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We need maybe four to six regular battle tracks, that are assigned to various groups of trainer. For example, Bug Catchers and Youngsters will have one track when you face them, and Pokefans and Beautys another, or something like that. It's ridiculous to have the SAME battle song for every in-game trainer!
Well, there are actually 20 Battle themes in BW*, some of of them are only trigger once Per play though. This does include the two "Situational" themes of "Gym Leaders Last Pokémon" and your Pokémons HP is "In the Red." There are 2 Standard "Wild battle" themes, Standard & Dark Grass/Double. There are 3* for the Kami Trio. 1 for Standard Trainers. 1 for Gym Leaders. Cheren and Bianca share 1. 2 for N. 1 For Plasma Grunts. 1 for Ghetsis(with "Dennis" vocals). And two* for the Legendaries.

*The Count for one B or W is 18, as you can't get the other Legendary.

Shutting.. People don't like me placing this stuff in the a certain thread where it "dies".. But It can't stay in GPD.

From a Here's a few things from my personal perspective. Technically Possible, The 3DS can read SD cards and you can play MP3s on it. The Issue is that games that seem to use the "Background music" in game functions on the Xbox are Mainly racing a sport games, where in many cases the included BGMs get boring fast. There are only a few PC game that support this. Anyway i like to listen to Podcasts when I play sound effects don't go well, especially if you're listening to a hyper Dutch man. (Seriously, you don't make any friends when someone sets the game to only play a playlist containing one song: "Iron Weasel - Pull my finger") On that note.. I really have to shut it.