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Thread: Strange freezing?

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    Question Strange freezing?

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my copy of LeafGreen.

    Recently, I've been playing it. I haven't played it since about 2011 or so, so I was waiting for a big rush of nostalgia when it started, but I noticed some things:

    1. I have to wiggle the cartridge around for the DS to read it.
    2. About 15 minutes in, the game locks up and starts playing a loud and scrambled noise.

    I'm really worried, considering my level 90+ charizard is still there, and no, it's not pirated.
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    Look in the cartridge- often there's something in there, so try cleaning it out.

    Oh wait, have you used one of those ds cartridges that hold multiple games? Those'll mess up your ds.

    Apart from that, well, yeah.

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