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Thread: Seeking for Trouble

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    Lots of funny.
    Love the bit about arceus.
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    Why is it that no one other than Rotomknight reviewed my fic? Oh well. I write what I write.

    Chapter 9: Nugget Rocket

    Idolon began to walk towards the Pokemon Center to heal up all of his Pokemon. His Misdreavus is able to float beside him even though it's quite injured.

    "That was really nice of you to that to the Feebas" said Misdreavus.

    "Yeah I know, It's just she's been through a rough time and she deserves some respect." said Idolon as he reached the Pokemon Center. He gave his Pokemon to the trapped nurse behind the counter, he then saw Blue at a table and walked towards him.

    "Hey Idolon did you get your badge?" said Blue upon seeing Idolon.

    "Yep, Say what are you doing here? Shouldn't your Pokemon be healed now?" said Idolon.

    "Well, my Charmeleon is said to have some infection and the nurse said it's gonna be quite a while for it to heal." said Blue

    "Wow, that's terrible. By the way just now I fought the Great Fatty and-" said Idolon

    "What?! Where is he now?" said Blue frantically

    "He went towards the bridge" said Idolon

    "Crap! I got to go! I can't let that guy beat me to the Champion!" said Blue as he ran towards the counter and retrieve his Pokemon.

    After a minute or so Idolon heard his name and went to retrieve his Pokemon. He went outside with Misdreavus and began walking towards Route 24. He then saw an old man looking at the mountain in front of the city. The old man has a long front white hair and a short stubby beard. He has a long nose and is wearing glasses. Idolon decided to check the old man.

    "Hello" said Idolon. The Old man looked up at him.

    "Yes?" he said

    "Umm.. Who are you?" said Idolon

    "Oh, My name is Mr. Fuji." said Mr. Fuji

    "Okay, Mr. Fuji what brings you out here?" said Idolon

    "Ohh.. I'm just looking at the cave that's all." said Mr. Fuji

    "What's wrong with the cave?" said Idolon.

    "Oh, nothing it's just...that cave holds something I have made years ago" said Mr. Fuji

    "What is it?" said Idolon.

    "Oh, I don't want to talk about it, I was foolish back then. I was grieved over my daughter's death that I did stuff..." said Mr. Fuji sadly

    "Wow, must be sad losing your child... I won't ask you anymore. Sorry." said Idolon

    "No, its okay. I'm quite okay with our conversation. What's your name?" said Mr. Fuji

    "Idolon" said Idolon

    "Okay, glad to talk to you Idolon." said Mr. Fuji

    "Yeah, Me too. I have to go now" said Idolon

    "Me too. I hope we meet again Idolon." said Mr. Fuji. He then turned and leave, while Misdreavus seems rather uncomfortable.

    "What's wrong Misdreavus?" said Idolon.

    "I sense....something powerful in that cave....very powerful...." said Misdreavus

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Idolon began walking towards the outskirt of the city. He saw a bridge leading to the outskirts of the city but he also saw a group of young trainers on the bridge.

    "Hey there! Are you here for the Nugget Challenge?" said some young man upon seeing Idolon.

    "Nugget what?" said Idolon

    "Nugget Challenge! If you want to get through this bridge, You have to beat all of us!" said the young man

    "Fine, I'll take on your challenge" said Idolon.

    "Alright I'll go first!" said the young man as he unleashes his two Caterpies.

    "This is going to be easy, Go! Aerodactyl!" shouted Idolon as he unleashes his dragon. The trainers on the bridge were shock to see the Aerodactyl.

    "Aerodactyl! Use Fire Fang on that Caterpie!"

    "Caterpie! Use String Shot!"

    The Aerodactyl's fangs gone fiery and bite the Caterpie causing it to faint. The other Caterpie manage to covered the Aerodactyl with string.

    "Aerodactyl! Use Agility!" shouted Idolon. The Aerodactyl glows and hit the Caterpie in the speed of light. The Caterpie fainted.

    "Dang it I lost!" said the young man as a Lass began to walk towards Idolon

    "Okay my turn! Go! Pidgey! Go! Nidoran!!" said the Lass as she unleashes her two Pokemon.

    "Aerodactyl! Use Ice Fang on Pidgey!"ordered Idolon

    "Pidgey! Dodge it!" said the Lass. The Pidgey quickly avoided the dragon's fangs.

    "Aerodactyl! Use Agility!" shouted Idolon. The Aerodactyl then hit a 1-hit KO on the Pidgey in an instant.

