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    Quote Originally Posted by InnerFlame View Post
    Oh Sheppie~ I'm waiting for you... Also... How is everyone doing? I haven't seen Gold around. Also surprise! I've attempted to make our Eveelution on my gpxplus account. I tried to match Nature to the pokemon. It took me quite a while to do; especially with the Female Eevees. Just looked at the Burn I put there... That Shiny Glaceon I just got there is a girl and her nature is Bashful XD I'm just glad I actually found a shiny Eevee so she's just a placeholder for him.

    I would like to know why Noctis is Sassy? He doesn't seem Sassy to me, and no one can be Sassier than Crystal. xD Otherwise, I love them.

    I also love that Ninetales!Andre in your signature.

    Edit: After looking up the meaning of the word, it makes sense now.
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