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Thread: Bad Games, Awesome Music

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    Can you think of any awesome music tracks in otherwise mediocre games?
    This was played in Enter the Dragonfly, a game that's just not that great but does have awesome music we have come to expect from the Spyro series at that point. This track especially makes you feel like a total BADASS!

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    Does game you personally dislike for your own good reasons that have pretty good music count?

    Cuz, if so, i'd say the kingdom hearts games had pretty good tunes. Even though I pretty much hate and detest them now....due to the horrors i'd go through with kh13 forum and stuff >_<;;;
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    Sonic 2006 is the one game that comes to mind.

    I especially like the Eggman battle theme where you battle a couple of his mechs. Right here.
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    I think the Zelda CDI games are a great example of this.

    Notorious for their bad controls and crappy cutscenes, but they have a great soundtrack. I've never played the games but I listen to the game soundtracks every now and then.

    I like this particular track.
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    Megaman X6. Pretty awful game when compared to the rest of the X series due to the extremely frustrating level designs and nightmare effect, but oh my goodness is the soundtrack mind-blowing! So many amazing themes, with the Sigma final boss theme taking the cake.
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    I thought about posting about Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, because a lot of people hate FM, but it's a good game (aside from the latter half of the boss rush).

    Instead, may I present Wild Woody, a terrible 90s mascot platformer for the Sega CD starring a pencil -- well, I guess I can say "mascot platformer starring a pencil" and the "terrible 90s" part is tautology afterward, right? -- that nonetheless had an excellent soundtrack primarily by Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal -- an accomplished guitarist who can best be described as Buckethead-lite. Some of it really seems like Ron knew just how dumb the project he was working on was, and appropriately is as intentionally-dumb and over-the-top as you'd want. But even if you don't like the idea of that, there's plenty that's genuinely good.

    Here's a link to a playlist with the full soundtrack. Hell, if I could find a copy of the game (with case and manual) for less than $95 US (I just checked eBay, that's seriously the cheapest I've seen it on there for right now), I'd pick it up just for the novelty factor.

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    Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Amazing music, but a terrible game (just to give an idea of how bad, the entire game is one giant dungeon, you have a time limit to complete it; it's an RPG by the way, you turn into something that doesn't even resemble a dragon, battles are long, tedious and boring, and if you run out of time, you have to start the entire game over from the beginning).
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    Took a while for me to really think of a game for this thread but then I remembered a goldmine.

    Seduce Me The Otome: A dating sim project from kickstarter that's become quite renowned in the VN community as being "eh, but alright for a kickstarter game". The plot is as cliché as it can get nowadays, the story happens in an abnormally short amount of time, the character sprites are alright most of the time but can look pretty awful on occasion, every main route is basically the same but with the smallest changes, and an especially concerning factor is the questionable rules of consent. Now, I am a large fan of the people behind the game - the main creator and one of the VAs, Michaela Laws, is one of the funniest people I've ever seen - and I can appreciate that it's one of her earlier games, but since I've played some amazing VNs and dating sims from another kickstarter developer named GBPatch I think I've become a little more picky.

    Buuuut, the music is beautiful. Christopher Escalante, one of the VAs on the project, was the composer, and his music is brilliant. Like holy crap this game isn't that good but the music alone can convey a good amount of emotion.

    Oh, and I'll also mention: the game does have a sequel, and yes, it's not that much better at all. And still yes, the music is a redeeming quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBaby View Post
    Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Amazing music, but a terrible game (just to give an idea of how bad, the entire game is one giant dungeon, you have a time limit to complete it; it's an RPG by the way, you turn into something that doesn't even resemble a dragon, battles are long, tedious and boring, and if you run out of time, you have to start the entire game over from the beginning).
    That's funny. Dragon Quarter is easily a top five PS2 game for me and a tier two game overall. The only thing holding it back from being a tier one game is the music. Don't get me wrong, Sakimoto is a good composer, but I just feel that he was a bad choice for this game as the music didn't suit it very well (although there are a couple of fitting tracks). I've also got some comments on what you said:

    1. Not sure why the entire game being one giant dungeon is a bad thing. There are tons of games where this is the case (many dungeon crawlers and rogue likes). I can see that not being your preference, but that doesn't mean the game is bad. Plus, the game is very short.
    2. You don't have a time limit to complete the game. There is a d-counter though, and if that reaches 100%, then you die. However, that's based on actions you take - not time.
    3. The dragon-like creature you turn into isn't the point of this BoF game. There is a recurring theme involving various things regarding dragons, which is more important than what your transformation is.
    4. The gameplay takes some getting used to, but you'll fly through it once you understand it.

    Anyway, my go to for this type of discussion is Persona 3. My main issues with this game are:

    1. A main focus is interacting with characters, but there are very few of them who have their own personalities to make them more interesting than your typical anime cliche of their respective archetypes, and they offer very little in terms of development.
    2. Whenever there is a part in the game that is supposed to be emotional, the characters ruin with with their dialog.
    3. Tartarus has no personality and is extremely long (similar to the social links).
    4. Your allies battle as if they only have the most basic understanding of the game.
    5. After choosing to play the game on hard, it gave me a warning stating something like, "This mode of only for people who are experts of the genre, and you will not be able to change the difficulty later in the game. Are you sure you want to continue," and then the game was actually pretty easy.

    It's kinda like Skyrim. They created a solid foundation and did nothing with it. The music in Persona 3, though, is top notch. The endings were well done but didn't matter if you didn't care about the characters. The game would have been better if none of the characters said anything. I would have been fine if everything were the same but the dungeon was actually interesting/engaging.
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    Ooooh this subject is right up my alleyway.

    I know I'm stepping on a lot of toes by mentioning this game, but I think the ost from the first Sonic Adventure game is amazingly good. The game has aged poorly (except for the Chao Gardens and E-102 Gamma's campaign), but my goodness I could listen to the soundtrack all frigging day. It's just that good!

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    Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Great OST just like with the other games of the franchise but the level design and the story were horrendous to the point of dropping it completely at the end.

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