    "Nidoran! Use Poison Sting! NOW!" said the Lass.

    "Aerodactyl! Dodge and use Thunder Fang!" said Idolon. The Nidoran shot needles of poison at the Aerodactyl, but he manage to avoid all them and bite the Nidoran with his fangs of thunder. The Nidoran couldn't survive the attack and fainted

    "Arrggh!! I lost!!" said the Lass irritatingly as she returned her Pokemon. Then the final young man went in front of Idolon.

    "I'm the final trainer so be ready!" said the Camper

    "I'm ready" said Idolon confidently

    "Go! Mankey!" shouted the Camper as he unleashes his Pokemon

    "Aerodactyl use Agility!" said Idolon

    "Mankey, dodge it!" said the Camper. The Mankey move out of the way as the Aerodactyl darted at the Mankey with ferocious speed.

    "Aerodactyl! Use Agility again!" shouted Idolon. Before the Camper could deliver an order, the Aerodactyl hit the Mankey with great speed. The Mankey fainted.

    "Dang it! Well, Your Aerodactyl is something!" said the Camper

    "Thanks!" said Idolon. The Aerodactyl seemed to be pleased.

    "Yeah, we got to go now. Our Pokemon needs healing!" said the Camper. The group then left the bridge and went towards the city. Idolon returned his Pokemon and saw a man at the end of the bridge. The man seems to be wearing a big coat that covers up most of his clothing.

    "Hey kid" said the man

    "Yeah?" said Idolon.

    "I saw you battle all those kids just now. And I must say I'm impressed" said the man

    "Thanks!" said Idolon

    "No problem, Here's your prize" said the man giving Idolon a gold nugget

    "A Nugget! First a compliment and now a Nugget!" said Idolon happily

    "Yeah and it gets better. I'm gonna offer you a great deal!" said the man

    "Really? What is it?" said Idolon. The man then brought out a grin.

    "How do you like to join Team Rocket?" said the man

    "Ye- What?!" said Idolon

    "You know, Team Rocket! Do you want to become one of us?" said the man

    "Well...." said Idolon

    "Come on! With your Pokemon! We will be unstoppable and the world will be ours! What do you say?" said the man. Idolon began thinking and made up his mind.

    "No" said Idolon

    "Huh? What did you say?"said the man

    "I said No" said Idolon

    "But, Why? This is an offer of the lifetime! You have to join us!" said the man frantically

    "No, You know why?" said Idolon

    "Why?!" shouted the man

    "Because I don't think I would enjoy being in a team of idiots and weirdo's who would steal Pokemon from young children! And also I am no man's pawn" said Idolon. The man however looks very angry.

    "Then it's time to teach you your place! Brat!" shouted the man as he removed his disguise.

    "Bring it on!" said Idolon

    "Go! Zubat!" shouted the Grunt as he unleashes his bat.

    "Misdreavus! Use Psywave!" said Idolon. The Misdreavus shot waves of energy at the Zubat

    "Zubat! Block it with Supersonic!" shouted the Grunt. The Zubat shot waves of sound at the Psywave. The two waves interract and cause a huge explosion of energy and sound.

    "Now! Use Psywave again!" shouted Idolon. The Misdreavus shot the Psywave at the Zubat. The Zubat got hit and fainted.

    "Stupid Zubat! Go! Ekans!" shouted the Grunt as he returned his Zubat and sent out Ekans

    "Misdreavus, Psywave" said Idolon simply. The Ekans then got hit with waves of energy and fainted. The Grunt returned his Ekans and sighed.

    "If you had join Team Rocket, you would been one of the top leaders" said the Grunt. The Grunt then ran away.

    "Well now that's taken care of him! Let's move on Misdreavus" said Idolon.

    The two pairs walk towards Route 25. The Route is fairly long with no trainers at all. Idolon and Misdreavus went at the end of the Route and saw a house. Then Idolon see there's no way to continue on since there's nothing else in the Route but the sea.

    "Crap, I think we went the wrong way." said Idolon.

    "Maybe we should ask someone in that house for directions" said Misdreavus.

    "Good idea!" said Idolon.

    Idolon knocked on the house door. But came no answer. Idolon knocked on the door harder and heard a voice.

    "Coming!" said the voice. The door then opened and Idolon didn't see who opened it.

    "Down here!" said the voice. Idolon looked down and saw a Clefairy.

    "Hi!" said the Clefairy. Idolon stared.

