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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the Ten Scrolls REVISE

    Hello. This is the revise of my Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the 10 scrolls story. Just like I said in the older version, I thought it was best sharing it with all of you. No mean comments please. I’m planning on making a trilogy of my own mystery dungeon reading series. I’m made another pokemon series called Pokemon: Experimentations. I decided to make this series comedic while the Experimentations I will be doing is more dramatic, bloodier and scarier. Also to warn you there will be some blood in some parts of this too (but it’s not like you’re actually going to see it).
    My Pokemon: Experimentations series can be read here: The sequel to Pokemon: Experimentations called Pokemon: Experimentations 2 can be read here: The next sequel, Pokémon: Experimentations 3 can be read here: After you finished reading this fan fic, the side story sequel to this Mystery Dungeon, Journey To The Other Side Of The World fan fic can be read here:

    Here are the plot and characters:

    Plot- Legends say that the Ten scrolls will lead you to a beautiful island with a temple full of mysterious and valuable treasure. To get each scroll, there are 4 gems you need to unlock each scroll. 6 heroes will take this challenge and become the first ones to succeed.
    Pichu- The main protagonist. Pichu doesn’t remember who he is or where he came from except one thing. He was once a human. In order to remember again, Pichu must go on the quest to get the 10 scrolls and unlock the temple on the island and remembering about his past.

    Tepig- He finds Pichu unconscious covered in sand on a beach. Likes to eat, make food, exploring and find lots of treasure.

    Snivy- Wants to be better and cooler than everyone else. Afraid of heights. Like to get into trouble, get into a lot of fights and stealing things.

    Oshawott- The only girl pokemon in the group. She is smart and sometimes thinks the other pokemon in the group act stupid. Likes to be in charge, observing things and being intelligent.

    Pidove- The scardy cat of the group. Gets scared of even things that aren’t even scary at all. Wants to become the most bravest pokemon. Likes to fly.

    Axew- The youngest and the crybaby of the group. Cries when he gets hurt all the time and gets yelled at. Likes to play games and being a copy cat.

    Chapter 1: The Journey Begins.

    “Huh? What… Where am I?” asked a yellow pokemon. “What is this place? It… looks like… like a beach. I see… water. Man I’m thirsty,” said the pokemon. He looked into his reflection. “What? Hold on. This can’t be… this… no… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’M A POKEMON. I’M A HUMAN, NOT A POKEMON! WHAT IS GOING ON?” he started to yell. He was shocked. He started to run. Suddenly he tripped on a little rock and knocked himself out against a bigger one.

    “Hello? Hello?” asked another pokemon. “Anybody there? Oh… You’re awake” said a talking pig with red skin. He smiled.

    “WHAT!? OH MY GOSH YOU’RE TALKING,” shouted the yellow pokemon.

    “Uh… yeah… we all do,” said the pig a bit confused.

    No… NO!” yelled the yellow pokemon all over the place. “WHAT AM I DOING HERE? WHY AM I HERE? WHO ARE YOU… Who… am I?” he asked weirdly.

    “Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down! I’m not going to hurt you!” shouted the talking pig. The yellow pokemon calmed down.

    “Hi. My name is Tepig,” said the talking pig. “Nice to meet you,” he said.

    “Well hello uhh… Tepig… My name is uhh. I don’t remember,” he said with a sad face.

    “Well you are a Pichu, so I’ll call you Pichu,” said Tepig and smiled again.

    “Pichu… That sounds like a nice name” Pichu said. Then Pichu’s stomach growled.
    “Oh… hungry?” asked Tepig with an odd look. “You know come to think of it, I’m kind of hungry myself,” he said. “I made some delicious food! But I left it near our home with our leader, Mewtwo. Let’s go, come with me,” he said. So they walked to a big house full of many pokemon. “Alright, we’re here,” Tepig said.

    “You know. I was a human once,” said Pichu.

    “Human?” I’ve never seen a human before, but I’ve heard of them,” Tepig said with a weird look. “So you have memory loss? Don’t worry. We’ll find out a way to get your memories back.”

    “Alright,” said Pichu and smiled.

    “Hello Tepig,” said Mewtwo and smiled. “Who is this pokemon you have brought here?” he asked.

    “Oh, this is Pichu. He’s a little shy right now. He doesn’t remember anything,” Tepig said. "Also, were hungry and so I came to get my food.”

    “Alright. Be right back,” Mewtwo said. He came back after a minute. “Here,” he said and handed them the food.

    “Here you go,” said Tepig and gave Pichu a big fruit looking food. He was watching Tepig eat his fruit really fast. Then Pichu took a bite of his fruit.

    “Hey!” Pichu shouted with the fruit in his mouth. “This tastes really good!”

    “Thanks!” shouted Tepig. “Hey, let me show you around,” he said.

    “Okay,” said Pichu. He smiled. They walked to the bedroom.

    “This is where we will sleep,” said Tepig. They walked again and showed Pichu the dining room. “This is where we will eat after we complete our mission. When we finish our mission, we can eat anything and eat as much as you want.” He laughed. “Boy, you should see how much I eat,” Then he showed Pichu the game room. “This is when you have free time. You can play here as much as you want during your free.” They went outside the house. “You can do working activities out here,” he said. Then they went back to Mewtwo.

    “Would you guys like to go exploring and find something for me?” asked Mewtwo with a smile.

    “Oh yes! I love finding treasure and exploring!” shouted Tepig.

    “Well you 2 aren’t the only ones going,” Mewtoo said.

    “We’re not?” asked Tepig with a funny look.

    “Nope. Say hello to your teammates on all of your missions,” said Mewtwo.

    End of Chapter 1.

    This chapter was 4 pages in Microsoft word.
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    Chapter 2: Search for the 1st Gem

    Pichu and Tepig were greeting their teammates.

    “What’s up?” asked one of them. “My name is Snivy,” he said.

    “Hello Snivy,” said both Pichu and Tepig. They both smiled.

    “Uhh… Um… well… hello. I’m Pidove,” said another teammate.

    “Hello Pidove,” said both Pichu and Tepig still smiling.

    “Hi there! My name is Axew!” shouted the other one.

    “Hello!” shouted Pichu and Tepig.

    “HEY! DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME! THE SMART, INTELLIGENT ONE! OSHAWOTT!” yelled the last one with happiness.

    “Oops… Hi,” The others said this time.

    “Oh man!” whined Tepig. “Do I have to show them around too? I don’t like doing the same things twice in one day. Unless it’s cooking, eating, exploring and finding treasures,” he said. He was smiling in an awkward way.

    “No you don’t have to. They already saw this place,” said Mewtwo. “Anyways, these will be you partners,” said Mewtwo. “Let your journey begin!” he shouted. He gave them a map. “This is where the 1st gem is,” he said.

    “Look. It’s in that cave just up north of here,” said Tepig. “Alright. Let’s go”. They go outside. “We have to keep going in this trail,” said Tepig looking at the map carefully.

    “No I think it’s this way,” said Axew.

    “No, it’s this way. We’re going the right way,” said Tepig pointing north.

    “No, it’s this way. We’re going the right way,” Axew said copying Tepig.

    “Hey, don’t copy me,” Tepig said to Axew with a mean look.

    “Hey, don’t copy me,” said Axew copying Tepig again. He started laughing.


    “But… I just started… copying… you… Wha… WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Axew started crying.

    “Tepig! Look what you did!” shouted Oshawott. “You made him cry!”

    “Oh… but… I… I didn’t mean to,” Tepig said with a sad face. His ears were down. “Axew, I’m sorry.”

    “Oh,” Axew said still sobbing. “I’m sorry for copying you too,” he said and smiled with tears still in his eyes.

    “Okay,” said Tepig. “Let’s go this way,” he finally said. They kept walking and found the large cave.

    “So this is it?" asked Snivy?

    "I believe so,” said Oshawott. They went in the cave.

    “Oh… it’s dark here,” said Pidove. “Oh… where’s Axew? He’s gone…”

    “BOO!” shouted Axew.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried Pidove.

    “Axew! That was not funny!” shouted Oshawott.

    “Oh… sorry,” said Axew. Then a bunch of Zubats came and they started running.


    “Hey! Watch it… Whoa AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he yelled while falling down to the bottom along with Pidove.

    “Oh my, are you two okay?” asked Oshawott.

    “Ohhh… ouch,” said Tepig. “I’ll be fine,” he said giving a thumbs up.

    Snivy laughed. “You got to admit, that was pretty funny!” he shouted.

    “Yeah, I thought it was funny too,” said Axew.

    “Well, it wasn’t funny to me,” said Tepig with a mad look.

    “Hey I see something glowing. It must be the gem,” said Pichu pointing to the gem.

    “Let’s go and steal it,” said Snivy. Then the Zubats started surrounding them.

    “Um Snivy. Perhaps that was the wrong thing to say,” said Tepig a little scared.

    End of chapter 2.

    It was 5 pages on Microsoft word.
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    Chapter 3: The Gem Is Taken

    The Zubats were surrounding Pichu, Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, Pidove and Axew.

    “We have you surrounded,” said one of the Zubats who smirked.

    “Oh, no. This is not good,” said Pidove scared. The Zubats started attacking them.

    “Stay back guys. I’m going to use ember on them!” shouted Tepig. He used ember on them. He got one of the Zubats.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled the Zubat in pain.

    “I’m about to shoot out water. Stay back guys. Especially you, Tepig!” shouted Oshawott. She used water gun on the Zubats. She got one Zubat.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHH! WATER!” yelled the Zubat and spitted out the water.

    “I’m going to use vine whip!” shouted Snivy. He used vine whip on a Zubat so hard, the Zubat started bleeding from its mouth.

    “Owwwwwwwwwww that hurt!” shouted the Zubat. Pidove was covering his head.

    “I’M SCARED, I’M SCARED, I’M SCARED!” yelled Pidove.

    “Don’t worry,” said Axew. “I’ll show you how it’s done.” Axew jumped up used scratch on another Zubat.

    “OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! OW, OW, OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” cried Zubat covering his face full of blood. Axew saw the blood in his hand.

    “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Blood!” Axew shouted.

    “Um, Axew, blood is what’s in our bodies,” said Tepig with a confused look.

    “Oh…” Axew said. He made a funny face.

    The remaining Zubats flew away.

    “Let’s get out of here!” shouted one of them. The injured Zubats couldn’t move. A Golbat came.

    “I’ll be taking this,” Golbat said and smiled. He took the gem.

    “Hey! That’s ours!” shouted Snivy. The Golbat flew in to a larger part of the area. Then he was gone.

    “Let’s follow him,” said Oshawott. They went to the larger area. There was a huge bridge. The surrounding areas were pitch black. They were so high that they couldn’t see the floor. Snivy started shaking.

    “Snivy, what’s wrong?” asked Pichu. “You’re shaking.”

    “Uhh… um… there’s… something I… need to tell you… guys.” said Snivy.

    “Let me guess. You’re scared of heights,” said Oshawott with a teasing smile. Snivy nodded his head yes.

    “It’s okay, We’ll help you overcome it,” said Pichu. But as they were walking on the bridge, a piece of the bridge fell of under Snivy’s foot.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled Snivy hanging on for dear life with his vines.

    “I spoke too soon,” said Pichu with an odd look.

    “OH MY GOSH, I’M GOING TO FALL! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” yelled Snivy. Tears started to come out of his eyes.

    “OH, NO! DO SOMETHING! HE’S GOING TO FALL! HE’S GOING TO FALL!” yelled Pidove flapping his wings all over the place.

    “PIDOVE! YOU’RE NOT HELPING!” yelled Tepig angrily. He let out his hand to Snivy. “Grab my hand!” he shouted.

    “Alright!” Snivy shouted. He tied his vines around Tepig’s arm Tepig pulled Snivy up. Axew started laughing.

    “It’s not funny!” shouted Snivy with tears still in his eyes.

    “Alright, let’s go,” said Oshawott pointing to the other side. They went to the other side and found the Golbat with the gem.

    “What’s with the screaming?” he asked. “Did the tiny Snivy get scared of falling?” he asked and laughed.

    “What did you just call me?” asked Snivy. “You want to say that again?”

    “Tiny, tiny, tiny!” Golbat said. Snivy’s face was turning red with anger.

    “RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” yelled Snivy. He lunged toward Golbat and attacked him using vine whip. He missed.

    “You missed, you missed!” shouted Golbat teasing Snivy. He used wing attack on Snivy. Tepig used ember on Golbat. He also missed. Pichu watched as Golbat attaked his teammates.

    “No,” thought Pichu. "He’s hurting my friends. He’s hurting my friends,” he was saying to himself scared. He was watching his teammates getting beaten by the Golbat. “I can’t stand this anymore. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he screamed so loud he used an electric move on Golbat.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled Golbat. He was paralyzed.

    “Pichu! You did your very first move! Thunder!” shouted Tepig surprised.

    “I did? I DID!” Pichu yelled happily. “Come on, Let’s go take the gem now.”

    “YAY! WE DID IT! I’M SO HAPPY! WE FINISHED OUR FIRST MISSION!” yelled Tepig. He was so happy, his started waggling his tail. “Come on, let’s go back to Mewtwo!” They went back to Mewtwo.

    “So you’ve succeeded in your first mission!” shouted Mewtwo with a smile. I’ll give you guys money as a reward. He gave them money.

    “OOOOO. Money. It’s all mine,” said Snivy smiling.

    “Hey be nice!” shouted Oshawott. “We have to share the money.” They went to the dining room with the food ready. Everyone sat down.

    “Alright, let’s eat!” shouted Tepig and started eating his food.

    “This food is really good,” said Pichu.

    “I know. I love it!” shouted Axew. After, eating, they went to bed.

    “Wasn’t it fun Pichu? We succeeded in our first mission,” said Tepig with a smile.

    “Yeah, it was.” Pichu said. “Good night.”

    “Good night,” said Tepig. They all went to sleep.

    End of chapter 3. This chapter is 5 pages in microsoft word.
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    Hmmmm....... I do not have the time to read/revise at the moment, but there are a few things that u should watch out for. First off, in my opinion, the font is TOO big. It makes it harder to read. And, they seem long enough, but not 5 pages long. Are you sure you are not using a bigger font in Word? Check the rules, I think it said Times New Roman 12? Lastly, DO NOT DOUBLE POST!!! You can get infracted. Trust me, I have.
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    I thought double posting with the chapter was allowed because there can only be 1 chapter per post. Anyways...

    Chapter 4: A Pokemon Kidnapped

    “Wake up, sleepy head,” said Tepig, smiling.

    “Ohh…” Pichu complained. “Do we have to get up this early?” he asked.

