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    Default Brazen Disposition [R] [RP]

    Welcome to the main RP thread. If you're searching for the sign ups, they can be found right here.


    1. Meeker is my co-GM, so anything he says goes as well.
    2. All standard Serebii rules are to be followed.
    3. Your character is not invincible, and can die. Thus, don't get too emotionally attached to them. If you like your character's personality quite a bit and want to keep them alive for as long as possible, consider playing a character on the Nexus side, as they're very difficult to kill and are able to heal themselves very easily.
    4. You are free to make multiple characters, and can even play characters on different sides. Since it's possible for characters to die, I'm fine with people replacing lost characters with new ones. Sign ups don't close for that very reason.
    5. Don't spend too much time waiting on another person. If they're not responding to an attack or conversation, simply move along and break away from them. Otherwise you may be stalling people who are waiting on you too.
    6. Obviously, no god-modding and no unauthorized bunnying.
    7. Make your RP posts have quality. Use proper formatting and correct spelling and grammar.
    8. If you need to go inactive for a while, give people a heads up. That way, people know not to interact with your character until you return.
    9. Please use the Name, Faction, and Location header on the top of each of your posts.
    10. Enjoy the RP.

    Colonel Martin Slate (Flareon Pokémorph)
    Devoir Base, Hearthome City, Sinnoh
    Affected RPers: N/A

    The whole situation had gone from bad to bloody worse. At first, I thought I could have handled the Jungle without the need for resorting to these mutagens, but after getting to Jubilife City and seeing both Carlos and Vickers get bloody infected by those things, I wasn't going to chance it. Besides, Devoir had assured me this condition was perfectly reversible once the mission was done.

    We had been preparing the attack convoy to head into Jubilife to try and clear a route to reach the heart of the Jungle, where the Nexus Flower was. Last time we had attempted it, things had gone buggered, and we lost have the convoy to those creatures. I wasn't looking forward to the return trip, but it was better than standing around like a bloody idiot doing nothing about it.

    "Let's go, people, I'm not getting any younger here!" Sergeant Hammond shouted to the rest of the Devoir soldiers packing the assault convoy. "Last time I checked, these Nexus freaks don't wait around for us to play catch up!"

    The privates were exhausted and most of them were paranoid about the pollen. I saw a few that were still wearing the gas masks even though we were on the edge of the Jungle and it wasn't as necessary, especially since we had the Origin Machine right at base even if by chance one of these blokes did get infected.

    "We need all six of those vehicles fully equipped," I told Sergeant Hammond, who still looked rather brash this morning. "Last time we only had four, an' boy, they were a feast for those bloody mongrels."

    Sergeant Hammond, no matter how much they tried to convince him, avoided the mutagens, still looking at me strangely for deciding to go with a Flareon Pokémorph form. If the bloke had seen what I had seen, he'd just pick one and get used to it before the manure really hit the fan. And it would, I was sure of that. Devoir still didn't have the superweapon for the Nexus Flower prepared and ready, but I was rest assured they were "working on it." Sure, I had heard that before, and it was often just an excuse to buy the bloody blokes more time.

    I was definitely packing more rockets this time. They were slow, but they'd do the job. Even the heavy machine guns seemed to only be shooting blanks half the time at these lily-lovers, and they didn't stop until they were in pieces. Or in flames. It was the reason why fire, ice, flying, and poison type Pokémon and morphs were popular around here.

    In the six vehicle convoy, we had two tanks, two supply trucks, and two armored personnel carriers. Our mission was to just find a path to reach the Nexus flower so that a route could be secured to later use as the path for the superweapon to come on through. I was assured it would be ready by the time the route was cleared, but I was never one for so easily accepting promises. Things usually got ugly when I did, and I always knew it was easy for things to seem too good to be true.

    And I knew there would be fights along the way. There were always little squabbles all throughout the Jungle, but I knew those Nexus blokes had a special kind of hatred toward Devoir, since we were the ones mostly likely to bring their little garden down. Bloody weeds.

    I wasn't expecting the kind of luck that would allow this mission to be over quickly and easily. That never happened.

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    Aiden Su (Nexus)
    Outskirts of Jubilife City in Nexus Camp -- The Jungle
    Early Morning (7 A.M.)