    "A talking Clefairy?! First my Misdreavus then a Meowth and now a Clefairy!!?" exclaimed Idolon

    "Uhh.. This isn't what it looks like! I'm actually Bill and I got turned into a Clefairy because my Transporter malfunction! Can you help me out?!" said Bill

    "Oh, well in that case. Sure" said Idolon. He went inside the house which is quite empty if you ignored the desk filled with papers and a Computer,a TV, plus the big machine at the end of the house.

    "Great! Now just press the Esc key when I'm inside the transporter. Don't press it yet! Press on my signal!" said Bill

    "Okay, I hope nothing goes wrong though." said Idolon

    "Me neither." said Bill. He then goes into one of the big tubes.

    "Alright! Now Press the Button!!" shouted Bill. Idolon pressed the Esc key and the Machine glowed. Then the tube at the other side of the room open and reveal a human Bill.

    "Thanks alot! If it weren't for you, I would be a Clefairy in my entire life!" said Bill

    "You're welcome" said Idolon

    "Say do you use the PC Storage?" said Bill

    "Uhh... No" said Idolon

    "Well, if you have too much Pokemon on you then I recommend it! After all I made it!" said Bill

    "You made the PC Storage?!" said Idolon in surprised

    "Yep! Man! It's good to be human again! I could sure watch some TV!" said Bill

    "Say Bill? Do you know where I could go to Vermilion City?" said Idolon

    "Yeah! You just have to go through the Diglett's Cave. And since You're going to Vermilion City I would like you to have this ticket!" said Bill. He then gave Idolon a ticket that read S.S. Ticket.

    "Gee thanks" said Idolon

    "No problem! Now to watch some TV" said Bill. He turned on the TV which shows some sort off news of sorts.

    "It would seemed that a robbery has occur in Cerulean City. A person from a notorious gang of criminals called Team Rocket has stolen a TM from a citizen that lives besides Diglett's Cave now..." said the News Reporter.

    "Hey, I know that guy! That's the guy that offered me to join Team Rocket!" exclaimed Idolon

    "Really? Wow, You must be a really good trainer then. Even though you look like a business man" said Bill

    "Thanks but..." said Idolon before saying this words.

    "I have to go, I have to stop Team Rocket."

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    So yeah, Chapter 9! Sorry for the lack of comedy in this. I lack concetration when I wrote this plus I have to go somewhere. So yeah please leave a review yadda yadda yadda...


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..

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    New Idea!

    Chapter 10: The Tremendous Outcome

    Idolon sent out his Aerodactyl once he and Misdreavus were out of Bill's house. The two ride on Aerodactyl who began flying towards Cerulean City. Once they were above the city, Idolon saw a man running out of the back of a house. It was the Grunt. Idolon then ask Aerodactyl to land. The Aerodactyl landed in front of the Grunt.

    "So, if it isn't the Grunt I saw earlier." said Idolon.

    "Nice Aerodactyl you have there, Why is it that you don't join Team Rocket?!" said the Grunt

    "Because I am a Trainer, not a robber." said Idolon

    "Pfft. Whatever. My new Pokemon will take care of that huge, powerful, strong dragon of yours" said the Grunt

    "Really?" said Idolon

    "NO! Of course not! I got a Machop and a Drowsee! Sure I could make your Pokemon go to sleep, but what can my Pokemon do?! Punch it? Pfft. That's it I quit." said the Grunt

    "You quit?" said Idolon shockingly

    "Yeah, Truth is I wanted you to be part of Team Rocket because you're more better than the other Grunts. I mean I can't stand listening to those idiots! They kept talking about stealing a girls Pokemon and how they brushed their teeth! Their annoying! Their like more annoying than Zubats!" said the Grunt.

    "Wow, dumber than Zubats huh?I didn't know a person could be like that" said Idolon

    "Try a 100! I am sick of Team Rocket!! Glory my butt! Here! Have your TM! I'm going home!" said the Grunt as he gave Idolon the stolen TM and walk away.

    "Wow, I'm glad I didn't join Team Rocket!" said Idolon.

    "FREEZE!!" shouted a voice behind Idolon. He turned around and saw a police man with Growlithe.

    "Oh, sorry I thought you were the Grunt!" said the Police man

    "Yeah, By the way I got the TM back from him. Where are the owners?" said Idolon. The Police called out the Two house owners.

