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Thread: Trading a Shiny Wartortle!

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    Default Trading a Shiny Wartortle!

    Hey guys, Im new to Serebii, and im going to be using it to trade for right now. I am using Pokemon black 2. Currently, the only pokemon i have for trade is a Shiny Wartortle level 27 named Tank. If anybody is interested, please PM me!

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    Welcome to Serebii (: You need to post anything trade related here
    Pokemon that I have up for trade >>><<<

    (trade to) White FC: 3182-4378-9950

    (battle with) White 2 FC: 4685-6764-6105

    Shinies I have for trade

    Legendaries I have for trade

    I will probably trade shinies for any shiny I don't already have.

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    Welcome! Make sure to check which forum is correct for your thread. But, check out the general Shinhy Thread too, or the trading community. Both might interest you! XD Have fun!
    hello i used to do art and run clubs and play competitive and then i was inactive for a long time and now im back-ish maybe
    my 3DS FC is 4811/7177/1372
    my name is Liam, it's nice to meet you
    /u/ChapterLiam of /r/SmashBros

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