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Thread: Video games you regretted playing?

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    Post Video games you regretted playing?

    Did you ever buy a game that seemed fun but ended up being one of the worst games you ever played? So bad that you regretted paying for it?

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    I guess my pokemon silver game i got online in 2006 was a let down for me :/ I 'promised' my Typhlosion on my file we'd beat the league together......annnd then the save battery died. Yeah, I was weird about my games back then :/ also can't stomach breaking promises well. I stopped making promises like completely after that, lol.

    Also, any bootleg game i've gotten was a let down for me too XD I got two in my life; A Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (which was somehow winable in the end but i had to like keep my handheld on and charging to win it lol) and a Sonic Advanced game which I NEVER won and it didn't like show levels past the sky rift ones. Meh.

    EDIT: Ah! Theres MORE! (i'll just post one, for now *yawn*)

    My beyblade v force game, when i first got it, i couldn't stand the music in it and wanted to return it XD I ended up keeping it and liking the music after awhile, though O.o;
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    Digimon All-star Rumble. So few playable Digimon, and totally rushed 'Story' mode.

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    Games that disappointed me are Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded because how frustrating the chip system feature was and how easy it was to accidentally install a useless blank chip and be unable to remove it, Pokémon Conquest because the game's AI was way too easy to figure out that I beat it TWICE in two days, and GTA V because I couldn't get past the stupid forced Driving tutorial as that #^+> guy kept pulling me out and making me fail before I could even move the car. I wasted four hours trying to pass that tutorial before getting so frustrated that I went to GameStop to trade it in for store credit. Then there was my Donkey Kong Country Advanced 3 game which didn't even work!
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