    "Oh, thank you so much! I thought I have to teach Diglett Dig by manual! Thank you business man!" said the male owner

    "Actually, I'm a trainer" said Idolon

    "Oh sorry! Your clothing makes you look like a business man! By the way, Why are you dressed up like that?" said the male owner.

    "I don't know, its either this or my baby clothes" said Idolon

    "Well, whatever at least let us give a gift for all your trouble" said the women owner

    "You don't have to. All I wanted is to know where I could get to Vermilion City" said Idolon.

    "Oh! Dear, The City is at the south from here!" said the women owner

    "Thanks!" said Idolon as he ran towards south followed by his Misdreavus.

    Idolon ran outside the city at the south and entered Route 5. He then found himself in tall grass and thinks its a good opportunity to find a new Pokemon to tackle on the Gym. He then saw something black with some white ring like things on its back. Idolon then took out his Pokedex to see what his up against.

    "Houndour, The Dark Pokemon, it travels in packs to hunt down their prey. They also chased some researchers with a Fearow when the researchers are trying to figure out why Servine is called a 'Grass Snake Pokemon' when they don't slither and have legs." said the Pokedex

    "Well looks like I'm capturing it!" said Idolon. The Houndour heard that and began to growl at Idolon.

    "Go! Feebas!!" said Idolon as he unleashes his Pokemon

    "Idolon, What are you doing?" said Misdreavus disbelievingly

    "I said I won't ignore... uhh" said Idolon not knowing the Feebas gender.

    "The Feebas is a girl" said Misdreavus

    "WHAT?! But it's so- I mean never mind. Feebas Tackle the Houndour!" said Idolon. The Feebas tackled the Houndour with all her might. The Houndour growled in pain and let out a fireball.

    "Feebas! Dodge it! And use Tackle again!!" said Idolon. The Feebas dodged the fireball and tackled the Houndour once again.

    "Alright! Time to capture it!" said Idolon. He throw his Pokeball at the Houndour. The Houndour was caught by surprised and got sucked into the Pokeball. The Pokeball shooked:

    One time

    Two times

    Three tim- Oh! The Houndour got out!

    "Dang it! Feebas! Tackle it again!" said Idolon. The Feebas immediately tackled the Houndour one more time. Then Idolon throw another ball at the Houndour. The Pokeball shooked:

    One time

    Two times

    Three times!

    The ball went *ping*.

    "YES!! You did great Feebas!" said Idolon. The Feebas looked very happy. Idolon then unleashed his newly acquired Houndour. When the Houndour was unleashed, the Houndour looked ashamed and sad. Idolon was shocked by this.

    "Misdreavus? Why is the Houndour sad?" said Idolon. The Misdreavus ask Houndour why it is sad. It responded by barking.

    "He said that he's ashamed of being defeated at the hands of an ugly fish" said Misdreavus

    "Well, that makes sense. Houndour." said Idolon. The Houndour looked up to the trainer.

    "It may be horrible to be defeated by some fish but, Look at the bright side" said Idolon. The Houndour gave him a questioning look.

    "Think about it. I'm the Feebas's trainer. If I'm able to train the Feebas to be strong enough to defeat you, Think of the potential of me training you!" said Idolon. The Houndour seems to be thinking about and agreed by barking happily.

    "Good boy. Feebas! Houndour! Return!" said Idolon as he returned his two Pokemon.

    "Alright Misdreavus, Lets move on" said Idolon.

    They both continued forward and saw the Route Gate. Infront of the Gate is a Guard and....Ladies and Gentleman! May I present... The most horrible Walrein in existence, the big meanie Snorlax iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttss...................THE GREAT FATTY!!(Audience Claps)

    "Listen bub!! I'm not gonna sit here and wait after I gone the wrong way, Running away from a talking Clefairy, Battling a loser I know(Blue) and gone back to the Pokemon Center and found the right path! NOW LET ME THROUGH!!" shouted the Great Fatty

    "I told you! NO ONE GETS PASS ME WITHOUT MY DRINK!!!" shouted the Guard

    "This seems familiar..." said Idolon

    "I GOT THE RIGHT TO PASS!! IF YOU DON'T LET ME THROUGH-" shouted the Great Fatty

    "You'll what? Call the police. Pft! I don't think any policeman would listen to a fat stupid kid like you" said the Guard

    "That's IT! I'M GONNA RIP YOU APART!!" shouted the Great Fatty angrily

    "Listen kid, Get out of here and cry at your mother or something cause I got no time for a fatso like you" said the Guard sternly

    "THE ONLY THING THAT WILL BE CRYING IS YOU!!" shouted the Great Fatty.

