I have found that the Pokemon that aren't based off of a Japanese demon or mythological creature in the 3rd generation are usually based off of an African animal. Does anyone else see this? Tropius is based upon an African "bigfoot" you could say, a sighting of what seemed to be a sauropod (long necked dinosaur) that was in Africa. The beginning Pokemon are obvious: Mightyena, Dustox (exotic African moth), ESPECIALLY obvious starters, Slaking, Manectric, Torkoal, Camerupt, the Golems (Hebrew folklore; Hebrew culture sometimes exists in Egypt), Donphan, Relicanth (coelocanth, look it up), Kecleon, Linoone (honey badger) , and Beautifly (exotic African butterfly), and Cacturne. Tell me what you think of this observation in a comment, if you will.