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Thread: Girly Team?

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    Default Girly Team?

    Throughout Pokémon white two I was trying to assemble a team that I thought would be in character For Rosa. I think I did pretty good and I'm already up for challenging the elite four just need to get some better held items.

    Pokemon Serprrior Jade @ Leftovers
    Ability: Overgrow
    E Vs: ?
    Nature: Docile
    - Energy Bail
    - Toxic
    - Giga Drain
    - Leach Seed

    I never started with Snivy before and thought it out Rosa would love this thing. She's actually a lot better in battle than I expected. leach seed and leftovers provide a sub pricing amount of healing in conjunction Giga grain is good for if I need more hp and taking a chunk out of the opponent I figured I had to get toxic the somebody and energy ball I like energy ball.

    Pokemon Arcanine Liger @ Life Orb Maybe
    Ability: Intimidate
    E Vs: ?
    Nature: Hasty
    - Flamethrower
    - dig
    - wild charge
    - will-o'-wisp

    In the start Growlithe was available I thought cute puppy in it grows into a majestic hunter and a powerful Pokémon so I thought yaa. Flamethrower is its main attack obviously it's a STAB and one of my personal favorite moves. Wild charge is because I don't have any electric type on the team and I thought it would be good for weakness coverage. Dig might not be viable serious competitiveness but I have been serving me well especially considering you can't get earthquake before you finish the game. Will-o'-wisp burn baby burn.

    Pokemon Lucario Anubis @ muscle band?
    Ability: inner focus
    E Vs:?
    Nature: Rash
    - Aura Sphere
    - Ice Punch
    - close combat
    - sword dance

    It's Lucario might not be the most girly Pokémon out there but It is one of the most popular and powerful Pokémon out there so yaa who wouldn't want one. Aura Sphere all the leppa berriys in the wold would not be enough for me to just use close combat. Ice punch lots of tight coverage weakness coverage and I sweeped the Spartan mayor with just this one move. Close combat powerful. Swords dance if I don't decide to go with the choice item this move would turn his already formidable attack power into that of a monster.

    Pokemon Starmie @ choice speckes/Wise glasses
    Ability: natural cure
    E Vs:?
    Nature: modest
    - scald
    - psychic
    - ice beam
    - thunderbolt

    a jewel encrusted starfish seems like the perfect Pokémon for a girly girl trainer. Also need the psychic type. Scald and psychic STAB power ice beam is because you give every water Pokémon ice beam (or punch) and thunderbolt I like thunderbolt

    Pokemon Altaria Nimbus @ Choice scarf
    Ability: natural cure
    E Vs:?
    Nature: Sassy
    - aerial ace
    - ice beam
    - Dragon dance
    - Dragon Pulse Dragon Claw?

    When I was planning the team I didn't think I would have this Pokémon on it but here she is. This Pokémon is really hard up for flying type STABS and I figured I would need one for Marshall just in case so aerial ace. Ice beam so I can have a dragon slayer Dragon. Dragon dance it needs the speed boost and the extra power. Dragon type move neutral for most things coverage and a lot of power STAB and anti-Dragon.

    Pokemon Weavile Nails @ choice band
    Ability: pressure
    E Vs:?
    Nature: bashful
    - ice punch
    - night slash
    - brick break
    - X scissor

    despite being a feminine Pokémon and one of my favorites and dark being my favorite type I also didn't plan on having this on my team. Ice punch a powerful ice type move that goes off monster attack points same with night slash. Brick Break because dark types are jerks and I thought anti self would be cool for it. X Scissor is just a to fill the forth slot.
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    Aqua Tail over Energy Ball on Serperior. You already have Giga Drain for a STAB move, and Aqua Tail lets you cover its Fire weakness, as well as giving it a way to hit types that resist Grass, such as Poison, Flying, and Steel.

    Dragon Pulse over Dig on AR K-9. Fire + Dragon + Electric hits everything in the National Dex for at least neutral damage, besides, Dig takes two turns.

    I'm not sure about having 2 STAB moves on Lucario.....I usually suggest Bullet Punch, but that is an egg move.....

    I suggest Dragon Claw for Altaria's last move.

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