    "No, little sister!" A man shouted, his light grey cloak flapping violently in the heavy, raging wind storm. By his side, a woman, wearing the same cloak with a white moon on her back instead of a black moon looked away, silently crying.

    "Get your hands away from her, you dirty cowards!" The man shouted as he was forcibly restrained by two men in battle gear. In front of him, three men armed with hazmat suits began pouring gasoline on bound and gagged woman, her face a slight green tint and flower buds on her exposed arms.

    The hazmat men turned their backs and flicked a single match. "No..."

    "Amelia!" Aiden yelled as he shot up from a massive cotton plant, serving as a makeshift bed for the camp for the Nexus scouts and those who had just changed. Ever since Aiden's mutation and ascension into receiving a strain of the Nexus mutation, he could never have any different dream except the one moment in his life he dreaded and hated.

    Aiden clenched his fist hard, the thorns growing on his arms slowly creeping out of his sleeves and embedding itself in the nearby ground.

    I wasn't strong enough, I need more power

    "Brother, what troubles you?"

    Next to Aiden was some unnamed Nexus member, far earlier in his mutation stage looking at him with a concerned and slightly fearful look. Not that Aiden was a very old or powerful Nexus member. He himself only joined a couple months ago with Evelyn. But when he joined, he could tell that the Nexus didn't like him very much. Aiden was just too unorthodox.

    Aiden glared at the young Nexus. "Leave," he stated firmly as his thorns ripped themselves out of the ground and pointed towards the new member menacingly. "I will not say it again."

    The Nexus member's eyes widened as he got to his feet and scrambled away and into the camp proper. I'm going to face Hell from whoever controls this camp, Aiden mused.

    Across from his cotton bed, a woman, Evelyn Hei, clapped her hands both mockingly and jokingly. She smiled a little cocky smile as she crawled closer to Aiden and took his hand.

    "You drove another recruit away. Good job," Evelyn said with a thick air of sarcasm.

    "...Am I supposed to care?" Aiden responded and Evelyn simply smiled as she untangled her hand and her flowers that intertwined with Aiden's thorns. She clasped her hands together and stood up with a bright look in her bright yellow eyes.

    She pointed towards the horizon. "No, but you should care that there are rumors going around this camp that there's going to be an attack by...the Devoir," she said, hesitating at the name "Devoir."

    Aiden cringed for a second but he smirked slightly right after. "Good...we need a new batch of test subjects. We're close Evie. We will be the new Lunar Duo by the time this is over."

    Evelyn smiled but her smile slowly faded as she grabbed Aiden by his pale green hand, the rigid cell walls of his body plainly visible. She stared at the direction of Jubilife City and back at Aiden before she sighed.

    "Let's go check it out," Evelyn stated as she let out her Amphoros and following her lead, Aiden let out his own Pokemon, an Espeon. Both Pokemon startlingly resembled the Jungle around them, just as their trainers.

    Aiden nodded and followed suit, hoping to both nab some test subjects and to see the people who killed his younger sister once more.

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    Skyler Reyes (Nexus)
    Eterna Forest

    It was a good day in the dense Eterna Forest, and Skyler was out on his daily flight, watching over the calm, pretty environment. Ever after he got infected and turned, he's had the ability to fly, and he knew he would make the best out of it as much as he could, as he could get wiped out by Devoir soliders at any time. That's why he kept to the most infected areas of Sinnoh, as the infection now didn't trouble him anymore. He mostly kept to himself now, as pretty much all of the other Nexus was soliders who fought the Devoirs. Skyler didn't like figtinh, and therefore tried avoiding all contact with the military as possible.

    It was a quiet day. Not much was happening, and Skyler saw other Nexus down at the ground, it appeared they were up to something. Skyler had heard that the Devoir soliders planned another attack on the Nexus Flower. they attacked pretty often, but this was the first time Skyler had ever heard of them, as he had only been infected a few weeks.

    Skyler flew further away from the Nexus soliders and landed in a fairly quiet field of flowers, while his wings dissolved into a green light which fainted into an aroma of flowers. In the field, he sat down and closed his eyes. He could feel the flowers and the vegetation in the field, a new ability he had as a Nexus. He didn't care about war or anything like that. This was the peace he had wanted all along, even though the circumstances was a bit... different.

