Hi there, I'm after some help refining this team I'm using for a Black 2 playthrough, I will consider replacements for any pokes you think will cause problems...

Quirky nature
- Leaf Blade
- Return
- Leech Seed/Aqua Tail
- Coil

So I picked Snivy as my starter because I thought it was pretty cool, and it eventually evolved into this bulky beast. I figured Leaf Blade gave a solid STAB move with decent power, and Return also has decent power. At the moment it has Leech Seed, but as this has it struggling with Steel types, I was thinking about teaching it Aqua Tail once I got to Lentimas Town, thoughts? Coil is a pretty awesome boosting move, so I'd like to keep that.

Quirky nature
- Flamethrower
- Crunch
- Dragon Pulse
- Wild Charge/Extremespeed???

I went with an Arcanine, as this is the first time I have had in game access to one since Gen 2... I picked Flamethrower because it has decent power, and Arcanine is not bad with special moves and Dragon Pulse is an easy choice for me with the perfect (bar Heatran Flash Fire) neutral coverage. Crunch will help out at the E4, but the last move I am stuck with... I figure Wild Charge gets Marlon, but ESpeed gets priority, so some help there would be great!

Serious nature
- Dig/Earth Power...
- Dragon Claw
- Crunch
- Rock Slide

I know, I know, the ground moves are TERRIBLE!!! If desperate, I am able to trade to a White version to teach it Earthquake and then trade it back :P As for the other moves, Dragon Claw is STAB, Crunch and Rock Slide are for coverage. I was considering Fire Punch, or Fire Blast once I get to Lacunosa Town, but I wouldn't know what to delete for it.

Naughty nature
- Thunderbolt
- Flash Cannon
- Hidden Power Ground
- Thunder Wave

So this moveset I had some trouble working out, so some advice would be appreciated... Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon are STAB, and I know Steel is pretty terrible as an offensive type... Hidden Power Ground I thought would come in handy, and Thunder Wave is good to spread some paralysis around.

Hardy nature
- Aura Sphere/Close Combat
- Ice Punch
- Shadow Ball
- Extremespeed/Dragon Pulse/Rock Slide/???

Since none of Lucario's offensive stats are hindered here, I thought I would try a mixed set. As I can't breed for Crunch pre E4, I thought Shadow Ball would suffice as it has similar coverage. Aura Sphere or Close Combat is a choice I'm not sure of, as CC has more power, but Aura Sphere gives Lucario a more mixed approach. Ice Punch was for coverage, and the fourth move has me stumped, so suggestions will be good

At the moment, my 6th member is a Swanna, but it is turning into an HM slave at a rapid rate of knots, but as the type combo seems to work with my team, I thought about Mantine as a replacement.

Water Absorb
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Air Slash
- Agility/Toxic/Signal Beam?

The first three moves I am confident with, and Water Absorb as an ability will come in very handy later on. The last move however is tripping me up. Agility to boost speed, Toxic to break down wall-ish pokes or Signal Beam for another attacking move...

Thanks in advance for your help!