    “Afraid so,” said Tepig. Pichu got up and they walked to the main area where they met up with Snivy, Oshawott, Pidove and Axew.

    “Alright, here is your next mission,” said Mewtwo. “The second gem is just south of here. Here’s the map for it.” He gave the map to Tepig. “Let your second mission begin.”

    “All right, let’s go and get this gem,” said Snivy. They packed some berries with them. Then they went outside.

    “All right, we have to keep going south…” Tepig started to say until a Lillipup came.

    “HELP, HELP!” the Lillipup shouted and ran to the team.

    “What is it?” asked Oshawott.

    “My big brother, Herdier, he’s in big trouble!” Lillipup. “We got attacked by two Timburrs, just outside that cave. They took him in there,” she pointed to that cave.

    “Hey, isn’t that cave where the second gem is?” asked Pidove.

    “Yeah, it is,” said Axew.

    “Alright, then let’s go,” said Pichu. “Don’t worry, we’ll find your brother,” he said to Lillipup.

    “Oh, thanks,” said Lillipup. She was happy. They went in the cave. A Purrloin came.

    “What are you punks doing here?” asked the Purrloin.

    “Listen, we don’t have time for this!” shouted Tepig. “We’re looking for a Herdier and two Timburrs. Have you seen them?” he asked.

    “They’re deep in the bottom of this cave,” said Purrloin. “But you’re not going there without a fight,” she said.

    “Fine,” said Tepig and rolled his eyes. He used ember on Purrloin but missed. Purrloin jumped off the wall and landed on Tepig. Tepig fell on the floor real hard.

    “OWWWW!” yelled Tepig holding his head in pain.

    “Hey, how dare you do that to Tepig!” shouted Axew. He used scratch on Purrloin, but also missed.

    “Scratch. What a weak move. I’m going to cut your face!” she shouted and used cut on Axew’s face.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” yelled Axew. He put his hands on his face and then saw the blood on his hands. “I’m bleeding… it hurts… WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he started to cry.

    “Axew, are you okay?” shouted Oshawott. Then she looked at Purrloin. “You son of a…”

    “Hey watch your mouth missy!” shouted Purrloin. She was about to attack Oshawott when she got vine wiped by Snivy.

    “You may be a fast Pokemon, but you sure didn’t look behind you,” said Snivy. He started chocking Purrloin with his vines.

    “Snivy, you’re going to kill her!” shouted Pichu.

    “I don’t care, she shouldn’t have attacked us!” shouted Snivy. Pichu used thunder on Snivy.

    “OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! OKAY I’LL STOP!” yelled Snivy. He had tears coming from his eyes from the thunder. He let go of Purrloin.

    “Okay, you win,” said Purrloin. “You can go now,” she said.

    “Axew, have this oran berry, it will heal your injuries faster,” said Oshawott and she smiled.

    “Thanks,” said Axew and stopped crying. He ate the oran berry in one gulp. “Okay, I feel better now!” he shouted.

    “Um. Axew, you still have blood on your face,” said Pidove with a frightened look.

    “Oh, oops,” Axew said and wiped all the blood off his face with his hands. “Now I’m good.”

    “Hurry, we need to find my brother!” shouted Lillipup.

    “Okay, let’s run!” shouted Tepig. They ran to the bottom of the cave and saw a Herdier and two Timburrs.

    “Big brother!” shouted Lillipup.

    “Lillipup, what are you doing here?” asked Herdier. “You shouldn’t have come here,” he said.

    “Ha ha ha, too late!” shouted one of the Timburrs. They came and started attacking the team.

    “Take this!” shouted Oshawott and used water gun on them but missed. “What, I missed?” she asked.

    “Oh yes you did. TAKE THIS!” one of the Timburrs yelled and he used pound on her. Oshawott hit the floor so hard, she started bleeding from her mouth. She wiped the blood off her mouth.

    “You’ll pay for that!” Oshawott shouted.

    “I’ll take it from here Oshawott!” shouted Tepig. Tepig jumped and was about to use ember on the Timburr, but Timburr hit Tepig in the stomach with his lumber. Tepig hold his stomach in pain and blood coughed out of his mouth.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Tepig yelled. He was still coughing up blood.

    “Tepig! Oh, no!” shouted Pidove. He was scared. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he yelled and used air cutter on both Timburrs.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled the Timburrs. They both got knocked down.

    “Pidove… that… was… brave… of… you,” said Tepig still holding his stomach in pain. Oshawott ran to him and handed out an oran berry. “But… you’re… also… hurt,” said Tepig.

    “Don’t worry. You need it more than I do. Here,” said Oshawott. She gave him the oran berry. Tepig ate it really fast. He got up.

    “Okay, Herdier are you okay?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah,” said Herdier. “Look, I’ve found something,” he said and showed the team the 2nd gem.

    “It’s the gem! We need it!” shouted Snivy.

    “Snivy, be nice to Herdier!” shouted Oshawott.

    “Here, it’s yours,” said Herdier and gave the gem to Oshawott. They left the cave.

    “Hey, you think we’ll see each other again?” asked Pichu.

    “Yeah, I hope we will,” said Lillipup and smiled.

    “Okay, bye!” shouted Axew. They waved bye to each other. The team went back to Mewtwo.

    “Wow, I see you guys succeeded already,” said Mewtwo with a smile. “Here is more money as your reward.”

    “Alright!” they all said. They went to the dining room. The team ate their food.

    “Man, I’m full,” said Tepig holding his belly.

    “Me too,” said Axew also holding his belly. "It was delicious."

    “Glad you guys are liking it,” said Oshawott and smiled really hard. Then they went to the bedroom.

    “Another mission finished,” said Tepig.

    “I like these missions. So much adventure,” said Pichu. “Goodnight, Tepig,” he said.

    “I like going to adventures too,” said Tepig. “Alright, good night,” he said and they all went to sleep. End of chapter 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ysmr97
    Lastly, DO NOT DOUBLE POST!!! You can get infracted. Trust me, I have.
    Where do you see a double post? Double posting (if it is) a chapter is allowed Anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tepig Pignite Emboar969
    “Wake up, sleepy head,” said Tepig smiling.
    Comma between "Tepig" and "smiling"

    “I like these missions. So much adventure,” said Pichu “Goodnight, Tepig,” he said.
    Pichu needs a period after it. I would review more but GTG.
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    I am sorry. I didn't know about the double-post chapter thing.
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    Chapter 5: A Surprise for Tepig

    “Alright you, get up,” Tepig told Pichu and laughed.

    “Oh… I really hate getting up this early,” whined Pichu. After a minute, Pichu got up. “Okay, I’m ready,” he said. They went to the main hall.

    “Here is your next mission,” said Mewtwo. “The 3rd gem is northwest of here. It is yet, in another cave. Here is the map.” He showed the team the map of where the 3rd gem is. “Oh also, I have assigned this mission to another pokemon, but here teammates were busy. I told her not to go, but she insisted. So she went alone.”

    “So, while we get this 3rd gem, we are going to find her?” asked Tepig.

    “Yes,” said Mewtwo. “Also, a heads up, you’re going to like her,” he told Tepig.

    “I uh… uh… I uh… will like her?” Tepig said with a confused look.

    “Yeah, you will,” said Mewtwo and smiled.

    “Ooo, something tells me something big is going to happen,” said Snivy.

    “I wonder what?” said Oshawott. She made a weird smile.

    “Let you mission begin!” shouted Mewtwo. Just like last mission, they packed berries with them. Then they went outside.

    “Alright, so Mewtwo said it’s up northwest of here,” said Pichu. They kept walking in that direction.

    “So Tepig… why do you think Mewtwo said you were going to like this pokemon?” asked Pichu.

    “I don’t know… yet,” said Tepig quietly.

    “I bet it’ll be good,” said Axew and laughed.

    “She can’t go on a mission all by herself,” said Oshawott.

    “I would go on a mission by myself,” said Snivy.

    “Um yeah, says the one that’s afraid of heights,” said Tepig and laughed.

    “It’s not funny!” shouted Snivy. Tepig made a big grin. “Stop it!” Snivy shouted again. Tepig was still grinning. “You know… I GIVE UP FOR NOW!” he yelled. 30 minutes have passed and the team is still walking.

    “Oh… how long is this going to take?” asked Pidove.

    “I don’t know,” said Axew. “We just have to keep walking… oh! Were here!” he shouted.

    “Okay, let’s go in,” said Tepig. So they went in the cave. A few Woobats came.

    “You’re not escaping this time piggy!” shouted one of them.

    “Wait… you’re acting like I’ve been here before,” said Tepig with a weird look.

    “Listen, we’re not stupid. We know what you want already. A gem, and you decided to bring a team with you,” said another Woobat.

    “Hey, how do you know about that?” asked Snivy with a mad look.

    “Oh, we know a lot of things,” said another Woobat. “Now die!” They used gust on the team.

    “Take this!” shouted Tepig and used ember on a Woobat.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled the burned Woobat.

    “I’m going to use thunder! Stand back!” shouted Pichu. He used thunder. Its power was so much that it got all the other Woobat. They laid there, paralyzed.

    “Tepig, I need to talk to you,” said Oshawott.

    “What is it, Oshawott?” asked Tepig.

    “They think they saw you before… and Mewtwo said that you were going to like the pokemon that Mewtwo send all alone… Oh my gosh!” Oshawott shouted. “Do you know what this means!?”

    “What?” asked Tepig with a confused look. “Oshawott I don’t understand…”

    “Help! Help me!” shouted a pokemon.

    “No, in fact, I’ll show you! The voice is coming from here!” Oshawott shouted and walked toward the pile of rocks.

    “Oshawott, use your water gun to remove the rocks!” shouted Tepig.

    “Hey, what’s going on?” asked Pidove.

    “A surprise is happening. A surprise for Tepig,” said Oshawott smiling. She used water gun on the rocks. The rocks moved out of the way. Laying there was a female Tepig. Tepig looked at the female Tepig in shock. He couldn’t move. The female Tepig was injured.

    “Tepig, get her up,” said Oshawott.

    “Oshawott… you knew… yow knew she was a female Tepig,” said Tepig still surprised.

    “Yup, I did,” said Oshawott and she smiled. Tepig got the female Tepig up.

    “Oshawott, give her an oran berry,” said Tepig.

    “Okay,” said Oshawott and she gave the female Tepig and oran berry. She ate it.

    “Thanks,” said the female Tepig. She smiled at Tepig. Tepig was blinking his eyes a few times and blushed.

    “Uhh… um… Alright. Let’s keep going,” said Tepig. They went down to where 2 Swoobats waited.

    “Oh, so there are two of you,” said one of them, referring to the Tepigs.

    “Yeah, is that a problem?” asked Tepig.

    “Yes, that’s a problem,” said the other one. “The problem is, one of you is going to watch the other one DIE!” he yelled. Then they started attacking.

    “Oh, no you don’t,” said Snivy and used vine whip on both of them but missed. The Swoobats used air cutter on him.

    “OOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” yelled Snivy and started bleeding from his mouth. “You scum will pay for making me bleed!” he shouted as he wiped the blood off his face. “RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” He tried to use vine whip again, but missed again.

    “We aren’t dealing with you! We want the female Tepig!” shouted one of the Swoobats. He went toward the female Tepig and used air cutter on her.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled the female Tepig and flew across the area, hit her head on a rock and got knocked out.

    “NOOOOOOO!” yelled Tepig.

    “Awww, is her boyfriend angry?” asked one of the Whoobat, making fun of what happened. Tepig’s face became red with anger. “Let’s kill her!” the Swoobat shouted and was going for the female Tepig.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I WON’T LET YOU HURT HER!” yelled Tepig with anger. He ran and put his mouth on one of Swoobat’s wings and broke it.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled the Swoobat and was holding his broken wing in pain.

    “YOU! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!” yelled the other Swoobat. He used air cutter on Tepig, but missed.

    “I’M NOT LETTING YOU HURT HER EITHER!” he yelled and he used a new move, flamethrower on the Swoobat.

    “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!” cried the Swoobat. He laid on the floor unconscious. Tepig’s anger stopped.

    “Whoa, Tepig. That was pretty… well… strong,” said Pichu. “You just showed all of us that you really care and love her.”

    “Oh… I’m blushing,” said Tepig and blushed.

    The female Tepig got up. She walked towards Tepig and smiled.

    “Thanks, for saving me,” she said.

    “Uhh… you are… um welcome,” said Tepig. Tepig took the 3rd gem. “Alright, let’s go back.” Before they went back to Mewtwo, The female Tepig said goodbye.

    “It’s been nice meeting you guys,” she said. She looked at Tepig “You’re cute.” Tepig look at her in a funny way.

    “Oh uhhh…. Thank you….” Tepig started blushing even more and sat down.

    “Awww man I’m jealous,” complained Snivy.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll find girlfriends for all of you one day,” The female Tepig said. She looked at Tepig again. “I’m glad I met you.” She kissed Tepig on the cheek. Then she waved goodbye. Tepig made weird noises before he fainted.

    “Somebody, get him up!” shouted Oshawott.

    “I’ll pick him up!” shouted Axew and he picked up Tepig. “Ohhh. He’s heavy.” They went back to Mewtwo when Tepig woke up.

    “Oh… huh? Where am I?” Tepig asked, confused.

    “I see your awake,” said Mewtwo, smiling.
    “Yeah, I met someone today,” Tepig said.

    “I know, I was watching,” Mewtwo said.

    “Hey, hey I don’t like pokemon spying on me!” shouted Tepig and they all laughed.

    “Here is more money as your reward,” said Mewtwo.

    “ALRIGHT!” they all yelled. They went to the dining room to eat. They ate a lot of food each. Then they went to bed.

    “You know I’m glad you met someone like her,” Pichu told Tepig.

    “Me too, but I wish I could be with her longer,” Tepig said. “Anyways, good night,” he told Pichu.

    “Okay, goodnight,” said Pichu and they all went to sleep. End of chapter 5.
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    Chapter 6: The 4th Gem

    “Time to wake up Mr.” said Tepig, smiling.

    “Oh… Thanks for waking me up,” said Pichu, half-asleep. After a minute, he got up. “Let’s go,” he said. Then they went to the main hall and met up with the others.

    “Alright,” said Mewtwo. “One more gem before you can go search the first scroll.”

    “Oh boy, I can’t wait,” said Snivy and smiled.

    “Here is the map to where the gem is,” said Mewtwo and handed the map to Tepig.

    “Look, it’s just down southeast of here,” said Tepig.

    “Alright, let your mission begin,” said Mewtwo. Like usual, the team packed berries with them. After that, they went outside. The team looked at the map.

    “Okay,” said Tepig and pointed southeast. “We have to go this way.”