    After a while, he decided to call Golurk. "Golurk. Come here, please" he thought. He knew that Golurk could hear his thoughts. Golurk had always been able to do that. Skylers theory was that it was because Golurk was a Ghost-Type, but after they both got infected, Skyler could hear Golurks thoughts too, and they were able to communicate even though they weren't together. Golurk often likes being alone now, and Skyler let him out of his Pokčball so he can wander off as he wish.

    Soon after, Skyler felt slight shaking in the ground, as Golurk emerged from the trees. He went and sat down next to Skyler. "Let's sit a while." Skyler said. Flowers bloomed around them as golurk sat beside him. It was a side-effect from Golurks infection. They often sat like that, just relaxing, and they both loved it, even though Skyler knew it couldn't be like this forever

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    Free Ferreter
    Route 212 -- 07:12

    Crux made his way across the creaky boardwalk. The swamp around him had grown to a luscious mangrove since the Nexus Flower took root. the trees above stopped most of the rain from soaking the recluse, but his jacket caught more water by the second as he tried his best not to slip off into the greenish-blue water below.

    It was not before long that he got off the wooden walkway to see a house waiting for him. It was here that a move tutor resided in before the growth. It was full of unlooted merchandise the man had left behind in his haste to avoid infection, mostly assorted colors of shards that could be sold to people who used them for the same reason they were there.

    Crux saw value in nearly everything, from useless junk to expensive merchandise. There was nothing he wouldn’t try to make a profit off of. He was even able to find a fully intact Floroma Herald during one of his excursions into the center of the Jungle. The museum in Kanto bought it for a whopping 100,000 Poke! A fortune that Crux was too greedy to pass up.

    He made his way to the door, with one hand pointing his Pernach into the dark room. With the other hand, he flipped on his headlamp, and examined the small structure before entering. Seeing nothing but slightly altered Rattatas, Crux stepped over the tripwires he had rigged to keep “his” house safe from any invaders, whether it be bandits, Nexus, Devoir, Mercenaries, or something else. Crux has been attacked by all of them at least once for whatever reason.

    He made his way inside, looking at the small pile of logs in the fireplace. His body begged for something to fill the hollow that existed where the man’s stomach was supposed to be. Luckily, on his daily raid, he had found a couple Rattata to roast over the fire. They hadn’t been exposed enough to the jungle to be infected, as this was only the very edge of the exclusion zone. After doing such, he planned to rest for the day, and hunt once again in the morning.

    As he pulled out the corpses to clean them, he looked back on his night, hoping that the next day would bring more riches to bestow upon him.
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    Alex Morgan, Free Ferreter
    Ruins of Oreburg City

    Alex sat cross-legged on his Magnezone, tightly clinging to its antenna to prevent himself from falling off as they toured the husks of old buildings that were now overgrown with the plants. The Nexus certainly were relentless on their quest to take over and rid the region of all traces of civilization. Eventually there would be nothing left of the skeletal structures. Not even solid iron can resist the growth of life. From telepathic images given to him by his Bronzong, he could see that other members of the bronze bell Pokémon were turned into flowerpots. Echo's fate would have been the same if it wasn't for him saving it from the Nexus forces. While it certainly defied biology, it was true. The fact that they could turn Pokémon made out of solid metal into a plant was both amazing and horrific. That meant that his plan for using non-biological Pokémon to attack the Nexus Flower wouldn't work as well as he hoped. Unless...

    His train of thought was disrupted when his eye caught sight of a seedpod dangling practically right on top of a flower who's petals someone could use as bedsheets. If he went anywhere close to it, he'd find himself turning green. Fortunately, he didn't have to. He waved to Echo who was right behind them, carrying some equipment in its upturned bell. He admitted that the pose looked odd, but it was the easiest way to transporting stuff. The psychic type carried his salvaged flamethrower as well, due to Alex's fear that Theta's electricity might cause problems with the stored gasoline. It also had a couple of seedpods that they had found on this trip. They had a couple dozen more back in the mine from previous explorations.

