Keeping in typical Doryuzu fashion, let's discuss something a bit trivial.

What are your stances on titles. I'm referring to chapter titles and your fanfiction's story title. How do you do it? I've ran into most stories that simply go with the "one word" chapter titles and stories that go all out on the length of a title. There are even stories that do pun chapter titles. Though the first seems most popular since titling a chapter "Remember" or "Shattered" seems more stoic and cooler.

So, how do you guys do yours and what do you prefer of other peoples' titles? I'm probably one in a million here but I actually like Pun/Reference-Titles, when they're clever. I actually have some pun titles planned out for future chapters of my fics. Plus puns aren't so "generic" so to speak, I mean like naming a chapter where two friends fight, "Trust".

What route do you go?