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What are you talking about? In the GSC chapter, Suicune initially chose Misty but it joined Crystal at the end. And if I recall correctly (I only read the part where Suicune chose Crystal recently so I only remember that part clearly) Entei was supposed to go with Blaine and Raikou was supposed to go with Lt. Surge but they went with Silver and Gold, respectively, at the end. It's not that hard of a stretch to picture a scenario where Black's Reshiram defeats Zekrom in battle but then Ghetsis arrives with the Kami trio ready to wreak havoc and since N refuses to fight his own adoptive father and since White wants to join the battle Zekrom chooses to follow White's orders.
You are aware of the fact that Suicune already chose Crystal long before it chose to go to Misty, right?

I still highly doubt that Zekrom will change it's mind about N and join White. Even as White does seem to be gaining battle skill, the female dex holders do absolutely nothing in the big fights and I don't think White will be any different.