    “I can’t wait until we get this gem so we can get the first scroll!” shouted Axew.

    “Me too!” shouted Oshawott. While they were walking to the yet another cave where the 4th scroll is, the team continued talking. “So Tepig, are you going to go out on a date with the female Tepig one day? Oshawott asked and smiled.

    “Oh… well… um uh… well… I hope so,” said Tepig and blushed. “I would like to go on a date with her.”

    “Okay, I just wanted to know,” said Oshawott and smiled.

    “I hope that when I get a girlfriend, I want her to also be cute and pretty,” said Snivy and smiled. “I also want to go on a date with her.”

    “I hope the same for you too,” said Oshawott and smiled even more. “I hope you’ll go on a date with a girl Snivy.” Finally, after a hour walking, southeast, they find the cave.

    “Okay, we’re here,” said Tepig. “Shall we go in?”

    “Well, duh we have to,” said Snivy.

    “Alright you don’t have to act like an idiot!” shouted Tepig.

    “Whoa whoa whoa, calm down, pork chop!” shouted Snivy.

    “What? WHAT… DID YOU JUST CALL ME!?” yelled Tepig. His face was getting red with anger.

    “PORK CHOP!” yelled Snivy.

    “DON’T CALL ME PORK CHOP!” yelled Tepig. He jumped, landed on Snivy and used flamethrower on his face.

    “OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OKAY I’M SORRY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried Snivy. His face was burned and lots of tears started coming out of eyes.

    “Boys, that’s enough!” shouted Oshawott. She gave Snivy a rawst berry. “Here,” she said. Snivy ate the rawst berry.

    “Thanks,” Snivy said and his tears stopped coming out.

    “Okay, I want you two to say sorry to each other,” said Oshawott.

    “Sorry I called you pork chop,” said Snivy.

    “I’m sorry I burned your face,” said Tepig.

    “Okay, problem solved?” asked Oshawott. “Alright, let’s go.” They went in the cave.

    “Are caves always this dark…?” Pidove started to ask when suddenly 2 rattatas came.

    “No one walks beyond this point without a fight!” shouted one of them.

    “Okay then, I’ll fight ya!” shouted Snivy. Snivy used vine whip on them but missed. “Oh, I don’t believe this!”

    “You’re going to have to!” shouted the other one. The Rattata bit Snivy in the hand hard.

    “OWWWWWWWWWWWWW YOU PIECE OF… YOU… FREAKING RODENT!” yelled Snivy. His hand started bleeding a lot.

    “You’ll pay for that!” shouted Tepig. He used flame thrower on one of the Rattata’s face.

    “OWOWOWOWOW MY FACE, MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!” the Rattata shouted.

    “LIKE IT WAS BEAUTIFUL IN THE FIRST PLACE!” yelled Snivy, holding his hand full of blood.

    “How are you do that to my brother!” shouted the other Rattata. “I’ll show you how I can really hurt your teammate!” She went after Pidove.

    “AHHH!” Pidove screamed and covered his head.

    “I’m not letting you do that!” shouted Axew and used scratch on the Rattata.

    “AHHH, YOU LITTLE PUNK!” yelled the Rattata as he started bleeding from his face.

    “Take this!” shouted Tepig. He stomped on the Rattata’s head so hard, the Rattata got knocked out of it.

    “Wow, um okay, should we keep going?” asked Pichu.

    “Wait,” said Oshawott and gave Snivy an oran berry. Snivy ate the oran berry with his hand and his other hand healed. “Okay, now we can go,” she said.

    “Wait, um Tepig, you got blood on your feet,” said Pichu.

    “I do? Eww! It’s from that Rattata!” Tepig shouted.

    “Here, I’ll help ya get it off! But don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Oshawott shouted.

    “Oshawott, what are you going to do?” asked Tepig with a scared face. Oshawott used water gun on Tepig’s feet.


    “Wait… What?” asked Pichu. “If you don’t like water, then what do you drink when you’re thirsty?”

    “I drink LAVA!” shouted Tepig with a scary face and smiled.

    “EWWWWWW GROSS!” yelled Axew.

    “It’s not gross!” shouted Tepig. “Since water can kill us fire types, we drink and bathe in lava. Besides, lava can also get rid of blood. Also, only we fire types can bathe and drink lava. Anyone else that does, will DIE!”

    “Oh, that’s horrible!” shouted Pidove. “Wait… but if water can kill fire types, then why do fire types cry water out and not lava?” he asked with a confused look.

    “Well… that’s… different,” said Tepig. “Can we keep going now?” he asked.

    “Alright, let’s go,” said Oshawott. “Also, I did that because so your feet won’t smell."

    “My feet didn’t smell,” said Tepig. “Also, is that was another reason you did that, why didn’t you use water gun on them too. They’re feet might smell too.”
    “Oh… do my feet smell?” asked Axew and smelled his own feet.

    “No, I don’t think they do,” said Oshawott as she closed her eyes and smiled. Then she opened them. “Okay, let’s finally go now.” So they kept going deep in the cave where they encountered a Raticate.

    “So, is it the six of you that hurt my sons!?” shouted the Raticate. “You’ll die for that!” She tried to bite Pichu, but missed.

    “Take this, you ugly rat!” shouted Pichu. He used thunder on the Raticate.

    “DID YOU JUST CALL ME UGLY!? NO ONE CALLS ME THAT!” yelled the Raticate. Be broke free of the thunder and slapped Pichu.

    “No, Pichu!” shouted Snivy. He used vine whip on the Raticate and missed. “WHY DO I KEEP MISSING NOW!?” he yelled. “I’M NOT MISSING AGAIN!” Then he used a new move, Leaf Tornado.

    “Whoa, whoa, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried the Raticate. She hit the wall and got knocked out.

    “Snivy, you learned a new move!” shouted Pidove.

    “Alright, what are you guys waiting for? Get the gem!” shouted Snivy.

    “Oh… right!” shouted Tepig. Tepig took the gem. “Pichu, are you okay?” he asked.

    “Ouch… yeah,” Pichu said as he got up. “Okay, let’s go back to Mewtwo.” They went back to Mewtwo.

    “Congratulations! You will now get the first scroll first thing tomorrow!” shouted Mewtwo. “As your reward, more money! But it will be something bigger tomorrow!”

    “HURRAY!” yelled the team. Then they went to the dining room to eat. Tepig took a drink of lava.

    “Hey how does the bowl not burn through when lava is inside?” asked Pichu.

    “Oh… well… I guess Mewtwo somehow made the bowls so that it won’t burn through,” said Tepig and laughed. The rest of the team laughed. Then they went to bed. “I can’t wait for tomorrow,” said Tepig.

    “Yeah, me too,” said Pichu and smiled. “Hey, do you think that I will get my memories back soon?” he asked.

    “I hope so,” said Tepig. “Goodnight.”

    “Okay, goodnight,” said Pichu and they went to sleep. End of chapter 6.
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    Chapter 7: The First Scroll

    “Alright! Wake up! Time to find the First Scroll!” shouted Tepig.

    “Oh… I can’t… wait,” said Pichu, half asleep. “Okay, let’s meet with the others,” she said. They met up with the others.

    “This is you first big mission,” said Mewtwo. “Your mission is to find the first scroll which is located in a forest up north of here.” He gave the team the map of where the first scroll is. “It won’t be easy, so be careful. Let the big mission begin!” The team packed the 4 gems they need to get the scroll and more berries.

    “Okay team, let’s do this!” shouted Oshawott. They went outside and walked north.

    “I can’t wait to see what the scroll looks like!” shouted Snivy.

    “Me too!” shouted Axew. “I bet it is big!”

    “I want to get my hands on it!” shouted Pidove and started flapping his wings in excitement.

    “Whoa okay, calm down,” said Tepig. “We all want to see it, but we have to wait until we find it.

    “Oh… okay,” said Pidove and his flapping stopped. “Okay, I’m calm now.”

    “Okay, let’s keep going,” said Tepig. ‘We should almost be at the forest now.” After an hour of walking, the team finds the forest. “Alright, were here.” They enter the rain forest. Suddenly, two Pidgeys came out of nowhere and used gust on the team. Everyone flew.

    “AHHHHHHHHHH!” they all yelled. They scattered across the area.
    “Is everyone alright?” asked Oshawott. She then noticed her scalchop missing. “My scalchop! Where is it!?” she shouted. She began looking for it when one of the Pidgeys found her.

    “You’re not leaving this forest alive!” The Pidgey shouted. The Pidgey used gust again on Oshawott and Oshawott flew again. Luckily, she flew to where her scalchop was laying.

    “Oh yeah,” said Oshawott with a smile. She picked up her scalchop.

    “Now die!” shouted the Pidgey when he was about to use gust again.

    “I DON’T THINK SO!” yelled Oshawott and she used a new move, razor shell, on the Pidgey.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried Pidgey. He was covering his face full of blood.

    “See ya!” shouted Oshawott. She ran toward the other Pidgey who was fighting Pichu. The Pidgey used one of his wings to slap Pichu in the face.

    “OW!” cried Pichu as he fell on the floor.

    “Oh, well look who we have here!” shouted the Pidgey when he notice Oshawott. He flew towards Oshawott when Pichu used thunder on the Pidgey.

    “OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !” cried the Pidgey a lot. A few seconds after Pichu stopped, the Pidgey laid on the floor unconscious.

    “Thanks,” said Oshawott. “Who knows what could have happened if you didn’t do that.”

    “You welcome,” said Pichu and smiled. “Let’s go find the others.”

    “Alright,” said Oshawott. They kept walking they found Tepig holding his head. “Are you alright?” Oshawott asked.

    “My head hurts a little,” said Tepig. “But I’ll be fine. Let’s go find the others.” They kept walking where they found Snivy.

    “I’m mad they did that!” shouted Snivy.

    “Well they won’t be bothering us anymore,” said Oshawott and laughed.

    “Hey I think we found something!” shouted somebody. It was Pidove. They ran to where Pidove and Axew were.

    “There’s something written here,” said Pichu. “It says to put four gems here to unlock the passage way to the scroll.”

    “We have to put the four gems here,” said Tepig. “Let’s do it.”

    “Okay,” said Oshawott. They placed the four gems that they had into where they belonged and the door in front of them opened.

    “Well, what are we waiting for?” asked Snivy. “Let’s go.” They went to the passage way when all of a sudden the two Pidgeys came out of nowhere again and both slapped Axew in the face. Axew got thrown to a tree, hit his head and fell on the floor.



    “Boo hoo!” shouted the Pidgey that was still bleeding from his face. “How about I make you regret you made me bleed! The Pidgey and Oshawott collided when Oshawott cut one of the Pidgey’s wings off with razor shell.


    “OH GOSH! WHAT DID YOU DO!?” cried the other Pidgey as he flew toward the very badly injured Pidgey.

    “Oh man… I didn’t… I didn’t think it would go this far,” said Oshawott. She ran and gave the injured Pidgey an oran berry. “Here, this will help you heal your injuries and grow your wing back.

    “OKAY!” yelled the injured Pidgey in pain. He used his other wing to eat the oran berry. His wing grew back and he was no longer injured. He wiped the blood and tears off his face. “Thanks.”
    “Now promise, you won’t hurt anybody again,” said Tepig.

    “Alright,” both Pidgeys said and they flew away.

    “Okay, let’s go,” said Snivy. They kept going and found a scroll.

    “There it is!” shouted Pidove. He ran toward the Scroll. “It reads: This is the scroll of happiness. It will bring you happiness when finding the other nine scrolls. The other nine scrolls are scrolls of other emotions. But you won’t find out what emotions they are until you find the scrolls. You need four gems for each to unlock each one. One you have all ten of them, you will go to the island to unlock the temple to earn something special. Good luck.”

    “Okay, so there are nine other scrolls,” said Tepig. “And we need gems for those too. Okay, let’s take it!” he shouted. He took the scroll when the place started to crumble.

    “Let’s get out of here!” shouted Pidove. They ran and ran and ran until they got out of the no longer forest.

    “We did it… YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOO! WE DID IT HAHA!” yelled Tepig in excitement and happiness. He started jumping up and down and started waging his tail.

    “And you told me to calm down,” said Pidove with a confused look.

    “Ohh… sorry,” said Tepig, smiling. He calmed down. “Let’s go back to Mewtwo.” They went back to Mewtwo.

    “Congratulations! You have found the first medal. Here is your ultimate prize!” shouted Mewtwo. He gave them jewels.

    “Ooo… pretty,” said Axew.

    “Let’s put them in our room!” shouted Snivy. They took all the jewels and put them in their room.

    “Okay, I’m hungry! Let’s eat!” shouted Tepig. They all ran to the diner room where Tepig was the first one to eat. He was eating pretty fast.

    “Whoa, slow down!” shouted Pichu who then started to eat next. ‘You might choke!”

    “Oh don’t worry!” shouted Tepig with food still in his mouth! “I won’t!”

    “Tepig, don’t talk with your mouth full!” shouted Oshawott.

    “Ohh… sorry,” said Tepig and swallowed his food. Then everyone else ate. Then they went to bed.

    “I’m very happy we have the first scroll. I can’t wait to get the others,” said Tepig.

    “Me too,” said Pichu.

    “Okay, goodnight,” said Tepig.

    “Goodnight,” said Pichu and went to sleep. End of chapter 7.
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    Chapter 8: The Bullies Learn a Lesson

    “Okay Pichu, wake up,” said Tepig and smiled.

    “I really don’t like waking up this early,” complained Pichu.

    “You little baby, back off!” shouted someone in the main area.

    “What’s going on?” asked Pichu.

    “Let’s go check it out,” said Tepig. They went to the main hall where a Trubbish, Archen and Vanillite were bullying Pidove and Axew. Mewtwo wasn’t in the main hall. Trubbish took a jewel from Axew.

    “Hey, that’s mine!” shouted Axew, trying to get the jewel from Trubbish.

    “Hey, leave us alone,” said Pidove, with a scared face.

    “Make us!” shouted the Trubbish.

    “Yeah, make us!” shouted both the Archen and Vanillite. Trubbish pushed Axew to the ground.


    “Awww… is the crybaby crying?” asked Archen and laughed.

    “Hey, that no way to treat Pidove and Axew, you give that back, NOW!” shouted Tepig.

    “Ooooo, I’m scared,” said the Trubbish sarcastically. “What are you going to do, burn me?” he said and laughed.

    “Yes, if you don’t stop!” Tepig shouted.

    “I’m going make you wish you haven’t messed with us…” Archen started to say, when suddenly Mewtwo came in.


