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Thread: The Official "Claim Your Favorite Video Game Character" Thread [V5]

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    Default The Official "Claim Your Favorite Video Game Character" Thread [V5]

    The Official "Claim Your Favorite Video Game Character" Thread
    [Version 5]

    Same with the other thread, I will tidy this first post up a little bit more.
    Northern Lights has passed ownership to me, since she has been busy.
    And this has also been approved by the awesometastic Kirby! :]
    After a long while, the list has been restarted.

    → Read and follow the rules here; all SPPf rules apply, as well.
    → You may only claim one video game character. First come, first serve; and please use the forms provided.
    ----- The helpers and I are allowed to claim up to two characters. Yay for rewards! :]
    → When claiming your video game character, you may only claim actual characters. Adding 'Dark', 'Young', or 'Evil' to the name is not allowed unless it is actually part of the name. In this case, Toon Link and Link are recognized as separate characters, so these two can be claimed separately. Same goes for the Paper Mario series and Kid Icarus: Uprising.
    ----- If you're uncertain about this rule, don't hesitate to ask me!
    *Update* It is definitely okay to claim characters from visual novels, so long as they come from a released video game.
    → You are not allowed to claim characters that are fan-made or originate from fan-made games.
    → If your character comes from multiple game series, list the series; if your character comes from a single game series, list the single game. However, please list your character's predominant series when claiming. (For example, Pit comes from Kid Icarus, not Smash Bros.)
    → You cannot claim an individual Pokemon here. There is a thread for that.
    → If available, please state the English name of your character. If an English name has not been marketed yet, you are welcome to use the title marketed in another language.
    → After your claim is approved, you must keep your claim for one month. After one month, you can change or drop your claim at anytime. (Just let me know if you'd like to drop your claim!)
    → You may take someone else's claim if said claim's previous owner has been inactive for one month unless stated somewhere that he or she may return. You must provide proof of the inactivity when taking his or her claim.
    → If you got banned from the forum while claiming, you will have to reclaim again.
    → If you have received a name change, please indicate your name change by using the form below.
    ----- Having not done so will mean that your claim is up for grabs and prone to being taken. Heed this warning!
    → Do not spam or harrass any users on this thread; that will result in a strike. Constant spamming or harrassment will result in a permaban from this thread.
    → The master list will usually be updated weekly rather than daily. If not on such a basis, then most likely by the end of each month. Patience is a virtue!



    Claiming Form:
    Name of Video Game Character / Game or Series Name - Username [MM/DD/YYYY]
    Link / The Legend of Zelda series - lightlanayru [07/06/2012]

    Claim Change Form:
    Old Character: Old Video Game Character / Game or Series Name - Username [Date of when you claimed this one]
    New Character: New Video Game Character / Game or Series Name - Username [Current date of claiming this one]
    Old Character: Link / The Legend of Zelda series - lightlanayru [07/06/2012]
    New Character: Rena / Elsword - lightlanayru [08/06/2012]

    Name Change Form:
    Old Name:
    New Name:
    Claim: Current Claim / Game or Series Name - New Username [Date of when you claimed this one]
    Old Name: lightlanayru
    New Name: SilverLanayru
    Claim: Link / The Legend of Zelda series - SilverLanayru [07/06/2012]

    Strike Format:
    Strike I → Banned for one week.
    Strike II → Banned for one month.
    Strike III → Banned permamently.



    The Master List:
        Spoiler:- Updated @ 06/14/17:

    Strikes and Bans:
        Spoiler:- Updated @ 04/18/17:


    Here's your easy access to the other available claiming threads~
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