Greetings, my friends at the "Nintendo Discussion" at Serebiiforums. I'm here to bring great news to all... *insert picture of Slowpoke*

Now, I know what you're going to say - "Thriller you dolt! There was already a Earthbound/Mother thread!" Well, I chose not to post in that thread for two reasons.

1) That thread was last posted in 2012. It's sooooo 2013 now.

2) I'd much rather this thread be for the Earthbound Revival itself. Not the series.

Because I gotta be honest - it's about time the Mother series gets a revival. The series never got proper treatment outside of Japan, and since it was supposed to be a positive portrayal of the United States of America in the first place, that was just sad. Heck, I'm surprised I never bought into it in '95 either, because at the time, I held such a high amount of respect for America, and it only occurred to me 10 years later that it stood for everything America was before...

Okay, lets not get too political here (*notices what I have as my "location"*). Agh! hide me! I'm not safe on a Pokemon forum! (yeah, I am being pretty retarded here, forgive me)

But yeah, going back to the Mother Revival itself, it's about time these games get reproduced to "make them playable today." Frankly, the video game industry is getting damaged by the "Hardcore" generation and the dreaded FPS games. (Thriller you dolt! No politics!) The Video Game scene needs a real wholesome title (and hopefully it will not get mainstreamed into what modern Nintendo stands for, but knowing Itoi, I doubt that)

__________________________________________________ __________

So what is going to change for Earthbound 0, Earthbound, and Mother 3?

- Will all three be the same graphical style?

- Will Ness & Co resemble today's American child in terms of clothing?

- What will become of the Magypsies, my favorite part of Mother 3, and undoubtedly a reason why M3 never made it abroad?

- Will the structure of Mother 3 be altered to less resemble today's modern world?

- What about all the music? The glorious tunes that brings happiness to our hearts and hooked us onto these games in the first place? It's no secret about the influences of real world music in them. Mother has played things like Johnny B. Goode, Greased Lightning, The Batman theme, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, even the precursor to Little Rascals. Will Nintendo solve this problem on their side?

- Will Reggie have the balls to come out to the Earthbound fanbase and say "I will not localize this game." after everything it's been through?

- Which console? Preferably, the Wii U.

- When?

I will keep an ear and eye out for any new news regarding the Earthbound Revival. I don't use Twitter (don't have a cell phone, so no point) so postings from myself won't be as quick. I pretty much was the biggest Mother fanboy here during the heyday, so I only felt it fitting that I be the broadcaster for the news here at Serebii. Lol, I'm such a narcissist.

Until then, I vanish on my magic carpet. If you ever wish for me to appear when you want, search for the Purple Star on Facebook.

Now Discuss the Mother/Earthbound revival!