Hero's Path was a pretty blunt, no nonsense name utterly devoid of any deeper symbolism. I gave each chapter a two word title that was in some way pertinent to the contents in the chapter. For example:

-"Storm Front" was the start of the darkest, bloodiest arc of the fic
-"Falling Stars" marked the death of several characters
-"Paradigm Shift" changed the POV briefly from the main protagonist to the supporting protagonist and principle antagonist
-"Lightning Strike" on top of being set in a storm, also contained a sudden unexpected event that changed the course of the story
-"Into Flames" was the beginning of the climax, culminating in (the quite originally named) "Final Battle"
-The last three chapters conspicuously broke the mold, those being "Answers", "Changes", and "Farewell" respectively.
-However, the epilogue was a return to form with "And Then"

In my original fiction, I don't bother to name my chapters. But those tend to have a little bit more meaning behind the names than the painfully basic Hero's Path. The Blazing Heart Saga has the fire motif, so Blazing Heart, Scattered Sparks and Fire Eternal. Then there is Dark Pawn, and it's eventual sequels, Dark Rising and Dark Queen.

And then there's Sin, which is just the name of the main character. Because even after working on it for a year, and then finishing it eight months ago, I still can't think of a better title...