    “Ohh… uhh… yes… Mewtwo…” said Vanillite with a scared look in his face. The three of them left and threw back the jewel at Axew. Axew picked it up. Trubbish made an “It’s not over yet” look.

    “Sorry about that, I’m not allowed to say this to anyone, but they are such jerks,” said Mewtwo with a mad face.

    “Tell me about it,” said Oshawott, just coming in along with Snivy.

    “They’re going to get their butts kicked one day,” said Snivy. “Anyways, what’s our mission?” he asked.

    “Well, now that you have one of the scrolls, you’ll also need to get gems for the other ones too,” said Mewtwo. “Your next mission is to get one of the gems for the next scroll. Here’s the map of where it is.” He handed out the map to the team.

    “Oh, it’s east of here,’ said Axew, who stopped crying. He was still upset. Pichu looked at Axew.

    “Axew, I know you’re sad and upset of what just happened, but I’ll tell you that one day, we will teach them a lesson,” said Pichu and smiled.

    “Okay,” said, Axew who also smiled.

    “Alright,” said Mewtwo. “Let your mission begin!” he shouted. The team packed berries before they left. Trubbish, Archen and Vanillite were watching them and listening to the team’s conversation.

    “Hey, I have an idea,” said Trubbish.

    “What is it?” asked Archen.

    “We’re going to sneak our way out of here and follow those wimps,” said Trubbish and smiled.

    “Oh, great idea!” shouted Vanillite.

    “Keep your voice down!” whispered Trubbish.

    “Oh… sorry,” said Vanillite.

    “We’re going to follow them, without them noticing us, and once they find and take the gem, well attack them and steal it,” whispered Trubbish and make an evil laugh.

    “Nice,” said Archen. “Let’s do it.”

    “Alright,” said Trubbish. They went outside without Mewtwo noticing them. Meanwhile, the team is walking east to where the next gem is.

    “So Mewtwo said that the next gem is in this direction,” said Tepig pointing east.

    “Okay, then let’s keep going in that direction,” said Snivy. Oshawott looked at Axew.

    “Still thinking about what happened before?” asked Oshawott.

    “Yeah,” said Axew. “I was so mad, that I wanted to hurt them. But I couldn’t, I was so scared.” He started crying again. Oshawott started to hug Axew, put her hand on Axew and started moving it.

    “It’s okay Axew,” said Oshawott. “Everything is going to be okay.”

    “You sure?” asked Axew with tears still in his eyes.

    “Yeah, I’m sure,” said Oshawott and smiled. She let go of Axew. Axew wiped the tears off his face. “Okay let’s keep going,” Oshawott said.

    “Hey, I think I see a cave there,” said Pidove. “That must be where the gem is.”

    “Okay, then let’s go in,” said Tepig. They went in the cave. After entering the cave, Trubbish, Archen and Vanillite walked to the enterence of it.

    “Okay, this is where those wimps went,” said Trubbish.

    “Shall we go in?” asked Vanillite.

    “Well duh, stupid, of course,” said Archen with a mad face.

    “Oh… uh… okay,” said Vanillite.

    “Alright, let’s go in and beat those weaklings up!” shouted Trubbish. They too, went in the cave. Meanwhile, further down in the dark cave, the team is fighting some Digletts.

    “Don’t worry, Snivy and I can beat them all in one go!” shouted Oshawott. Oshawott used water gun on one of the Digletts while Snivy used leaf tornado on another.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried the Digletts before they got knocked out.

    “Look, there’s another one using dig!” shouted Pichu. The Diglett got up and scratched one of Tepig’s legs.

    “AHHHHH! MY LEG!” Tepig cried. His leg started to bleed and was holding his leg in pain. Pichu used thunder on the Diglett.

    “OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!” cried the Diglett. He was paralyzed and couldn’t move. Tepig walked up to Oshawott, limping with tears in his eyes do to the injury.

    “Here,” Oshawott said and gave Tepig an oran berry. Tepig ate the oran berry and the injury healed. Tepig wiped the tears off his face and the blood off his leg.

    “Okay, let’s keep going,” said Tepig. They kept going to the bottom of the cave. Meanwhile, Trubbish, Archen and Vanillite were in the cave when they saw the three Digletts on the floor.

    “Who did this to you?” asked Trubbish.

    “Those… those six… pokemon attacked us… we… tried… not to let them… pass… but we failed…” said one of the Digletts.

    “Trubbish, maybe those wimps aren’t weak after all…” Vanillite started to say.

    “Shut up!” shouted Archen. “They may look strong, but they are sure weak to us!”

    “Yeah!” shouted Trubbish. “Those weaklings are no match for us!”

    “Oh… um… yeah they’re weak,” said Vanillite, a little scared.

    “Alright, let’s keep going,” said Trubbish and made the evil laugh again. At the same time, the team found the gem.

    “Look! It’s the gem!” shouted Pidove.

    “Okay, let’s take it…” Snivy started to say.

    “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the weakling wimps who have just found the gem!” shouted Trubbish.

    “Oh no,” said Pidove, scared.


    “We snuck out!” shouted Archen. "And we’re about to take that gem!”

    “Oh no you won’t!” shouted Snivy. Axew was shaking with fear.

    “Awww… Is the little weakling scared?” asked Trubbish, laughing. Axew then gave them a mad look.

    “I… am… not scared… of you,” Axew said, still shaking.

    “Let’s see how scared you really are!” shouted Archen. Archen flew to Axew and used acrobatics on him.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried Axew.

    “DON’T YOU DARE HURT AXEW!” yelled Oshawott. She used razor shell on Archen but missed. Trubbish came and used pound on Oshawott.

    “OWWWW!” cried Oshawott as she fell on the floor.

    “Don’t… hurt… my… friends,” said Axew, still shaking with fear.

    “I’ll hurt you now!” shouted Trubbish. He used pound on Axew’s stomach.

    “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Axew cried as he fell on the floor. Blood came out of his mouth. Axew got up, holding his stomach in pain.

    “Awww… is he hurt?” asked Trubbish and laughed. “For a total dumb weakling like you, you might as well get hurt!”

    “Yeah, you’re the weakest pokemon we’ve ever met!” Archen shouted and laughed. Axew fell on the floor and started crying.

    “Stop… it…” said Axew, still crying a lot.



    “Stop it, stop it, stop it!” shouted Axew, still crying. He was starting to get angry.

    “WEAKLING, WEAKLING, WEAKLING,” All three of them said. They kept repeating the same word over and over until Axew was filled with anger.


    “Is that a new move?” asked Pichu.

    “Yeah, he learned a new move, and he is also not scared anymore,” said Oshawott. Axew used his new move, dragon rage, on the three bullies.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the bullies cried. They all started to bleed from the rage. Axew calmed down and wiped the tears off his face. He looked at Vanillite.

    “Oooo, ice cream!” shouted Axew, who is now happy and started drooling. Axew went up to the Vanillite and started licking him.


    “Who’s the crybaby now!?” shouted Axew.

    “Axew, that’s enough!” shouted Tepig. “As much as we want to hurt them for hurting your feelings and as much and I like to eat ice cream, in fact any kind of food, we can’t do that!” Axew let go of Vanillite.

    “Sorry,” he said to Tepig. Axew went up to Oshawott.

    “Here,” Oshawott said and gave Axew an oran berry. Axew ate the oran berry.

    “Okay, let’s bring them and the gem with us and tell Mewtwo about what happened,” said Tepig. They went back to Mewtwo. The three bullies were looking down on the floor with sad faces.


    “We’re sorry,” the three bullies said to the team and left. Mewtwo turned his head to the team.

    “As for the six of you, you have succeeded in your mission to get the next gem. Here is more money as your reward,” Mewtwo said.

    “So we’re back to money now?” asked Snivy and they all laughed. Then they went to the dining room to eat. They all ate their food really fast.

    “Hey, when you licked Vanillite, did he taste like ice cream?” asked Oshawott.

    “Yeah, he did,” said Axew and started laughing.

    “Speaking of ice cream here you go,” said Mewtwo.

    “Oooo ice cream!” shouted both Tepig and Axew who were both drooling. Tepig and Axew ate the ice cream in one go.

    “Oooo brain freeze,” said Axew while holding his head.

    “Well since I’m a fire type, I don’t experience that,” Tepig said and laughed.

    “Okay, we’ll start eating our ice cream now,” said Oshawott smiling, and the rest ate their ice cream. Then they all went to bed.

    “You know I’m glad Axew isn’t scared of the bullies now,” said Pichu. “You think they will still nother us?” he asked.

    “I don’t think they’ll bother us for a long time,” said Tepig, smiling. “Goodnight, Pichu.”

    “Okay, goodnight, Tepig,” said Pichu and they all went to sleep. End of chapter 8.
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    Chapter 33: The Cave With The Deadly Slide

    “Hey, wake up!” shouted Tepig, smiling.

    “Oh!” shouted Pichu, as he jumped up. “Tepig, you gave me a scare!” Pichu shouted, with a scared look on his face.

    “Are you ready to meet with the others now?” asked Tepig.

    “What does it look like now?” asked Pichu, with a scared look on his face still.

    “Okay, let’s go then,” said Tepig, and they walked to the main hall, to meet with their teammates and Mewtwo.

    “Okay, the next gem is in another cave, southwest of here,” said Mewtwo. Mewtwo gave the team a map of where the cave and the gem are. “Good luck.”

    “Okay team, let’s do this!” shouted Oshawott. The team packed some berries with them, headed outside, and started walking southwest.

    “I hope this is a fun cave this time,” said Axew, and smiled.

    “You really want fun things, right?” asked Snivy.

    “Yeah,” said Axew, still smiling.

    “I hope it’s not scary,” said Pidove.

    “Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it won’t be scary,” said Pichu, smiling.

    “Okay,” said Pidove. After an hour of walking, the team reached the cave.

    “Who’s ready to go in?” asked Tepig.

    “I am!” shouted Axew.

    “Me too, let’s get this over with,” said Snivy.

    “Okay, let’s go,” said Tepig, and they all entered the cave. As they walked further into the cave, a Bonsly and a Roggenrola came.

    “Hey let’s have some fun!” shouted Bonsly.

    “What do you mean?” asked Pidove.

    “There’s a whole slide ride that takes you to the bottom of this cave!” shouted Roggenrola.

    “Yay, I knew this would be a fun cave!” shouted Axew.

    “Alright, we’re all ready, it looks like,” said Tepig. “By the way, what are your names?” he asked.

    “My name is Bonsly,” said Bonsly.

    “And I’m Roggenrola!” shouted Roggenrola. “Follow us!”

    “Okay,” said Oshawott, and the team followed Bonsly and Roggenrola to an area with a slide.

    “Okay, this is where it starts,” said Bonsly. “Are you all ready?”

    “Yeah!” shouted Axew, with happiness.

    “Okay, let’s go!” shouted Roggenrola, and he went on the slide first. Then everyone else went on the slide.

    “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!” shouted Axew, and they all started sliding down. Suddenly, rocks came falling down.

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the heck is going on?” shouted Snivy, and then, rocked spikes came out of the wall.

    “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Pidove, and then the slide went up, and they all jumped up.

    “WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA!” screamed everyone, and then the slide ended.

    “Wasn’t it fun?” asked Bonsly.

    “Fun? FUN!? WE ALMOST GOT KILLED!” yelled Snivy, with an angry look on his face.

    “Snivy, be nice!” shouted Oshawott, with a mad look on her face.

    “Well, we weren’t expecting that,” said Roggenrola.

    “Well, we have to go now,” said Bonsly.

    “You know a way out from here?” asked Pichu.

    “Yeah, anyways, bye!” shouted Roggenrola.

    “Bye!” said the team.

    “Bye!” shouted Bonsly, and he and Roggenrols left. Tepig, looked at a gem on a pedestal.

    “Look, there it is!” shouted Tepig.

    “Not so fast!” shouted an Omastar, who came.

    “Why does this always happen?” asked Snivy.

    “If you don’t like it, fight me!” shouted Omastar.

    “This will be easy, from the looks of you, you are a water and rock type!” shouted Snivy.

    “How did you know?” asked Omastar.

    “Lucky guess!” shouted Snivy, and he used leaf storm on Omastar.

    “WHAT!? NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Omastar and he ran away.

    “Wow, the battle ended before it even started,” said Oshawott.

    “Okay, let’s get the gem,” said Tepig, and he took the gem. “Let’s go back to Mewtwo now,” he said, and they all left the cave and went back to Mewtwo.

    “Good job!” shouted Mewtwo. “Here are more jewels as your reward.” Mewtwo gave a treasure full of more jewels.

    “HORRAY!” yelled the team, with happiness, and then they went to the dining room to eat.

    “It was fun today!” shouted Axew.

    “Yeah, I know you liked it,” said Tepig, as they all ate their food. Then the team went to bed.

    “Today, was one of the easiest days,” said Pichu.

    “Yeah, except for the deadly slide part,” said Tepig.

    “Yeah,” said Pichu.

    “Okay, goodnight,” said Tepig.

    “Goodnight,” said Pichu, and they all went to sleep. End of chapter 33.

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    Chapter 34: Like Usual

    “Alright, wake up Pichu,” said Tepig, smiling.

    “Okay, I’m getting up, like usual,” said Pichu, as he got up.

    “Okay, ready to meet with the others, like usual?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah,” said Pichu, and the two went to the main hall, to meet with their teammates and Mewtwo.

    “Okay, like usual, your next mission is to get the next gem, which is in another cave, north of here,” said Mewtwo. Mewtwo gave the team the map of where the cave and the gem are. “Like usual, good luck with it.”

    “Okay, like usual, let’s do this team!” shouted Oshawott. The team packed some berries with them, headed outside, and started walking north.

    “Okay, like usual, we have to find a gem,” said Snivy.

    “Yeah!” shouted Axew, with happiness.

    “I wonder what kind of cave it is, like usual,” said Pidove.

    “Me too,” said Pichu. An hour later, the team reached the cave.

    “I think this is it,” said Tepig.

    “Okay, let’s go in, like usual,” said Oshawott, and they team entered the cave. As they walked further into the cave, a Darumaka and a Litwick.

    “Of course, we have to fight other pokémon, like usual,” said Snivy.

    “Yeah, you do!” shouted Darumaka.

    “Beat us, and you can go ahead!” shouted Litwick, smiling.

    “Alright, let’s do this like usual,” said Tepig.

    “I’ll go first!” shouted Darumaka, “I know you’re a fire type,” he said to Tepig. “I may not want to use a fire type move, but I can still use this!” Darumaka shouted, and he used headbutt on Tepig.

    “OUCH!” Tepig yelled and he hit the ground. “That was a very hard one,” he said holding his head. Then he saw blood on his hand. “Oh, I’m bleeding,” he said, and he ears were down. He started crying. “WWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!”

