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Thread: Hamachi WI-FI Battles with VBA Link

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    Default Hamachi WI-FI Battles with VBA Link

    Before I start: I am extremely sorry if this thread is posted in the wrong section. If that is the case, please move it to the correct section.

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this forum (not the website, the FORUM). I have began to actually get into Pokemon and all the more complex stuff, such as EVs, movesets that suit a Pokemon, etc.

    and I wanted to start playing against others on VBA with vbalink, but I can't find anyone to play with. Every hamachi server I go to in order to find people are always full or people are

    offline. I'm not sure how Hamachi works and how long the people have been offline, but I'm hoping for any type of help here. If someone can refer me to some place which will help me that'd be


    I'm really hoping someone can help me because I've EV trained over 20 Pokemon and really, really want to try them out against other people.

    Lastly, I'm playing Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Fire Red via VBA/VBA Link.

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    Sorry but I don't think we are allowed to talk about this (ROMs blahblahblah). Anyway glad to see you like the complex stuff of Pokemon, it's cool. I'm still learning about EV'S...

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    The Super Kid is correct - discussion of roms/emulators is not allowed here.
    My TSVs are 1021 and 1558

    If you have a matching egg, I will gladly hatch it for you! Please send me a PM with your FC, IGN, timezone/availability, and if you want a nickname.

    I am looking for people to hatch the following eggs for me:

    2895, 2653, 1622, 3548, 3208, 0848, 2682, 2844, 2955

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