    Alex pointed out the seedpod they had just found to the Bronzong. With a bob for a nod, Echo plucked the baseball-sized seed from the vine using its psychic powers and brought it over to its trainer. Alex took a pencil from his pocket and wrote on the shell the number 7 and right below it the number 3, for trip 7, seed 3. He dropped the seed into Echo’s bell and took out a notebook and wrote down where he found it, dangling right on top of one of the huge flowers and described the vine and the flower. Once they got back to base he would eat a small sliver of the meat of the seed and see what it tasted like and what the effects were. He thought it would be useful if he could figure out what the effects of the seed were only by where it grew. It was mainly for his own benefit, but if he ever decided to sell the off for some reason, he could probably get more money if the buyers knew exactly what they were getting. But rather than sell them off to the highest bidder, he would probably get them to some sort of biology research company so they can try to reproduce them in a controlled environment. The seed are much too useful to not take advantage of them.

    When he finished his notes, he sighed into his mask and looked around. The whole situation was a mess. The Nexus and Devoir forces are butting heads and at the current rate, there were only two likely outcomes. Either the jungle takes over Sinnoh, or the jungle gets wiped out. And favour turned to the Nexus forces as soon as the Devoir forces couldn’t hold the route 211 and route 208 passes through Mount Cornet. Now if the Devoir want to push the jungle back, it would be a literal uphill battle. At least Snowpoint City doesn’t seem to be in much trouble, it’s way too cold for the plants. It would probably be the last non-infected area in Sinnoh, so the Devoir would probably want to set up a stronghold there and the Nexus will want to figure out a way to fight the cold. After that there would be Stark Island. The sea barrier might be hard for the Nexus forces to get over to it, but thanks to the heat, they will flourish. However, the strongest weapon to use against the Nexus forces may also be on Stark Island…

    He gave a slight smirk to himself. It may be the calm of nature, it may be that he needed some time away from civilization, it might even be from some of the seeds he’s snacked on, but he feels that his mind is much clearer than it used to be. It was much easier to make connections. He saw that both sides were fighting over the same thing: survival. Neither side wants to be wiped out, but somewhat ironically, both sides are willing to die for their cause. His mind flashed back to the day of the ambush. He saw soldiers who were becoming infected turn their own weapons against themselves. They would rather die than become part of the enemy. He himself had thought about it. When it came down to it, he knew that he couldn’t be able to do it. He was afraid of death, the one great unknown. His knowledge was too important, though if the Nexus took control of his mind… He didn’t know what to do. He hoped it wouldn’t come down to it. He had a good hideout, a stockpile of seeds and of course, his partners Theta and Echo. He paused to wonder what they would do if he was infected by the Nexus forces. Would they continue surviving on their own, or with they do anything to save their trainer? He shook his head. He was lost in thought too long, he needed to focus on the now. He needed to focus on surviving, and perhaps find a key to ending the turmoil.
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    At some point in the future, a hand wraps around a small, hand-held device. It's long dead, but with a bit of coercion, it flickers to life, a white screen blaring before giving way to a series of text.

    "Loading... System Journal... Loading Written Logs... Loading Audio Logs... Loading Video Logs... syncing... Syncing HelmCam6051 files..."

    A list begins to slowly fill the screen, and the story unfolds.


    Corporal Jonathan Grant
    Snowpoint City/Route 217; Checkpoint Sierra
    Devoir; 2nd Army Group, 22nd Infantry Battalion, Hotel Squad
    Date: [Classified until Further Notice]

    Written Log 1

    Well... Dear Diary. First written log, just like the shrink asked. Yeah, I don't like this. Never was much of a writer, but whatever. I'd rather just do the video logs, but the doc says I have to put my thoughts into writing whenever possible. He says he wants to make sure I put in at least a couple dozen logs over the course of this for reason or whatever.

    So yeah. Anyways, not much going down here now I didn't cover in the video log this morning. Sargent wants us to get our asses in gear by daybreak, which is about twenty minutes. Kinda glad, I've been getting sick of spending all this time in the green zone. I'm no lover of violence, by any means, but checkpoint duty is fu... pretty dull. Right. Doc says don't swear as much. Gotta try not to do it. Don't delete the word when I write it, just stop myself and keep going. He told me not to worry about this kinda stuff. Whenever I start getting too existential or whatever, just 'Don't worry about it'. Well, alright, whatever you say.