    “Oh no,” said Darumaka, and he walked up to Tepig. “Are you…?” Darumaka started to ask when Tepig suddenly stopped crying and smiled. “Hey, what are you…?” Darumaka started to ask when Oshawott used aqua jet on him. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled Darumaka, and he fell to the ground. “Hey, you tricked me!”

    “Of course we did!” shouted Tepig. “Would I ever cry like Axew whenever I got hurt?”

    “Hey!” shouted Axew, with a mad look on his face.

    “He he, Sorry,” said Tepig, with a weird smile on his face.

    “Now it’s my turn!” shouted Litwick.

    “Don’t bother,” said Oshawott. “I can also beat you with my aqua jet. I am a water type.” Oshawott smiled.

    “Yeah, you’re right,” said Litwick. “Okay, you win, you can go,”

    “YAY!” yelled Pidove and Axew, with happiness.

    “So your crying was fake?” Pichu asked Tepig.

    “Actually, the tears were real, but me crying out loud was fake,” said Tepig, a little embarrassed.

    “I knew that,” said Oshawott, smiling.

    “You knew?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah, whenever we get hurt real bad, tears start to come out of our eyes,” said Oshawott. “Remember the day that you and Pichu scared us, and I got so scared that I cut your nose with my scalchop? She asked.

    “Yeah, I had lots of tears coming out of my eyes,” said Tepig, smiling.

    “Anyways, here,” said Oshawott, giving Tepig a oran berry.

    “Thanks,” said Tepig, eating the oran berry, then wiping the blood and tears off his face.

    “You welcome,” said Oshawott.

    “Okay, let’s go now,” said Tepig. The team kept walking until they reached the bottom of the cave.

    “Look, there’s the gem,” said Pichu, pointing to the gem at the other side of the area.

    “Let’s get it, like usual,” said Snivy, and he walked towards the gem, when suddenly, a Carnivine stood in front of him.

    “Stop right there!” shouted the Carnivine.

    “Hmm, like usual we have to fight another pokémon,” said Snivy, and kept walking.

    “Stop right there, or I’ll attack you with my grass moves!” shouted Carnivine.

    “Your grass moves?” asked Snivy. “What are you, stupid!?” he started to shout. “I’m a freaking grass type, your grass moves won’t affect me that much!”

    “Okay, then,” Carnivine said, and looked at Tepig. “I’ll use my grass moves on the pig there!”

    “Okay, really?” asked Snivy. “Just how stupid are you!?” he shouted, as the Carnivine walked in front of Tepig, then turned around, facing Snivy.

    “What are you talking about!?” shouted Carnivine.

    “Tepig is a fire type!” shouted Snivy. “Grass types are weak against fire types!”

    “Wait, that means… uh oh…” said Carnivine. As Carnivine turned around, Tepig used flamethrower on his face. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO HOW CAN I BE SO STTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPIIIIIIDDDDDD!” Carnivine cried, as he fell to the ground, burned. Oshawott gave him a rawst berry.
    “Here, if you’re smart enough to eat the berry,” said Oshawott. She went to the gem and took it.

    “Can we go now?” asked Pidove.

    “Yes, we can go now,” said Tepig, and they went back to Mewtwo.

    “Good job,” said Mewtwo. “Here is gold as your reward,” Mewtwo said, and gave the team a treasure full of gold.

    “ALRIGHT!” yelled the team with happiness, and then they went to the dining room to eat.

    “Let’s eat!” shouted Tepig, and started eating his food very fast.

    “Yeah!” shouted Axew, and he and the rest of the team started eating their food. Then the team went to bed.

    “So like usual, we succeed in our mission,” said Pichu.

    “Yeah,” said Tepig. “Wow, that Carnivine was so stupid, he wanted use a grass type move on me,” he said.

    “I know, right?” asked Pichu.

    “Yeah,” said Tepig. “Okay, goodnight, Pichu.”

    “Goodnight Tepig,” said Pichu, and they went to sleep. End of chapter 34.
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    Chapter 35: Pidove Overcomes His Fears

    “Pichu, time to wake up,” said Tepig, smiling.

    “Okay, I’m getting up,” said Pichu. Pichu started stretching and yawned.

    “Wow, you must have had a goodnight sleep,” said Tepig.

    “Hee hee, yeah I did,” Pichu laughed.

    “Alright, ready to meet up with our teammates and Mewtwo?” asked Tepig.

    “Yep, I’m ready let’s go,” said Pichu, and they both walked to the main hall to meet with their teammates and Mewtwo.

    “Okay, your next mission is to get the next gem which is in a dark cave, south of here,” said Mewtwo.

    “Another dark cave?” asked Snivy.

    “Yes, it’s in another dark cave,” said Mewtwo.

    “Oh, I hate dark caves,” said Pidove, looking a little shy.

    “Just like before, you won’t be there alone,” said Oshawott.

    “Yeah, we’ll protect you,” said Axew, smiling. “Since the last time we were in a dark cave, we overcame our fears of the ghost type pokemon.”

    “Oh,” said Pidove, smiling awkwardly.

    “Good luck on this mission,” said Mewtwo. Mewtwo gave them the map of where the cave and the gem are.

    “Let’s do this,” said Oshawott. The team packed some of the berries they had with them, went outside and started walking south.

    “Okay, we got one of the gems in a dark cave once, we can do it again,” said Tepig.

    “I hope so,” said Pidove.

    “Oh, stop worrying,” said Snivy. “I bet you worry about everything.”

    “I do not!” shouted Pidove, with a mad look on his face. They all stopped walking.

    “Yeah, you do,” said Snivy, with a smile on his face.

    “No!” shouted Pidove.

    “Yes!” shouted Snivy.

    “No!” shouted Pidove, sounding more angry this time.

    “Yes!” shouted Snivy, with his eyes wide open.

    “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!” shouted Pidove.

    “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” shouted Snivy.

    “Boys, stop it!” shouted Oshawott, with a mad look on her face, while Snivy was sticking his tongue out. “Snivy, stop teasing him!”

    “Okay, I’ll stop,” said Snivy.

    “Thank you,” said Oshawott. “Now let’s keep walking.” They started walking again.

    “Making fun of him is not cool, dude,” said Axew, his eyes half open.

    “Oh, shut up,” said Snivy.

    “Hee hee,” Axew laughed, as he fully opened his eyes. After half an hour of walking, they reached the cave.

    “This is it, right?” asked Pichu.

    “Yep, this is it,” said Tepig.

    “Okay, then let’s go in,” said Snivy. They all walked in the dark cave.

    “Oh, it’s too dark,” said Pidove. Then there was a noise behind them. “AHHHHHHH!” screamed Pidove.

    “My goodness, it’s just a noise,” said Tepig, and they all turned around. “Don’t worry,” he said as he started using his flamethrower in the air. “There is nothing…” Suddenly, as his flamethrower was in the air, a Duskull and a Yamask appeared.

    “Hey there!” shouted Duskull.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, RRRRRRUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!” yelled Pidove, and he started flying away.

    “Pidove, wait!” shouted Tepig, and they all started running after Pidove. All of a sudden, they all stopped running.

    “We lost him,” said Pichu.

    “We also lost those two other pokémon," said Axew.

    “Maybe we should shout, so that Pidove can hear us,” said Pichu

    “Okay, great idea,” said Tepig. “Pidove! Pidove, where are you!?” Tepig shouted.

    “Hold on Tepig, I got this,” said Snivy. “HEY, COME BACK YOU STUPID BIRD, WE’RE DYING HERE!” he yelled.

    “SNIVY!” yelled Oshawott, angrily.

    “Hey, it’s not like he heard me calling him stupid!” shouted Snivy, with a smile on his face.

    “True, but the other two could have heard us,” said Axew.

    “Oops, I forgot about that,” said Pichu, embarrassed.

    “It’s alright,” said Tepig. “We’ll just have to keep walking to where the gem is, and hopefully we find Pidove.”

    “Okay,” said Pichu, and they all kept walking. Meanwhile, Pidove was all alone in another area of the cave.

    “Why did it have to be in a dark, scary cave?” Pidove asked himself. He landed on the ground. He was shaking with fear. “It’s okay Pidove, don’t be scared,” he told himself. “This is just an ordinary dark…” Pidove stopped talking as he heard a noise. “AHHHH!” he screamed and he looked behind him. “It’s just the wind Pidove,” he said to himself. “In fact, I can feel the wind blowing right behind me.” He started smile.

    “Actually, that’s me,” said a voice from right behind Pidove.

    “EEP!” jumped Pidove. Then he slowly looked behind him.

    “Hi, sorry about before,” said Duskull. Yamask was with him. They both smiled.

    “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Pidove, and he started flying away again.

    “Wait, come back!” shouted Yamask. The two started going after Pidove. Meanwhile, Pichu, Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott and Axew kept walking in the dark cave.

    “I really hope we find Pidove soon,” said Pichu.

    “Don’t worry, we will find him,” said Oshawott. Then the heard a scream.

    “Hey, that’s Pidove!” shouted Axew.

    “He’s coming closer!” shouted Tepig. Then they saw Pidove coming towards them. “Pidove!” Tepig shouted.

    “Thanks goodness you’re here!” shouted Pidove. He flew to Tepig and hugged him.

    “Pidove?” asked Tepig, with a weird look on his face.

    “Yes?” asked Pidove, with little tears coming out of his eyes.

    “Can you please let go of me?” Tepig asked, and he started sniffing. “Oh, and you smell pretty bad,” he said.

    “Well, that’s embarrassing,” said Pidove, as he let go of Tepig and stopped crying.

    “When was the last time you cleaned yourself?” asked Snivy.

    “Guys, that’s not important right now,” said Oshawott, with a funny look on her face.

    “Yeah, it isn’t,” said another pokémon. It was the Yamask, and the Duskull was with him.

    “And before you start to run away again, please listen to us!” shouted Duskull.

    “Fine,” said Pidove, a little frightened still.

    “Hi, I’m Yamask,” said Yamask.

    “And I’m Duskull,” said Duskull

    “Good thing you came,” said Yamask.

    “We need your help,” said Duskull.

    “Oh?” asked Tepig.

    “This scary looking Pokémon took our precious crystal from us,” said Yamask.

    “We need your help getting it back,” said Duskull.

    “Okay, where is this pokémon?” asked Oshawott.

    “Follow us,” said Yamask.

    “Alright,” said Pichu, and they all followed Duskull and Yamask. The all walked to a big area, where another pokémon stood.

    “YOU GUYS AGAIN!?” yelled the pokémon.

    “Spiritomb?” asked Tepig. “So it’s you again, huh?”


    “Well, we are going to defeat you again!” shouted Snivy.


    “Oh, why me?” asked Pidove.

    “GET OVER IT, I CHOSE YOU!” yelled Spritomb.

    “Okay, here I come,” said Pidove. Spiritomb became calmer.

    “Just so you know, after you defeated me, I learned a few moves, like this,” said Spiritomb and he used ominous wind on Pidove.

    “AAAHHHHH,” screamed Pidove, and he flew to the air and stayed there. “Okay, my turn now. He used fly on Spiritomb, but missed.

    “I think I have gotten better since then, haven’t I?” asked Spiritomb. He went behind Pidove and used shadow sneak on him.

    “OUCH!” cried Pidove, and he fell to the ground. Pidove started bleeding, and tears were coming out of his eyes.

    “Admit it, you’re still afraid,” said Spiritomb. Pidove started getting angry.

    “No… I… am… NOT!” yelled Pidove and he used air slash on Spiritomb’s face.

    “MY FACE!” yelled Spiritomb in pain, and started bleeding from his face. “Oh, I feel dizzy,” he said, and then fainted. A crystal fell out of him.

    “Here,” said Oshawott, and she gave Pidove an oran berry.

    “Thanks,” said Pidove. He ate the oran berry and wiped the blood off him.

    “Our crystal!” shouted Duskull. He went to the crystal and picked it up.

    “Wait a minute, that looks like a gem,” said Pichu.

    “I’m guessing that’s the gem we are looking for,” said Tepig.

    “But they will be sad if we tell them that we need it,” said Oshawott.

    “We have no choice,” said Pidove, and he flew to Duskull and Yamask. “I’m sorry, but the real reason we came here was because we looking for a gem, and your crystal happens to be the gem,” he said.

    “Oh, really?” asked Yamask.

    “Here,” said Duskull, and he gave the gem to Pidove.

    “Wait, you mean you’re giving it to me?” asked Pidove.

    “Yeah, promise you’ll take care of it,” said Yamask.

    “Yes, I will,” said Pidove. “Well, we have to go now,” he said.

    “Okay, bye,” said Duskull and Yamask.

    “Bye,” said the hall team. They left the cave and went back to Mewtwo.

    “Great job,” said Mewtwo.

    “Hey, I just want to know that I’m not scared anymore,” said Pidove, happily.

    “Is that true?” asked Mewtwo. “Well, I’m glad to hear that. Anyways, here is your prize.” Mewtwo gave the team more jewels as their prize.

    “Yeah!” shouted the team, in happiness.

    “Alright let’s go eat now!” shouted Tepig, and they all went in the dining room to eat.

    “These apples are very good!” shouted Axew, as he was eating his food.

    “Me too,” said Pichu. He and the rest of the team were eating their apples. Then they all went to bed.

    “I’m glad Pidove, overcame his fears,” said Tepig.

    “Me too,” said Pichu.

    “He’s not afraid anymore,” said Tepig.

    “I know,” said Pichu.

    “Okay, goodnight,” said Tepig.

    “Goodnight,” said Pichu. End of chapter 35.

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    Chapter 36: Pichu Get’s Kidnapped

    It was night, and everyone was sleeping. A cat ferret and a crab snuck into the main hall

    “Zangoose, what are we doing here?” whispered the crab.

    “Krabby, we’re here to steal a pokemon,” whispered Zangoose. “Our master said so.”

    “Alright, but who?” Krabby whispered

    “Anyone, dummy,” Zangoose whispered. “Look, the room to our left is the closest to us.”

    “Okay, so?” whispered Krabby.

    “So, we go there, you idiot!” whispered Zangoose.

    “Oh, right, right,” Krabby whispered. They entered the room, where Pichu and Tepig were sleeping. Tepig was drooling and had his mouth open.

    “Okay, let’s take the one that’s not drooling in his sleep,” Zangoose whispered.

    “Alright,” whispered Krabby. Zangoose and Krabby picked Pichu up.

    “Wow, this one is in a good night’s sleep,” whispered Zangoose. They started leaving the room, when Krabby stepped on something, and made some noise.

