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    "Trčs heureux, Andre" The other blond guy reached out his hand, and gave Andre a handshake and a smile. "Yes, I believe I have heard of you. Who could not have known of such a famous star? I wonder what twist of fate has brought us here."

    Andre smiled, took his hand, and shook it firmly. "Merci beaucoup! I wonder that myself. It's funny, but I feel like I've seen you somewhere before. Have I met you somewhere before?"

    As Andre was making conversation, another boy approached the group. Andre took a look at him, and shook his head in disapproval. He thought this guy looked unkempt, with his unshaved face, messy hair, and shabby clothing. The way he talked didn't help either." Sthorry, I know this isn’t quite my place to be sthpeaking. I just couldn’t help but notice that you all had Eeveelutions. I’m Isaac, Isaac Casthanova.” coincidentally, another Eeveelution, a Leafeon was perched on his shoulder. Andre tilted his head when he heard the name, he seemed familiar too...

    He saw the redhead girl approach his Espeon, and raised an eyebrow curiously when she started speaking to her. "Think you're a model, huh, little cagna? Check these out!" She laughed, before she pulled the already low zipper on her vest even lower, exposing more of her large breasts and moving closer, the smirk still on her face, before getting back up. Her Umbreon glared at Crystal.

    Crystal wasn't the least bit intimidated by this girl's strange behavior. She simply laughed in the her face, then continued strutting around, and acting like a diva. Andre himself chuckled a bit at the sight of it.

    The Vaporeon belonging to the other girl also taunted Crystal, but she was completely unfazed. "Essspeon Es!" She said laughing. (Translation: "You, standing a chance against me? Ohhohohoho! That's hilarious!") Her eyes flashed blue for a second as she spoke.

    "By the way...I'm sure you guys probably remember me, but if in case any of you forgot, I'm Monica. Monica Fiorelli. Yeah, the same Monica as the one on Diamante's billboard just around here." She continued, winking as she grinned.

    Well, that would explain where he saw this girl before. "Of course I have Mon Chérie! I see you in magazines all the time." For reasons he couldn't place, that name rung a bell in Andre's head. It was the same sense of Deja vu he felt with all these people and their Eeveelutions.

    Finally, the owner of the Vaporeon proceeded to slap Andre, then give him a hug immediately afterwards. Confused by this girl's strange behavior, Andre shouted "Quel est le sens de tout cela?!" while rubbing the affected cheek. She then went on to slap or hug the others, and pay the nurse one million Poke. Lastly, she gave everyone a death glare before giving a speech.

    "I'm Freya, you know, the one who eracted that magic circle. You guys have been messing with the supernatural balance right now... And that fame has corrupted most of you. You aren't people anymore, you've given into sin, either Pride, Greed, Gluttony, and so forth. Here, I will give you all a challenge, to preserve our friendship, and not break the ritual. ALL of you must travel around this region with out anything you've gotten through fame. That means hard walking, no money, and only a backpack to carry around. You will do this, it is your fate. Besides, the ritual isn't over yet..." She sighed.

    It hit him when she brought up the magic circle. He had met all these people before. He had gone to school together, and they all evolved their Eevees together. This was wonderful! At least it would've been, had it not been for Freya ruining the potentially happy moment with her ridiculous speech. From the look of it, she was still as eccentric as ever. Andre put his hands on his hips, and returned her glare with one of his own. "Mademoiselle, if you think I'm listening to your crazy story, and that you can tell me what I can and cannot do, then tu es con. I have my own reasons for being here, and friend or not I won't let any of you get in my way."
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