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    Default Angel (PG, MAYBE PG-13)

    By TheSketchQueen

    A story featuring an Angel of Death

    Chapter One

    Vira dashed into the chapel, her long blonde hair whipping around her face as she shut the door. She breathed heavily. On this cold, December 21st, the supposed end of the world, why on earth would anyone call her to meet her in the church by her house?

    Vira Anderson was a sixteen-year-old who lived in Callows Brook, Minnesota. She was tall, pale skinned, with waist-length platinum blonde hair and a tall face that had icy blue eyes and pale pink lips. In winter, she always had a hot pink hoodie, jeans, and black high heeled boots on.

    The tall girl looked around. “Hello? I didn’t come to this freezing building for nothing,” she said nervously, walking up to the front where a stained glass window illuminated the room. Vira stared at the window. It was decorated in many shades of blue, with a sapphire rose in the center. As she was staring, she felt someone tap her shoulder. She spun around to see one of the boys from school. What was his name? she thought to herself, Wasn’t it... Carson... Camron... uh... wait- Caden!

    The boy, who wasn’t much older than Vira, has dark, almost black eyes, with hair darker than the night sky and skin whiter than the snow that was on the ground. He wore a black knit hat, a thick black coat, black jeans, and black boots. His name was Caden Orton, but that’s all Vira knew of him. That’s all anyone really knew of him.

    Caden put his hand of Vira’s shoulder, looked into her eyes and said in a low voice, “Vira, I’m dying.”

    Vira blinked. Why would he be telling her this? “I- I’m so sorry, Caden...” she mumbled.

    Caden tightened his grip on her shoulder and sharply glared at her. “Vira... I need to to take my place.”

    Vira jerked out of his grasp and said, “What... what do you mean, ‘take my place?’”

    Caden grinned, his teeth perfectly clean and abnormally sharp, and replied, “I need you to take my place as an Angel of Death.”

    Vira stumbled back in fear. She knew someone who took souls. And he wanted her to do the same. She opened her mouth to speak, but she couldn’t make a sound.

    The boy chuckled. “Yeah, that was my reaction, 100 years ago. Yes, back in 1912... this very chapel... I became an Angel. See, unlike popular belief that there’s only one Angel of Death, there are actually quite a few. I think the number is... 24 to each region? Anyway. We aren’t immortal, either, we die after 100 years. So we have to find a replacement before the 100 years are up, or else... pandemonium will occur. Every soul that Angel took rejoins their bodies, and... it’s just horrible.”

    Vira inched closer to Caden. “So, if you die, the zombie apocalypse comes true?”

    “More or less,” answered Caden, “Just only in this region.” He closed his eyes and continued. “Look, Vira, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for doing this to you.” He opened his eyes and looked at Vira. “But you fit everything an Angel needs to be. Please...” he said while taking out two thick metal wristbands with oval black jewels on them and holding them out to Vira, “If you will become an Angel, put these on before midnight tonight. Midnight is when my 100 years are up, and I will die. Please, Vira... I’m begging you.”

    Vira looked at the wristbands and picked them up. “Alright... just one question... if I become an Angel, will I still be able to, y’know, finish high school, have a family, that stuff?”

    Caden smiled. “Yes, Vira you will, but you’ll appear to stop aging at a certain age. The age is different for everyone... I stopped aging at 17, but another Angel stopped at 56. It depends.”

    Vira nodded her head. “Then I guess I have no choice,” she said while slipping the bracelets on. Instantly, the black gems started to glow. Vira glanced at her hair, which was rapidly growing, winding itself into a braid, and turning black with light purple streaks. She saw her skin turn paler, felt her hands soften, and with her tongue could feel her teeth becoming sharper. But the weirdest part of all of it was that she felt as if she were growing another limb out of her back. Suddenly there was a flash of white light that filled the room. It was so much, Vira blacked out.

    Vira woke on the floor, Caden standing over her. Caden looked... different. His hair was blonde at the tips, and his eyes looked lighter. Even his skin looked a little darker. He held out his hand and helped Vira up, then guided her to a mirror that hung on the wall of the chapel. Vira gasped. Her skin was as white as Caden’s was, her hair as dark as his was, and her eyes even darker. She wasn’t wearing any shoes, and her usual winter outfit was replaced by a flowing black dress, with satin sleeves. And on her back were big, beautiful black wings. She looked back at Caden. “I can’t go to school like this!” she screamed.

    Caden put his finger on her lips. “Calm down. This is only your angel form. Think of being a human, and say ‘kom aan het leven,’” he replied softly. Vira noticed his voice was starting to crack, and at least half of his hair was a dark blonde. His eyes were a dark green, and his skin almost looked normal pale.

    Vira nodded. She closed her eyes and whispered the chant, and with a flash of bright light, her wings were gone, and her dress replaced by a black jacket, a white t-shirt, jeans, and black sneakers. She looked down at the floor and whispered, “Why me? I’m just a girl who no one likes, I’m that punching bag, y’know?”

    “I’m not going to lie to you,” Caden started, “When I first saw you, I fell head over heels. And watching you get pushed around... it hurt to watch. I was going to do something about it, as a Christmas present, but Death informed me that my death-date is today and I needed to find a replacement. I chose you... so you would never have to feel physical pain again. I can’t guarantee emotional pain, but being an Angel shields you from physical pain. You also don’t have to eat, sleep, or drink, although you can if you want, I know I could never give up pizza when I first tasted it. You can also survive in any temperature, so if you really wanted to walk on the sun, you very well could.”

    Caden wrapped his arms around Vira and whispered, “I’m sorry, Vira. I know it’s a lot. I wish I didn’t have to die today... I would have loved to spend more time with you. I’ll probably be the first soul you have to take back...”

    Vira nuzzled his shoulder with her nose. “Don’t be sorry. Thank you, Caden... although, how do I know which souls to take?”

    “You’re taking over my position, and I have Angel duty from 3 to 5 a.m. At any time before 3 a.m., think of yourself as an Angel and say ‘En matrijs opnieuw.’ You’ll get death requests from Death, and you’ll know where to go, and... it’ll make sense when you try it. Just make sure you’re in your Angel form by 3 o’clock”

    “Caden... thank you. I’m... I’m going to miss you. I wish I had more time to get to know you...” Vira whispered, blushing.

    Caden stroked her cheek. “Vira...” he soothed, “You can see me whenever you’d like. I’ll be the first soul you take, being my replacement, and every Angel can visit any of their souls. Look... I have to go now, and get ready. I’ll see you later, Vira Anderson,” he said, and walked out of the chapel.

    Vira collapsed and looked at the stained glass window above her. “What have I done?” she moaned.

    (AN: Okay. This isn't a fac-fic of any kind. Just a random story I'm writing while soul searching for another story I'm writing. Please review!)
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