    “Oh!” shouted Krabby.

    “Shush! Are you trying to make us get caught!?” Zangoose whispered.

    “Oh, Tepig, you look very beautiful,” said Tepig. “Can we go on a date and have some oink oink together?” asked Tepig. He was dreaming about the female Tepig.

    “Um, who is he talking to?” Krabby whispered.

    “No one, I think he’s dreaming about his girlfriend or something,” whispered Zangoose.

    “What does oink oink mean?” whispered Krabby.

    “Well, he is a pig,” Zangoose whispered. “Oink is a word pigs always use. It usually means different things, depending on how they use it.”

    “So what does it mean by having oink oink?” Krabby whispered.

    “You really don’t want to know,” whispered Zangoose, with a funny look on his face.

    “Oh, I see,” whispered Krabby.

    “Now, let’s hurry, our master is waiting, and you know how impatient he is,” Zangoose whispered.

    “Okay,” Krabby whispered, and they left with Pichu. It was morning now. Tepig woke up and he wiped the drool off his mouth. He stretched and yawned.

    “Pichu, time to wake up,” said Tepig, not noticing Pichu was gone. “You know, I just had the most romantic dream. Um, Pichu?” Then he noticed Pichu was gone. Then he saw footprints on the ground. “Those aren’t Pichu’s. Oh, no. Oh, my, gosh! I think he’s been kidnapped!” shouted Tepig. “HELP! HELP!” Everyone ran to the main hall.

    “Tepig, was wrong!?” shouted Mewtwo.

    “Pichu, he’s been kidnapped, look!” Tepig shouted, and pointed at the foot prints. Oshawott look at the footprints.

    “You’re right, those aren’t Pichu’s footprints,” said Oshawott.

    “I’m a good expert at knowing whose footprints are those,” said Mewtwo. He looked at the footprints carefully. “Those are Zangoose’s and Krabby’s footprints.

    “Okay, when I find Zangoose and Krabby, I’m going to make them wish they didn’t kidnap Pichu!” shouted Snivy, with an angry look on his face.

    “I’ve actually seen them before,” said Mewtwo.

    “Really, where?” asked Pidove.

    "And when?” asked Axew.

    “About a few days ago, when you were looking for one on the gems you’ve got,” said Mewtwo. “I went outside that day, looking for some fruits and berries. That’s when I saw them. They were in front of a cave that’s strait west from here. They had lots of items with them. I guess they must have stolen them.”

    “Just like how they look my best friend,” said Tepig. He looked down, with a mad look on his face.

    “It’s alright Tepig, we’ll find Pichu,” said Oshawott.

    “We never give up,” said Snivy, and he smiled.

    “Don’t worry, none of us are scared,” said Pidove.

    “Pichu’s my best friend too,” said Axew, and he started to smile. Tepig started to smile too.

    “Thanks,” Tepig said to his teammates. “Okay, let’s go find Pichu.” The team packed berries with them, went outside and started walking west to the cave. Meanwhile, Pichu woke up in the cave.

    “Hello there,” said Krabby.

    “AAAAHHHH!” screamed Pichu.

    “AAAAHHHH!” screamed Krabby. “Okay, I think I just scared myself.”

    “You also scared me,” said Pichu, with an awkward look on his face. “How did I get here?” he asked.

    “Well, we came by this place. You and some others were sleeping and we just happened to borrow you,” said Krabby.

    “Oh,” said Pichu, and he crossed his arms, with a mad look. “You mean you kidnapped me.”

    “What?” asked Krabby. “I never said kidnapped.”

    “You didn’t have to,” said Pichu. “I know you kidnapped me.”

    “So did I,” said someone else. It was the Zangoose. A beetle was next to him.

    “Who are you, and why have you kidnapped me?” asked Pichu.

    “I am Pinsir,” said the beetle. “This is Zangoose, and the other one is Krabby.”

    “He’s our master,” said Krabby, and he smiled. Pichu looked at Krabby, then at Pinsir.

    “All we have been doing is stealing items,” said Pinsir. “But yesterday, I thought of stealing an actual pokémon. So I told Zangoose and Krabby to go get one in the house near here. I couldn’t wait to get a kidnapped pokémon. So I guess they decided to kidnap you.”

    “Where are the items you’ve stolen?” asked Pichu.

    “Right over here!” shouted Krabby. He was jumping up and down on the items, when something fell out. It was another gem.

    “Wait a minute, where did you get that?” asked Pichu.

    “Get what?” asked Krabby.

    “That gem,” said Pichu, pointing at it.

    “Oh, we had it in some empty small cave,” said Krabby. “Nobody was there.”

    “What’s your business with it?” asked Zangoose, with a mad look on his face.

    “We need it,” said Pichu.

    “What do you mean we?” asked Pinsir. Then he suddenly looked up. “There’s more pokémon here. Zangoose and Krabby, go and see why they’ve come here.”

    “Okay,” said Zangoose and Krabby. They went up the hill to the entrance, where Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, Pidove and Axew were standing.

    “What do you want?” asked Zangoose.

    “We want our friend back!” shouted Tepig, with an angry look on his face.

    “Yeah, give him back!” shouted Axew.

    “Okay, only if you defeat us!” shouted Zangoose.

    “Zangoose, I don’t think that’s…” Krabby started to say

    “Okay, no problem!” shouted Snivy. He used leaf blade on Zangoose, but missed. “Oh, no!” Snivy shouted.

    “Have some of this!” shouted Zangoose, and he used slash on Snivy.

    “NOOOO!” shouted Snivy. He started holding his arm, which was bleeding.

    “Snivy, hang on there!” shouted Oshawott, and she looked at Zangoose. “Take this!” she shouted and she used aqua jet on Zangoose. Zangoose took a step back.

    “You think you can defeat me!?” shouted Zangoose, and he used slash on Oshawott, but missed. “NO!” yelled Zangoose.

    “Here!” shouted Pidove. He flew up and used fly on Zangoose.

    “AHHH!” screamed Zangoose, and he fell on the floor. Pidove landed on the floor. Tepig, ran to Krabby.

    “Okay, you’re going to regret ever kidnapping my best friend,” Tepig told Krabby.

    “Wait, please don’t hurt me!” shouted Krabby. “I never wanted to hurt anyone!”

    “Oh, really?” asked Tepig.

    “Can I ask you something, though?” asked Krabby.

    “Okay, fine,” said Tepig.

    “When we were in your room, you were talking in your sleep. You were saying ‘Oh Tepig, you look very beautiful. Can we go on a date and have some oink oink together?’ Zangoose told me that it’s a word pigs use. So what does it mean when you are having some oink oink?” Krabby asked. Tepig had a surprised took on his face.

    “WHAT!?” yelled Tepig. His mouth and eyes were wide open.

    “I said, what does it means when…” Krabby started to ask again.

    “I know what you said!” shouted Tepig. “You mean I said that out loud, and you heard me?” he asked.

    “Yes, I did, that’s why I’m asking,” said Krabby. Tepig laid down, put his head on the ground, and covered his head with his arms.

    “No, no, no, no, no, no,” said Tepig. He started to sniffle.

    “Are you crying?” asked Krabby. “You know, Zangoose heard you too.”

    “Noooooo,” said Tepig. He started crying.

    “Hey, it’s okay, I won’t tell…” Krabby started to say, when Zangoose flew onto him, and they both hit a wall. They both got knocked out. Tepig got up and wiped the tears off his face.

    “Here,” said Oshawott, and she gave Snivy an oran berry.

    “Thanks,” said Snivy, and he ate the oran berry. Then he wiped the blood off his arm. They all walked to Tepig.

    “Well, I didn’t see you fight Krabby,” said Oshawott.

    “Um… he didn’t want to fight,” said Tepig.

    “Wow, okay, now let’s go,” said Oshawott. They kept walked all the way to the bottom, when they all saw Pichu.

    “Pichu!” shouted Tepig.

    “Tepig, guys it you!” shouted Pichu. Tepig started to run to Pichu, when Pinsir used brick break on his back.

    “ARGH!” Tepig screamed and he fell to the ground. Tepig tried to get up, but he couldn’t.


    “Tepig!” shouted Pichu and he ran to Tepig.

    “I… think… my back… is broken…” said Tepig.

    “Why, you!” Pichu shouted at Pinsir.

    “Take this!” shouted Axew, and he used dragon pulse on Pinsir.

    “UURRR!” screamed Pinsir, and he took a step back. “You won’t be so lucky next time you do that!” he shouted and he used seismic toss on Axew.

    “WHOA!” screamed Axew, and he flew on top of Pidove and Snivy.

    “Hey!” shouted Snivy. Pinsir looked at Oshawott.

    “It’s your turn,” said Pinsir. He ran to Oshawott, and kicked her on the floor. Pinsir was about to use brick break on Oshawott when Pichu used charge beam on him.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Pinsir, and he fainted. Snivy, Pidove and Axew got up. Oshawott ran to Tepig.

    “You need this,” said Oshawott, and she gave Tepig, an oran berry.

    “Thank… you…” Tepig said, and he ate the oran berry. Tepig got up. “My back isn’t broken anymore.” Then he saw the gem. “Hey they happen to take a gem.” Tepig ran to it and took it.

    “Yeah, they said they got it in an empty small cave,” said Pichu.

    “Speaking of caves, let’s leave this one now,” said Snivy.

    “Okay, let’s go back to Mewtwo now,” said Pichu. The team left the cave and went back to Mewtwo.

    “I see you got Pichu back,” said Mewtwo. “Pretty nice that one of the things they’ve stolen was another gem we’re looking for.” He smiled. “Anyways, here is more gold as your prize.” He gave them a treasure full of the gold.

    “YAY!” yelled the team with happiness. Then they went to the dining room to eat.

    “I’m glad we found you,” said Tepig, while he was eating his food very fast.

    “Me too, and we found another gem,” said Axew, as he and everyone else were eating their food. Then they all went to bed.

    “Pichu?” asked Tepig.

    “Yes?” asked Pichu.

    “I had a dream last night that I was with Tepig, and she looked very beautiful. I said that, and then I asked her if we can go on a date and have some oink oink together. That crab told me that he and the other one heard it, and I was actually crying.”

    “Oh, really?” asked Pichu. “Tepig, you don’t mind if I ask you what does it mean by having oink oink?”

    “No,” said Tepig. “Well you know that oink is a word pigs like me use right?” he asked.

    “Yeah, I know,” said Pichu.

    “Well, oink means different things depending on how we use it,” said Tepig. “In this case, having some oink oink means…” He started to blush a lot. “It means giving each other love.”

    “Oh,” said Pichu. Tepig stopped blushing.

    “You see for you it would be having squeak squeak, because you're a mouse,” Tepig said.

    “I’m sorry, but no,” said Pichu. “First, you know I’m really a human, and second, it sounds wrong in the first place.”

    “Hahahahaha,” they laughed quietly.

    “Okay, goodnight Pichu,” said Tepig.

    “Okay, goodnight Tepig,” said Pichu, and they all went to bed. End of chapter 36.

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    Chapter 37: The Temple of Death

    “Pichu, wake up, time to find the next scroll,” said Tepig.

    “Yay, I can’t wait,” said Pichu, as he got up.

    “Okay, are you ready to meet with the others?” asked Tepig.

    “Yes, I’m all ready,” said Pichu, and the two walked to the main hall to meet up with their teammates and Mewtwo.

    “Alright, are all six of you here?” asked Mewtwo.

    “Yes,” said the team.

    “Okay, the seventh scroll is in a temple, east of here,” said Mewtwo. Mewtwo gave the team of where the temple and the scroll are. “Be careful on this tough mission.”

    “We will,” said Oshawott, and she smiled.

    “Well, what are we waiting for?” asked Snivy. “Let’s go and get that scroll.” The team took the four gems they needed, and some berries with them. Then they walked outside and started heading east.

    “I wonder what emotion this scroll is?” asked Pidove.

    “Me too,” said Axew. “I can’t wait to get it.” He smiled.

    “Me too,” said Tepig. “I want to have it right now.”

    “Tepig, be patient, well get it,” said Oshawott.

    “I know,” said Tepig. “I can’t help it.”

    “I know, none of us can,” said Oshawott. “But we all have to be patient.”

    “Okay, we will,” said Tepig. “Right, guys?” he asked.

    “Yeah,” said the other boys, and they all continued walking. After an hour of walking, they have reached the entrance to the temple.

    “Okay, so how do we get in?” asked Snivy. As they got closer to the entrance doors, the doors opened.

    “That’s how,” said Oshawott, looking at Snivy, and smiling. Snivy look at Oshawott in a weird way. “Now let’s go in and get that scroll.” They all entered the cave.

    “Hey shouldn’t there be other pokémon wanting to fight us?” asked Snivy.

    “Yeah, where are…?” Axew started to say, when suddenly, he saw something he didn’t expect. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Axew made a horrifying scream. He ran to Oshawott, and hugged her, in fear.

    “Axew, what happened!?” Oshawott shouted. Axew was crying a lot.

    “Look!” he shouted pointing at the wall, as he let go of Oshawott. Everyone else gasped. Axew stopped crying, and wiped the tears off his face.

    “Holy, snap!” shouted Pichu. A Wingull was stuck on the wall, with a big spike through its chest. Lots of blood was coming out. Oshawott walked to the Wingull.

    “He’s dead,” said Oshawott.

    “So that’s why no one is here to fight us,” said Pichu.

    “Okay, we have to get out of here now,” said Pidove.

    “We can’t, the scroll is here,” said Tepig.

    “But I don’t want to die,” said Pidove.

    “We are not going to die!” shouted Snivy. “We have to keep going to get the next scroll.”

    “Okay then,” said Pidove. They started walking again. As they started walking, the ceiling started collapsing behind them.

    “KEEP RUNNING STRAIGHT!” yelled Tepig. They started running real fast then spikes started coming out of the walls.

    “THERE ARE SPIKES COMING OUT!” yelled Pichu.

    “AND THEY’RE CLOSING IN!” yelled Snivy. They all kept running until walkway started going down, and the collapsing and the spikes stopped.

    “That was close,” said Oshawott. “The only wait is straight.”

    “Alright, then let’s go,” said Tepig. They began walking when they saw another dead pokémon on the floor. It was a Meditite, and there were lots of blood there. The team saw the Meditite.

    “His head’s been cut off, by that big spike there,” said Oshawott. Then the room started to shake.

    “THE FLOOR IS COLLAPSING BEHIND US, RUN!” yelled Tepig. They all started running again. Then spikes started coming out of the walls again.

    “HURRY!” yelled Snivy, and they started running even faster. As the collapsing and spikes stopped again, the team stopped running.

