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Thread: MM's Sprites - Going Out With a Bang

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    Default MM's Sprites - Going Out With a Bang

    Hey, remember me? (in before: "no")
    With 6th gen doing away with sprites altogether, I'm going to move on to other projects, probably some original monster battler junk, more digital painting, and writing. But before I hang up my fakemon sprite hat I want to finish a fakedex so I have something to show for all my work.

    So, this is an attempt to do just that.

    I have quite a few old sprites/designs that I'm going to revamp or totally redo, but for the time being, here's what I have:

    Onini -> Onibake -> Onikanabo,
    All Fire/Steel

    Magosite -> Paravill
    Both Bug

    Bomink -> Erminade
    Both Fire

    Normal (changes type based on held item, other formes are unsprited)

    Navangler (missing a preevo)

    Thunny -> Bundam -> HRAIR-00
    Electric -> Electric/Steel x2

    Unnamed Starmen fakemon
    Both Steel/Psychic

    Unnamed Thorny Devil fakemon (missing a preevo)

    Tyranuke (missing a preevo)

    Cosmitt -> Meteon -> Galiwyt / Evrizen
    Fire -> Fire -> Fire/Psychic / Fire/Dark

    Grapplon -> Duride -> Cavalop
    All Dragon


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    Well, let me start by saying the obvious, I don't think you'll get a gigantic crowd of people swarming this thread anytime soon. If Serebii fan-sprites was dead 3 years ago, it now has the booming activity of J. Stalin's grave.

    That said, critiquing each one would take a lot of time, and be mostly pointless when you've made your own style. SO, that said, the biggest flaw here that I see as whole, would be the consistency of both design, and spriting. The fire/steel Oni line, is without a doubt the standout line here in terms of both, so I'll compare others to it. While the whole line(especially the last), has a very clean minimalistic shading style, combined with hue shifting, clean linework, etc., you go to one like marqat, and the colors are flat, and many parts like the feather/hair, have every little strand shaded.

    Now, most of them fit pretty well together, but a few marqat, navangler, and tyranuke are just a bit too complicated in terms of design, or spriting, to match with the rest.

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