    Haven't heard much shelling going on today. Air's quiet, nothing's flying around. Snow's crunchy, thin, air is still biting cold. Not so bad inside this suit, but once we get into the Jungle, the shi... the suit heats up like a Slugma's rear-end in August. You can vent it out in the yellow zones; gotta keep a tight seal up in the red ones, and those forays suck the most. Hate those places. I'm glad I only gotta skirt the red-zone, Yellow Zone is much easier to navigate. Anything up to 216 is going to be a breeze, 41st Arty's been shelling the hell out of it for what must have been days now. Combined with the cold, I'd be surprised to see so much as a tree halfway between here and Mt. Coronet.

    We're gonna move out now, so I'm going to end this log here. Okay, Bye.

    End of Written Log 1; One Attachment(vidlog1.avi)

        Spoiler:- Video Log One:
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    (Has this died?)

    Alex Morgan, Free Ferreter
    Oreburg Mines

    Alex and his dual steel types had retreated back into their dark abode after a day of scavenging for seedpods. They only found eight this trip. The seeds were getting harder to find and they had to journey farther to find them. It was too dangerous to stay in the jungle for too long and the mines were the best safe haven in the area. Sure it was dark and dank, but the dark and solid rock prevented any plant life from growing down here. The coal that was mined here in the past was still useful as a fuel source. There were even some still piled in some old abandoned mine carts. Water still managed to leech through the rock so there was at least something to drink, even if it was polluted with coal dust. It was food that was in short supply down here. Thankfully, some of the seeds seemed to provide enough energy and nutrients for a few days each. Theta and Echo never needed food thanks to being non-biological. But that still didn’t mean he wasn’t continuously hungry. He refrained as much as he could from hunting Pokémon for food. He wasn’t a killer. He wasn’t… a soldier.

    He sat in an abandoned mine cart as Theta pulled it down the track towards their camp. It was completely dark save from the stray spark from the Magnezone. Even if the Nexus forces found out he was living in the mines, they would have a hell of a time tracking him down. The only reason he didn’t get lost was because he relied on Theta’s magnetism sensing the rails and plotting the course accordingly. If anyone followed them, it was a simple matter to lose them by going down the different tracks. Nothing can survive down here. Besides himself it seemed.

    Theta’s movement came to a halt which signaled that they had finally made it back to camp. It wasn’t much; it was currently literally a couple of mine carts, a fire pit and a small pile of seedpods. Not that he could see it at the moment. He immediately got to work on making a fire. He felt around for the cart that was full of lumps of coal and took some out and dropped them in the fire pit. He then poured out a little bit of gasoline on the pile. He took a few steps back and spoke into the darkness. “Theta, light it up.” The Magnet Pokémon shot a jolt of electricity into pile and lit the gasoline and the coal caught fire. Probably not the safest thing to do in the middle of a coal mine, but he was sure that Echo’s psychic sweeping kept away stray coal dust.

    He shrugged off his bag and went over to a trough that he used to collect the water that dripped into the cave. He scooped up some water in his hand and drank. It certainly didn’t taste the best, but it was the best he could do. He sighed and pulled out his notebook. His eyes glanced over his past writings. Various theories of the jungle and the seedpods and the anomalies. He thought back to the origin of the Nexus Flower, a mutated Shaymin. According to legend, Shaymin was a voice of nature. In its current form, it has become nature gone wild. Yet what did that have to do with the shenanigans with time and space? The legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia governed over those aspects, why would the current situation be strong enough to affect them? Surely the Nexus Flower couldn’t be stronger than Dialga and Palkia. Just then it hit him. If the Nexus flower isn’t stronger than those two, then why aren’t they doing anything about it? Are they just going to let this spread? And what about Arceus, god of everything? Surely he must be aware of this. But then why isn’t he doing anything? Just then a chill came over him. The lack of legendary intervention was worrying for two different reasons. Either a: the Nexus Flower is too strong for them to do anything or b: they don’t care if everyone gets infected. Both situations were horrifying thoughts.

    Maybe this situation was indeed hopeless. But he needed to try the best he could to survive. They needed to stop the infection from spreading. He was probably one of the humans that were the farthest behind enemy lines. He had important knowledge. But what could he do? He was here holed up in the mines with a Magnezone and Bronzong barely surviving. He needed to connect back up with the Devoir forces.
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