    “Is everyone alright?” asked Oshawott.

    “Yes,” said everyone, except for Pidove.

    “Wait, where’s Pidove?” asked Axew.

    “Arrgh…” came a voice behind them.

    “Pidove!” shouted Oshawott, and they all ran to Pidove, who was on the floor. There was a big cut on Pidove’s stomach, and he was bleeding a lot.

    “Pidove, hang on!” shouted Oshawott.

    “I… can’t… feel… my… wings…” said Pidove. Oshawott gave Pidove an oran berry.

    “Here!” shouted Oshawott, and she shoved the berry down Pidove’s beak. Pidove ate the berry, and the cut was gone. He got up and wiped the blood off his body.

    “Pidove, are you alright?” asked Pichu.

    “I am now,” said Pidove.

    “Oh, I am glad,” said Oshawott, and she smiled. “Now let’s keep going.”

    “Right,” said Pidove. The team kept walking again, until they were in a small room, with four holes on the wall.

    “Okay, let’s put the gems in now,” said Tepig. Oshawott, gave one gem to Pichu, another to Tepig, and another to Snivy. The last one she kept for herself. Then they put the gems in the holes. A door in front of them opened. They all walked through the open door.

    “Look, there’s the scroll!” shouted Pichu.

    “So I see you all survived,” said someone.

    “Where are you?” asked Snivy. “Show yourself!” he shouted. A Kabutops appeared in front of them.

    “Are you the one that’s been doing this?” asked Tepig.

    “Yes, I have,” said Kabutops.

    “But why?” asked Oshawott. “You’ve killed two pokémon! YOU’RE A MURDERER!” she yelled.

    “I did it so that no one will take this scroll!” shouted Kabutops.

    “That’s why we’re here!” shouted Snivy.

    “I thought so,” said Kabutops. “Well then, I will kill you all using the same move I used to kill the other pokémon!” he shouted, and he used ancient power.

    “Everyone, dodge it!” shouted Oshawott, as rocks started flying everywhere. Everyone dodged it.

    “Take this,” shouted Axew, and he used dragon pulse on Kabutops. Kabutops took a step back.

    “You won’t defeat me that easily!” shouted Kabutops, and he used ancient power again.

    “EVERYONE, DODGE IT AGAIN!” yelled Oshawott, and they all avoided the ancient power again.

    “Eat this!” shouted Pichu, and he used charge beam on Kabutops.

    “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Kabutops, as he got hit by the charge beam.

    “Now, someone!” shouted Pichu.

    “I’ll finish this!” shouted Snivy. He ran to Kabutops. “HAAAAAAAA!” Snivy screamed, and he used leaf storm on Kabutops.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Kabutops, as he crashed through the ceiling, and blasted away. Snivy ran to the scroll, which was on a pedestal. Snivy took the scroll.

    “What does it say?” asked Axew.

    “This is the scroll of pity. It will bring you pity things when finding the other scrolls. Things will make you feel sorry for others after you get this scroll,” said Snivy.

    “I already felt sorry for Pidove, when he got hurt back there,” said Pichu.

    “Oh, I don’t know what to say,” said Pidove, with a funny look on his face.

    “You don’t have to say anything,” said Oshawott, and smiled. “Now let’s go back to Mewtwo.”

    “Yeah, but how the heck do we get out?” asked Snivy.

    “Easy,” said Oshawott, and she used aqua jet on the wall. It made a hole for them to get out.

    “Thanks,” said Tepig.

    “You welcome,” said Oshawott. “Now let’s go.” They all went back to Mewtwo.

    “Great job, everyone!” shouted Mewtwo, and smiled. “Here are valuable stones as your reward.”

    “YEAH!” yelled the team, with happiness. Then they went to the dining room to eat.

    “We’re getting closer to finishing all this,” said Axew, and he was eating his food.

    “Yeah, I know,” said Pidove, as he and the rest ate their food. Then they all went to bed.

    “So, only three scrolls left to find,” said Tepig. “Do you remember anything else now?” he asked.

    “Well, I remember having friends,” said Pichu.

    “You mean human friends?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah,” said Pichu. “I like you and the others as friends too.”

    “Oh, thank you,” said Tepig. “Okay, goodnight Pichu.

    “Goodnight, Tepig,” said Pichu, and they went to sleep. End of chapter 37.

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    Chapter 38: Jigglypuff Messes With The Team

    It was night, and everyone was sleeping. A balloon with a marker in her hand came into the room, where Pichu and Tepig were sleeping. The balloon used her marker to draw on Pichu and Tepig. Then the balloon went in the other rooms to draw on their teammates. Then she left the room. It was morning now. Tepig woke up, yawned and stretched.

    “Alright, Pichu time to… WHAAAAHHHH!?” Tepig yelled as he saw Pichu. Pichu woke up.

    “Tepig, what’s... WHOA, WHAT THE…!?” Pichu yelled and he looked at Tepig.

    “Pichu, it looks like someone drew a beard on you!” Tepig shouted.

    “Well, it looks like someone drew a mustache on you!” Pichu yelled.

    “What!?” Tepig shouted.

    “Look there’s a mirror over there!” Pichu shouted, and he pointed at a big mirror on the wall of their room. They both walked to the mirror and looked in it. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, SOMEONE DREW A BEARD ON ME!” yelled Pichu, and he put his hand on his chin.

    “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, SOMEONE DREW A MUSTACHE ON ME!” yelled Tepig, and he put his hand right under his nose.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” they both screamed, and ran to the main area.

    “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” yelled other pokémon.

    “That sounded like our teammates!” shouted Pichu. Pichu and Tepig walked into the room with their teammates. Snivy, Oshawott, and Pidove looked in the mirror in their room.

    “Look at me, someone drew eyelashes on me!” shouted Oshawott, and she put her hands right over her eyes. “It must have happened while we were sleeping!”

    “Someone drew hands on my wings!” shouted Pidove, and he looked at his wings through the mirror.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Axew laughed. “Look, someone drew eyebrows on Snivy so that he would always look angry!” he shouted.

    “Well unlike me, this someone drew hair not only on your head, but also on your armpits as well,” said Snivy.

    “Really?” asked Axew. He looked in the mirror, put his hands on his head, and then on his armpits. “What did I do?” Axew asked. “I didn’t do anything… WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He started crying.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” laughed someone at the main area. Axew stopped crying, and wiped the tears off his face. They all walked to the main area where the balloon stood. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” laughed the balloon. “Look at your faces, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hilarious!” she shouted. They all saw the marker in the balloon’s hand.

    “So it was you that drew stuff on us when we were sleeping?” asked Tepig. “Just who do you think you are, doing that to us?” He had a mad look on his face.

    “I am Jigglypuff!” shouted the balloon. “Let’s have fun!”

    “You want fun?” asked Axew. “How about I poke you in the eyes?”

    “No, that’s not fun,” said Jigglypuff.

    “Okay, how about I burn your face with my flamethrower?” asked Tepig.
    “No, that’s not fun either,” Jigglypuff said, with her eyes half open now.

    “Alright, how about I take that marker of yours and shove it up your butt, huh!?” shouted Snivy.

    “Boys, be nice,” said Oshawott, with a mad look on her face.

    “But she drew on you too,” said Pidove.

    “I know,” said Oshawott. “Now let’s get clean. Pichu, you first.

    “Okay,” said Pichu. He walked and stopped in front of Oshawott.

    “Okay, here’s goes,” said Oshawott, and she used water gun at Pichu’s chin to get rid of the beard. “Okay, Snivy you’re next.”

    “Good, I want this off me so badly,” said Snivy. He walked and stopped in front of Oshawott. Oshawott used water gun at Snivy’s face to get rid of the eyebrows. “It was worth it,” Snivy said.

    “Okay, Pidove, your next,” said Oshawott. Pidove walked and stopped in front of Oshawott. Pidove spread his wings, and Oshawott used water gun at his wings to get rid of the hands. “Alright, Axew your turn.”

    “Yay,” said Axew. He walked and stopped in front of Oshawott. Oshawott used water gun on Axew’s head to get rid of the hair. Then Axew raised his arms and Oshawott used water gun at his armpits to get rid of the hair there. “Thank you,” said Axew and he smiled.

    “Now Tepig, I know water can kill you, so I won’t use water gun on you,” said Oshawott.

    “It’s alright, since the mustache is right under my nose, I can use flamethrower right onto it,” said Tepig, and he used flamethrower. The mustache was gone.

    “Okay, Tepig can you use your flamethrower on me?” asked Oshawott.

    “Oshawott, you will get burned,” said Tepig.

    “No, I won’t, I’m a water type,” said Oshawott.

    “Okay,” said Tepig, and he used flamethrower at Oshawott’s face. Her eyelashes went away.

    “See?” asked Oshawott. “I didn’t get burned.” Tepig and Oshawott smiled.

    “Oh, you ruined it,” said Jigglypuff, with a mad look on her face, and she left.

    “Okay, you guys are up,” said Mewtwo. As Mewtwo came out, they all looked at Mewtwo with funny looks on their faces. “Is there something on my face?” asked Mewtwo. Jigglypuff drew music notes on Mewtwo’s face.

    “No, there’s nothing on your face,” lied Snivy.

    “Um yeah, there’s nothing on your face,” lied Axew.

    “Yeah, nothing on your face,” lied Tepig. The team looked at each other with funny looks on their faces.

    “Okay then, your next mission is to get another gem that is in another cave, north of here,” said Mewtwo. Mewtwo gave them the map of where the cave and the gem are. “Good luck, and be careful.”

    “Okay, um, let’s do this,” said Oshawott. The team took some berries with them, headed outside and started walking north.

    “Wow, I can’t believe we lied to Mewtwo,” said Tepig, with an embarrassing look on his face.

    “Well, you boys could have told Mewtwo the truth,” said Oshawott.

    “If we said the truth, Mewtwo would have demanded who did it,” said Axew, with a sad look on his face.

    “And we could have said Jigglypuff,” said Oshawott.

    “I don’t think Mewtwo would have believed us,” said Snivy.

    “Okay, whatever,” said Oshawott. Suddenly, Jigglypuff appeared in front of them.

    “There you are!” shouted Jigglypuff, with a smile on her face.

    “Listen, did you follow us?” asked Pidove, with his eyes wide open.

    “Yes, I did!” shouted Jigglypuff.

    “Look, why did you draw stuff on us?” asked Pichu.

    “I drew stuff on you because you guys were already sleeping,” Jigglypuff said, with a mad look on her face. “I wanted to sing to you,” she said.

    “That explains the music notes on Mewtwo,” said Tepig.

    “So apparently, you got mad because we were sleeping?” asked Snivy. “You know, you could have come later, when we were awake.” He had a mad look on his face.

    “I haven’t thought of that,” said Jigglypuff. “And I was mad, until I saw heard you all scream, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” she laughed.

    “What are you going to do now?” asked Oshawott. They all looked at Jigglypuff.

    “I’m going to sing my song to you guys!” shouted Jigglypuff, and she took out a microphone. Then she started singing her song. “Jigglypuff, Jigglllllllllllyyyyyypuff! Jigglypuff, Jigglllllllllllyyyyyypuff! Jigglypuff, Jigglllllllllllyyyyyypuff!”

    “Oh… that’s… a… nice… song…” said Tepig, with his eyes half closed.

    “It’s… so… beautiful…” said Axew, with his eyes also half closed.

    “I… don’t… like… it…ugh… ” said Snivy. He and the others started sleeping. Jigglypuff stopped singing and saw that the team was sleeping.

    “NO!” Jigglypuff yelled, angrily. “HOW CAN THEY SLEEP WHEN I’M SINGING?” She took out her marker and drew on the team again. Then she ran away. A few minutes later, the team woke up.

    “Oh, what happened?” asked Pichu, and then he looked at his teammates. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, SHE DREW ON US AGAIN!” he yelled.

    “SHE DID WHAT AGAIN!?” yelled Snivy, angrily. “I’M GOING TO GET JIGGLYPUFF THE NEXT TIME I SEE HER AGAIN!” They all looked at their reflections in a puddle of water that was nearby.

    “She drew music notes on me now!” shouted Pichu.

    “She drew eyebrows on me so that I would always look sad!” shouted Tepig. “Stand back!” he shouted and everyone else stood back. He used flamethrower at up his face, so that the eyebrows would go away.

    “SHE DREW A FACE ON MY TAIL!” yelled Snivy. “I SWEAR, I WILL GET HER FOR THIS!” He was really angry, and his face getting all red.

    “She drew hair on my head this time!” shouted Pidove.

    “And she drew weird stuff on my tusk!” shouted Axew.

    “Okay,” said Oshawott. She walked and stopped in front of Pichu, Snivy, Pidove and Axew. She used water gun on them. The drawings on Pichu, Snivy, Pidove and Axew were gone.

    “Thanks, Oshawott,” said Pichu.

    “You’re welcome,” said Oshawott. “That’s funny, she didn’t draw anything on me.”

    “I wonder why?” asked Tepig. “Now let’s keep going now.” They started walking again. An hour later, the team reached the cave. “Okay, let’s go in,” Tepig said.

    “Alright,” Pichu said, and the team entered the cave. As they entered, they head a yell coming from the bottom of the cave.


    “Oh, no, Jigglypuff’s here,” said Snivy.

    “Let’s keep going,” said Tepig, and they all walked to the bottom of the cave. There was a Spinarak and a Swinub, sleeping in front of Jigglypuff. She took her marker out and drew on them. Jigglypuff saw the team.

    “Hey, we meet again!” shouted Jigglypuff. “Why did you all go to sleep when I was singing!?” She was still mad.

    “I don’t know why?” asked Pichu.

    “I have a better question,” said Oshawott. “How come you didn’t draw on me?” she asked. Jigglypuff smiled.

    “I didn’t draw on you because you were being so nice to me,” said Jigglypuff.

    “Oh,” said Oshawott. They all walked up to Jigglypuff. “Listen, we’re sorry that we slept, but you shouldn’t draw on us because of that.”

    “I won’t do it to you,” said Jigglypuff. She walked to where the team came from. “Goodbye!” shouted Jigglypuff. She waved her hand that had the gem goodbye.

    “Hey, she has the gem, get her!” shouted Snivy.

    “AAAAHHHH!” screamed Jigglypuff, and she started running away. The team started chasing her. They all left the cave. Jigglypuff stopped.

    “Get back here!” shouted Snivy, and he used leaf storm.

    “Whoa!” shouted Jigglypuff, and she dodged the leaf storm.

    “NO!” yelled Snivy, in rage

    “Take this!” shouted Tepig, and he used flamethrower.

    “Hey!” Jigglypuff shouted, and she avoided the flamethrower.

