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Thread: I need help making a team! please give your advice

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    Default I need help making a team! please give your advice

    I'm finishing playing heart gold and soon will be playing black 2, I don't understand natures or what sweepers or tanks or anything like that is. All I know is I'd like to use bulbasaur, squirtle, charmander, pikachu, and abra. I'll probably evolve them and have already caught them in heart gold, However I don't know if they have the best natures available to them and if I need to breed them again in order to get the right ones I can.
    If you could help me understand what natures to get these pokemon and how to make them sweepers or tanks or whatever that means I'd really appreciate it. Also what should my 6th pokemon be?
    Thank you! Please help!

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    For the story part ingame, this type of stuff isn't needed. Also Black 2 can't "trade" with Heart Gold until after you finish the game.

    Anyway this thread is most likey the best place to start:

    Also you may want to look here:

    Anyway I've got to shut this as game help is not allowed in the Newbie section.

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