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    Default Bug team V2 [OU]

    Ok soo.. Recently i lost to a clan member whom was using an all psychic team against my bug team....... >.>....
    Anyways the reason i lost was because of a Abnormally fast flawless,scarfed, jinx. ( =.= if your reading this drastic... I'm coming for you... lol )
    This made me realize that their are plays, with faster pokemon that could cause me to loose especially if i don't see it coming so...
    I thought about it and i figured out a few counters to use in order to counter the pokes that can outspeed me and or create a un comfortable situation..
    Though obviously if i sub out a few pokes from my current team i have to think of new was to use them..
    This is the new team im thinking of. please id love to hear what you all have to say.

    Its an odd idea.. But.. yeah..

    @choice scarf
    ~rock slide
    ~close combat/Arial ace ( currently have cc )

    Obviosly to sweep what it can. I can switch out and into armaldo,illumise or escavalier to change moves if nto power through it.
    Earthquake so i can get coverage on some decent stuff as well. Thinking about arial ace for those pesky Terrakions butt ...yea

    @Left overs/life orb?
    Ability: shell armor
    ~mega horn
    ~knock off/swordsdance
    ~ Substitute/swordsdance

    Assistance^. Escavalier will be basicly to stall out and or get rid of an item that a threataning poke has. I'd also be using him to switch moves with my choiced pokes.

    @Focus sash
    Ability: prankster
    ~Thunder wave
    ~confuse ray/protect/light screen
    ~Attract/protect/light screen

    With this illumise i can effectively use it to cripple a poke in which would offer a great threat. I could switch into it if need be because of the focus sash and then with prankster will use either covet/thunderwave or even a few other moves. But with prankster i could disable the poke that either outspeeds mine or force it to switch out. Which i can deal with later after its crippled

    @Wide lens
    Ability:tinted Lens
    ~Bug buzz
    ~Sleep Powder
    ~Stun Spore

    I'm also considering subbing out my venomoth though i do like him alot.
    Cause the idea with venomoth would be to use my normal play with venomoth, sleep powder and then when they switch out i use stun spore :P
    But if i were to sub him out i think i might replace him with either my armaldo, scizor or volbeat.
    Though im not sure which one.

    @choice scarf
    Ability: Compoundeyes
    ~Bug Buzz
    ~Sucker Punch
    ~Giga Drain

    Scarfed mainly so that it can outspeed other scarfed pokes. I use to run choice specs on this galvantula but then i tried
    choice scarf and had alot more success.

    @life Orb
    Ability:flame body
    ~Quiver Dance
    ~Bug Buzz
    ~Heat Wave
    ~Giga Drain

    Volcarona for bug types obvious weeknesss, its a general power house some what and id probably use volcarona straight out the gate..

    So yeah.. If you hadn't noticed its a Bug team but regardless please tell me what you think.. My current bug mono type has some weekness and regardless im looking forward to train some more bugs.
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