    “You have to be kidding me!” shouted Tepig, angrily.

    “Listen stop, why do you want this gem!?” asked Jigglypuff. “Is it so important that you have to attack me to get it!?”

    “Yes, we are on a mission to get the gem, and we need it for our future missions,” said Pichu.

    “Alright, I’ll give it to you,” said Jigglypuff. “Only if you don’t sleep while I sing my song again.”

    “Oh, no,” said Snivy. “Fine, whatever.”

    “Okay, here goes,” said Jigglypuff, and she took out her microphone. Jigglypuff started singing again “Jigglypuff, Jigglllllllllllyyyyyypuff! Jigglypuff, Jigglllllllllllyyyyyypuff! Jigglypuff, Jigglllllllllllyyyyyypuff!”

    “It’s very, nice” said Pichu. He had his hands on his ears, and had his eyes closed.

    “No… I… can’t… sleep…” said Tepig, with his eyes half closed

    “I… won’t… sleep,” said Axew, also with his eyes half closed.

    “Hey, guys cover your ears and close your eyes!” shouted Pichu. “It will keep you awake! Her singing is what’s causing us to sleep!”

    “Alright!” shouted Tepig, and they all covered their ears. Jigglypuff stopped singing.

    “Yay!” shouted Jigglypuff, with happiness. “You guys are still awake!” She ran to Pichu and gave him the gem.

    “Thanks,” said Pichu, and he took the gem.

    “I have to go now, I hope we see you soon,” said Jigglypuff.

    “I hope we never see you again,” said Snivy, a bit quietly.

    “What was that?” asked Jigglypuff.

    “I said, I hope we see you again,” lied Snivy.

    “Okay, bye!” shouted Jigglypuff.

    “Bye!” shouted the team.

    “Okay, let’s go back to Mewtwo now,” said Tepig, and they all walked back to Mewtwo.

    “You know, after you guys left, I found some music notes on my face,” said Mewtwo. “I washed it off. You all lied to me.”

    “Uh, oh,” said Axew, with a scared look on his face.

    “It’s alright, I’m not mad,” said Mewtwo, who smiled.

    “You’re not mad?” asked Axew.

    “Why would I be mad?” asked Mewtwo. “You succeeded on your mission. Here are golden jewels as your reward.” Mewtwo gave them a treasure full of golden jewels.

    “YAHOO!” yelled the team, with happiness. Then they all went to the dining room to eat.

    “We really didn’t fight anyone today,” said Axew, as he was eating his food.

    “I know, right?” asked Snivy. “I wanted to have some fights.” He and the rest were eating their foods. Then they all went to bed.

    “You know, now is a good time for Jigglypuff to sing to us,” said Tepig.

    “But then she’ll draw on us again,” said Pichu.

    “Oh, right,” said Tepig. “So how did you know that Jigglypuff’s song is what was causing us to sleep?” he asked.

    “I knew when I already had my eyes closed, and had my ears covered,” said Pichu.

    “Wow, the rest of us never thought of doing that,” said Tepig. “Okay Pichu, goodnight.”

    “Goodnight, Tepig,” said Pichu, and they all went to sleep. End of chapter 38.

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    Chapter 39: Oshawott Gets A Taste Of Multiple Fruit Juice Mixed With A Stupidity Ingredient

    “Okay, time to wake up Pichu,” Tepig said, and he smiled. Pichu got up. He stretched and yawned.

    “Alright, I’m up,” said Pichu.

    “Oh, this is going to be so funny,” said someone at the main area.

    “That sounds like Snivy,” said Tepig. “Let’s see what’s going on.”

    “Right,” said Pichu, and they walked to the main area, where everyone, except for Oshawott and Mewtwo were at.

    “Hey Snivy, what’s going on here?” asked Tepig. They were at a corner of the main area

    “He’s going to make water,” said Axew, and he smiled.

    “No, I’m not just making water Axew,” said Snivy, who was holding an apple, orange and a pear.

    “Snivy is going to mix those three fruits together into the water,” said Pidove. Snivy dropped the apple, orange and pear in the water, that was in a bowl on a little table at the corner. Then he smashed them and mixed them with the water.

    “Ta da, here is some multiple fruit juice,” said Snivy. He smiled and showed them the multiple fruit juice.

    “Is that supposed to be the funny part?” asked Pichu.

    “No, you stupid head,” said Snivy, who was still smiling, with his eyes wide open.

    “Hey, don’t call my best friend a stupid had,” said Tepig, with a mad look on his face.

    “Okay, I’m sorry,” said Snivy. “Anyways, the funny part is that I also added a stupidity ingredient and I’m going to give it to Oshawott.”

    “What?” asked Tepig, with a little bit of a surprised look on his face. “You’re kidding, why?”

    “Well, she is the smartest one here, and she actually does everything perfectly right,” said Snivy. “If she were to drink this, I believe she will act stupid and mess up in our mission today.”

    “I can’t wait to see what happens,” said Axew.

    “So what are we doing here,” asked someone behind them.

    “AHHH!” screamed the boys. It was Oshawott.

    “Oh, good morning Oshawott,” said Pidove.

    “Good morning, Pidove,” said Oshawott and she smiled.

    “Oshawott, here,” said Snivy. “It’s multiple fruit juice.” He gave the multiple fruit juice to Oshawott.

    “Oh, thank you, but why me?” Oshawott asked.

    “Well, you are the smartest one on our team, and you always do everything right,” Snivy said. “Plus, without you, we wouldn’t have succeeded some of our mission.”

    “Oh, brother,” said Tepig, and he put his hand on his face.

    “Oh, that’s sweet,” said Oshawott.

    “Drink it,” said Snivy.

    “Okay,” said Oshawott, and she drank the multiple fruit juice. “Wow, this is good,” Oshawott said. “It tastes like…” Suddenly she dropped the bowl and the bowl fell onto the floor.

    “Um, is it me, or is that her way of showing what the multiple fruit juice tastes like?” asked Pidove.

    “It’s you,” the other boys said. Oshawott started shaking, and started making weird noises.

    “Whoa, what is happening?” asked Pichu.

    “I have no idea,” said Tepig. Then Oshawott stopped shaking, and stopped making the weird noises. Oshawott looked at the boys, and smiled weirdly.

    “HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!” She laughed real loud.

    “Huh?” the boys went. Oahawott ran to Pichu.

    “Hey, mouse boy, you go squeak squeak squeak!?” Oshawott shouted.

    “Um, what?” asked Pichu, and then Oshawott ran to Tepig.

    “Hey, piggy piggy, you go oink oink oink!?” Oshawott shouted.

    “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Tepig said, and then she walked to Snivy.

    “Hey, Snake, you go hiss hiss hiss?” asked Oshawott.

    “Wow, what have I done?” asked Snivy, with a weird look on his face. Then Oshawott started sniffing. She walked back to Tepig.

    “Huh?” Tepig went as Oshawott started smelling his feet.

    “You’re feet are stinky,” said Oshawott. “Stinky feet, stinky feet, stinky feet. You need a bath.” She was about to use water gun.

    “Oh, no!” shouted Tepig. Oshawott used water gun. “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NOT WATER, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” He started running around the main area, while Oshawott was chasing him, still using water gun. Then she stopped using water gun. Tepig laid on the ground and had his hands on his head, in fear of the water gun. His ears were down, and he started crying. Oshawott walked up to Tepig, and looked at him.

    “Awww… is the piggy crying?” asked Oshawott. “Here, let me give you a kissy, kissy.”

    “What?” asked Tepig, with tears in his eyes. Then Oshawott kissed Tepig on the head. All the boys, including Tepig had their eyes wide open.

    “Ewww…” said Axew. Tepig looked at Oshawott.

    “Um, thanks,” said Tepig. His ears went back up, and he wiped the tears off his face. “But I already have a girlfriend, and so do those two.” He pointed at Pichu and Snivy.

    “Okay!” shouted Oshawott, happily. Tepig ran to Snivy.

    “Snivy, you didn’t try to stop her!” shouted Tepig.

    “I’m sorry, but that was pretty funny,” Snivy said, and he smiled. Tepig gave Snivy a mad look.

    “Alright, I see you’re all here,” said Mewtwo.

    “AHH, AN ALIEN!” yelled Oshawott.

    “What?” asked Mewtwo.

    “Um, it’s nothing,” said Tepig, with a weird look on his face

    “Alright then, anyways, the next gem is in another cave, south of here,” Mewtwo said. Mewtwo gave the team a map of where the cave and the gem are. Oshawott took it.

    “Oh, nice drawing on the paper,” said Oshawott.

    “Oshawott, are you okay?” asked Mewtwo.

    “Yeah, she’s okay,” lied Snivy.

    “Alright then, be careful and good luck,” said Mewtwo.

    “Let’s go outside!” shouted Oshawott. The team took some berries with them, headed outside and started walking. Oshawott started spinning in circles.

    “Snivy, do you regret what you did?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah, I didn’t think it would go this far,” said Snivy.

    “Oh, I’m dizzy now,” said Oshawott, and she stopped spinning.

    “How to we make her smart again?” Pichu asked.

    “Don’t worry, it will only affect her for about an hour,” said Snivy.

    “You mean it’s not permanent?” asked Tepig.

    “No, it’s not permanent,” said Snivy.

    “Okay, good,” Pidove said. Half an hour later, they have reached the cave.

    “Okay, let’s go in,” said Tepig, and they all entered the cave.

    “It’s so dark,” said Oshawott. “Spooky.”

    “Oh, Oshawott, please don’t say that,” said Pidove.

    “Hey, I though you overcame your fears,” said Snivy.

    “Well, yeah, of ghost type pokémon,” Pidove said. Then two Houndours came.

    “Well, we have guests,” said one of the Houndours.

    “Are you ready to fight us?” asked the other Houndour. Oshawott walked up to the two Houndours. She started to smell them.

    “You both stink,” said Oshawott. “Stinky, stinky, stinky. You need a bath.

    “A bath?” asked one of the Houndours.

    “SHE’S A WATER TYPE!” yelled both of them, as Oshawott used water gun on them. “AAAAAHHHH, RUN WAY!” They both run away.

    “Go away!” Oshawott shouted at the two Houndour, and she started spitting with her tongue out.

    “I hope this doesn’t last any longer,” said Pichu.

    “I know, right?” asked Tepig. “Now let’s keep going.” They all started walking again. They have reached the bottom of the cave.

    “AHHH, GET AWAY FROM US!” shouted someone. The two Houndours were there.

    “Wow, you are scared of a few pokémon!” shouted someone else, who was also there.

    “And who must you be?” asked Snivy.

    “I am Houndoom!” shouted the pokémon.

    “Doggie go bark bark!” shouted Oshawott.

    “You will regret insulting me!” shouted the Houndoom, and he used bite.

    “Wheeeee!” shouted Oshawott, as she dodged the Houndoom’s bite.

    “I can get you this time!” shouted Houndoom, and he used bite again.

    “You no hurt me!” shouted Oshawott, and she avoided the attack again. Then she used aqua jet on him.


    “YEAH!” yelled the two Houndour, and they all ran away. Oshawott saw a gem on a pedestal.

    “Shiny,” Oshawott said. As she was about to walk again, she stopped. She started shaking and started making the weird noises again.

    “It’s happening again,” said Pichu. Then Oshawott stopped shaking and stopped making the weird noises. She looked around the cave.

    “Where am I?” Oshawott asked.

    “I think the stupidity effect wore off,” said Tepig. Oshawott looked back at the team.

    “What stupidity effect?” asked Oshawott.

    “She heard us,” said Pichu.

    “How did we get here?” Oshawott asked. “The last thing I remember was drinking that mixed fruit juice.”

    “Yeah, Snivy added a stupidity ingredient in the juice to make you stupid and mess up in this mission,” said Tepig.

    “Tepig!” shouted Snivy, with a mad look on his face.

    “Sorry, it just happened to slip out,” said Tepig. Oshawott looked at Snivy, with an angry look.

    “YOU DID WHAT!?” yelled Oshawott.

    “Listen, it’s all over know, right?” asked Snivy. “Now let’s just go and… AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Oshawott, started chasing him, with her scalchop in her hand.

    “YOU IDIOT!” Oshawott yelled, about to use razor shell.

    “I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!” yelled Snivy, and he fell. He looked at Oshawott. Oshawott softly put the sharp end of her razor shell on Snivy’s forhead. Snivy started crying. “I’m sorry,” he said. Then Oshawott put her scalchop back on her stomach.

    “Apology accepted,” said Oshawott. Snivy stopped crying, wiped the tears off his face and walked up to Tepig.

    “Tepig, you didn’t try to stop her!” shouted Snivy.

    “I’m sorry, but that was pretty funny,” said Tepig, and he smiled. Snivy gave Tepig a mad look. Oshawott walked up to the gem on the pedestal, and took it.

    “Wow, one of the gems is here,” said Oshawott. “I guess we succeeded this mission without me even knowing it.

    “Yeah,” said Tepig. “Now let’s go back to Mewtwo.

    “Yeah, let’s go,” said Pichu. They all left the cave, and went back to Mewtwo.

    “Oshawott, you were acting pretty strange before, are you okay now?” asked Mewtwo.

    “Yeah, I am okay now,” said Oshawott. “Wow, even Mewtwo knows what happened?” she asked in her mind.

    “Okay, here is money as your reward for succeeding in this mission,” Mewtwo said, and he gave the team money.

    “ALRIGHT!” yelled the team, with happiness.

    “Can I have all of it?” asked Snivy.

    “No, you can’t!” shouted Axew, and they all laughed. Then they all went to the dining room to eat.

    “Look’s like were all having mixed fruit juices as our drinks,” said Snivy, as he was eating his food, and drinking his mixed fruit juice. “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything to them.”

    “Well, I’m actually having mixed fruit lava,” said Tepig, as he was eating his food and drinking his mixed fruit lava real fast. “One apple, one orange, and one pear mixed together with lava. You couldn’t have done anything to this one. If you did, you would have burned.”

    “Thanks for the nightmares,” said Snivy, weirdly. Then they all went to bed.

    “Well, I’m glad Oshawott is back to normal,” said Pichu.

    “Me too,” said Tepig. “I’m also glad she doesn’t remember anything that happened when she was under the stupidity effect, especially the part where she kissed me.”

    “Yeah,” said Pichu.

    “It was weird because, I already have a girlfriend,” said Tepig.

    “Yeah, so do I,” said Pichu.

    “And so does Snivy,” said Tepig. “I’m glad she’s back to normal. Okay, goodnight Pichu,” Tepig said.

    “Goodnight, Tepig,” Pichu said, and they all went to sleep. End of chapter 39.

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