Hey everyone.

Was just wondering about where my confusion lies, in acquiring the diploma for Dex completion in SS.

I had done some reading on the subject, but couldn't discern, whether or not it is possible to get a diploma reward for catching just the Kanto/Johto pokemon in SS, or if only the National Dex diploma exists.

My main curiosity lies within the difference of these two pictures of the diploma's I found on Bulbapedia.

Both can be found here:


Under the generation IV heading, they show this diploma


Which makes mention of catching "all of the Pokemon in Johto"

And the next picture


Mentioning you "have completed the national dex"

I know it seems like a straight forward problem, but I haven't been able to find the answer. I know the Game Freak employee is suppose to be the one who awards you with the diploma, yet every time I've talked to him, with a full Regional Dex mind you, he says "don't give up on filling out the National Pokedex"

I'm wondering where I'm going wrong here, in seeing the lower tier diploma, and if there is just some misinformation I'm reading into.

Help would be appreciated.