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Thread: Why Steel type has so many resistances?

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    Default Why Steel type has so many resistances?

    Why do you think Steel has so many resistances?

    My theory is that they wanted to balance out other types by giving them a type that's resistant to their moves.

    For example types like Dragon had so few types that resisted Dragon moves so Steel is made to resist it? And Steel is a strong metal so they may have thought it suited having lots of resistances but its unbalanced how many Resistances it has compared to other types.

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    Because the Dragon-type was broken in Gen 1, and it needed to be not broken in later Gens. Hence the Steel-type being resistant to Dragon and just about anything else Dragon-types can use except for Fire, Fighting and Ground.

    Also, steel itself is very durable by nature.
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    Steel itself is pretty resistant, so the type having lots of resistances makes sense.

    The opposite is valid for Ice, a type that have lots of weaknesses. Ice is naturally a frail "material".

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    Steel-based objects are usually hard to break, twist, tore, mold, knead and else. That's why steel type has so many resistences. If you consider the real nature of steels in our world, then fire and water should have another effectiveness. Fire should be not very effective because steels have high melting point, then they resist to fire. And water should be super effective because steels get weak when they oxidize. Also, it doesn't make much sense in my view why fighting is super effective against steel type. A person that trains usually beat punchbags and they're not made of hard stuff, if it were, the person would hurt and even broken its hand. Anyways, I'm used to the type matchups and I like it on the way it is set, even some of advantages and resistances don't make sense.

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