for this generation, but my intent is to get an idea of this team in particular. Secondly, this is the first time I have ever planned an ingame team from the beginning (I usually just plan on the go), so I may have missed something obvious. Finally, I haven't started yet, but I expect to fight the Elite Four at lvl 60+, so all moves are available.

That said, here is my Monotype Flying Team:

-Dragon Rage

-Take Down

-Dragon Rage
-Hyper Beam

-Leech Life
-Wing Attack
-Confuse Ray

-Fire Blast
-Hyper Beam
-Dragon Rage

-Focus Energy
-Swords Dance

In case you're unfamiliar with the rules, all pokemon must be of the main type (Flying). The only Pokemon I'm deadset on using is Charizard, so if, for example, Fearow would be better than Pidgeot, let me know.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your opinions.