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    Chapter 23: Boo!

    “Okay now, time to wake up,” said Tepig, smiling. Pichu got up and started stretching. “Okay, ready?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah, I’m ready,” said Pichu and the two went to the main hall to meet with their teammates and Mewtwo.

    “Alright, your next mission is to get another gem, which is in another cave, northeast of here,” said Mewtwo.

    “Oh goody, another cave,” said Snivy.

    “Yep, another cave it is,” said Oshawott. Mewtwo gave the team the map of where the cave and the gem are.

    “Good luck on your mission,” said Mewtwo. The team packed berries with them, headed outside, and started walking northeast.

    “I wonder what kind of cave it is,” said Pidove.

    “Me too,” said Axew. “I wonder what kind of cave it is too.”

    “I still can’t wait until we get all the other scrolls!” shouted Pichu, smiling.

    “Me too!” shouted Tepig.

    “Alright, we all know that we all can’t wait to get the other scrolls,” said Oshawott. After a half hour, they ended up at the cave.

    “Okay, are we here?” asked Snivy.

    “I think so,” said Axew. “Okay let’s go.”

    “Wait, the older ones should go first, Axew,” said Oshawott.

    “Oh, okay,” said Axew.

    “Ready, boys?” asked Oshawott.

    “Yep,” said the boys.

    “Okay then, let’s go in,” said Oshawott and the team went in the cave.

    “Um, I hear scary noises,” said Pidove, scared.

    “Oh come on, Pidove, that’s usually how caves sound like…” Tepig started to say.

    “BBOOOOOOOO!” shouted a pokémon.

    “AAAAAHHHHHH!” screamed Pidove , like a little girl.

    “Okay, that was creepy,” said Pichu.

    “Yeah, who did that?” asked Snivy. Then, a Gastly and a Banette appeared.

    “IT WAS ME!” yelled Gastly.

    “GHOST TYPES, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ” screamed the boys and they started running to the bottom of the cave.

    “Hey, boys, wait for me!” shouted Oshawott and she too started running.

    “THE SCROLL OF FEAR DID SAY THAT SCARY THINGS WILL HAPPEN AFTER WE GOT THAT SCROLL!” yelled Pidove as the boys were still running.


    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed the boys. Then they all triped and fell in the bottom of the cave. Snivy saw the gem.

    “Look!” shouted Snivy, smiled and pointed at the gem. “Oh, hallelujah, let’s take this thing and get out of here!” he shouted. He was about to take the gem when suddenly, a Spiritomb appeared in front of Snivy.

    “BBBBOOOOOOOO!” yelled Spiritomb.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Snivy, like a little girl. Oshawott came from behind.

    “Wow, you boys are scared of ghost types?” asked Oshawott. “You all are such scardy cats.”

    “I KNOW, RIGHT!?” yelled Spiritomb.

    “Hey, was I talking to you!?” asked Oshawott with a angry look on her face. Gastly and Banette came from behind.


    “Okay, bring it on,” said Snivy, shaking with fear.

    “AWWW, IS HE SCARED!?” yelled Gastly.

    “Don’t make fun of me!” shouted Snivy and his face started getting red, with anger.

    “JUST ADMIT IT, YOU’RE SCARED!” yelled Gastly.

    “I’M NOT SCARED!” yelled Snivy, angrily and he ran to Gastly and used leaf blade.

    “OH, THAT’S HOW IT GOING TO BE, HUH!?” yelled Gastly and he used shadow ball on Snivy.

    “AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” yelled Snivy and he fell to the floor.

    “Snivy, no!” shouted Oshawott. “Here, take this!” she shouted at Gastly and she used aqua jet on him.

    “NNNNOOOOOOO!” shouted Gastly and he landed on the floor.

    “Take this!” shouted Pichu and he use thunderbolt on Banette.

    “I’M NOT GOING DOWN THAT EASILY!” yelled Banette and he also used shadow ball.

    “AAAAAAGGGGHHH!” yelled Pichu and he also fell to the floor.

    “No! Eat this!” shouted Tepig and he used flamethrower on Banette.

    “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, FIRE!” cried Banette and he landed on the floor, covering his face.

    “Alright, Spiritomb is the only one left!” shouted Axew.

    “I DON’T THINK SO!” yelled Spiritomb and he used dark pulse on Axew.

    “You can't catch me!” shouted Axew as he dodged the attack and he used dragon rage on Spiritomb.

    “HAH, WHAT WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE!?” yelled Spiritomb, as he avoided the attack.

    “A DISTRACTION!” yelled Pidove.

    “WHAT!?” yelled Spiritomb as Pidove used fly, hard, on Spiritomb. “AAACCCKKK!” yelled Spiritomb as he got knocked out.

    “That was easy,” said Oshawott.

    “Pichu, Oshawott, are you two okay?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah,” they both said. Tepig took the gem.

    “Okay, let’s go back to Mewtwo now,” said Tepig. The team left the cave and went to Mewtwo.

    “Well that was an easy one,” said Mewtwo. “Here is more money as your prize!” he shouted.

    “YAY!” yelled the team and they jumped with happiness. Then they went to the dining room to eat.

    “Now who was really scared?” asked Axew.

    “I think all of you boys were,” said Oshawott, with a smile.

    “Yeah, I think she’s right,” said Tepig and then the team went to bed.

    “I guess the scrolls happen to be right,” said Pichu.

    “You think?” asked Tepig.

    “Yeah, a scary ting did happen today and one of the scrolls we got is the scroll of fear,” said Pichu.

    “Hehe, you’re right,” said Tepig. “Okay, goodnight.”

    “Alright, goodnight, Tepig,” said Pichu and they went to sleep. End of chapter 23.

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