    "I think I know where this is going...." said Idolon.


    Hello! Today's match will be between the Guard and the Great Fatty! Let's see who will win!

    The Guard use Taunt! "Heh, What are you going to do? Sit on me?" The Great Fatty's face has gone SUPER CRIMSON!!

    The Great Fatty use Super Fat Kick of Justice! Oww! Right at the groin!!

    The Guard use Threat! "Alright punk! That hurts! You better get out of here cause I have no time for-" OHH!! The Great Fatty used MEGA PUNCH!! The punch has landed on the stomach.

    The Great Fatty use Elbow! Oh! The Guard has dodge it

    The Guard use Anger! "That's it! You ask for it!"

    The Great Fatty use SKY UPPERCUT!! Oww! Looks like the Guard loses some of his teeth.

    The Guard use Punch! Oh! It's ineffective!

    The Great Fatty use Sit! OH ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE! The Guard is now underneath the massive butt.

    The Guard use Struggle! Oh it's ineffective!

    The Great Fatty use FART!

    The Guard use Begging! "Okay! Okay! I give up! PLEASE!! Let me go!!"

    The Great Fatty stands up.

    The Guard use Cry.

    Well, folks looks like we have a clear winner! Join us next time on ULTIMATE FIGHTING!! Good night!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___

    "Huh, I thought the Great Fatty is gonna lose. Oh well." said Idolon.

    The Great Fatty grins while the Guard ran home crying for his mother.

    "Okay, this way leads to...Saffron City!? Meh, I could challenge the Gym Leader over there now. After all I'm the best." said the Great Fatty as he entered the Route Gate.

    "Hmm, I don't think we should enter Saffron City yet. Even if we have an advantage over the Gym Leader over there, it's still gonna be though." said Idolon.

    "Yeah,... Hey! Idolon!" said Misdreavus

    "What is it?"

    "I found a tunnel, the sign says its a tunnel that leads to Vermilion City!" said Misdreavus

    "Excellent! Let's go!" said Idolon as they both went under ground.

    The tunnels floor, ceiling and wall are made of metal and has several bikers around going back and forth in the tunnel. Idolon began to walk a far distance in the tunnel. He saw an exit at the end and went through it. Idolon has made it to the surface and entered Route 6. Then saw the city and ran towards it. Idolon and his Pokemon had entered the City. They saw the sun setting, bringing dusk the two look at the sunset.

    "Well, here we are Vermilion City!" said Idolon

    "Yeah, the sunset is beautiful isn't it?" said Misdreavus. The Sun then fully sets, leaving stars and a bright night.

    "Yeah it was, come on let's find some place to sleep." said Idolon.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    Yep! Chapter 10 of the Kanto Arc! Whoa! 10 chapters and we only reached the 3rd gym! Well I don't know whether I could make more Arcs at this rate. But yeah!


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..
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    It's good.
    They say if you press cntrl and W you get to see the programming of a website after making a signature with 3 ws and 8qs
    Fanfics I like that are still in production: Author's Run, Pokémon emerald the better version

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    Uhh... I hope not to offend you but Why are your reviews getting shorter?

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    Sorry? (grins sheepishly while rubbing head) No offense taken.
    I can easily forget standouts. I hope you don't stop writing this and cover all the reigons!
    Also love the dex entries about them running from fearow, and houndor was chasing them as well.
    Do you know how to make a signature? Then you can go to the fan art, then shops, and request a banner. (careful those have special rules for each shop.) Then you can put the baner in your signature and make it a link to this fic!
    They say if you press cntrl and W you get to see the programming of a website after making a signature with 3 ws and 8qs
    Fanfics I like that are still in production: Author's Run, Pokémon emerald the better version

    This the aquabats song awesome forces:
    and here is their song shark fighter:

    Check out my fic.

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    Thanks!! I think I know how to make a signature... I also need help wondering how to add links to certain Chapters and/or Arcs But Let me see if my fan fic could use a banner.

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    Chapter 11: The Beauty Within

    Idolon woke up in his room at the Pokemon Center. He went and take a shower as well as brushing his teeth. He got dressed and called his Misdreavus who always go out at night. They both went outside and began walking.

    "So Misdreavus, Where would you like to go?" said Idolon

    "What do you mean?" said Misdreavus

    "Well, we could challenge the Gym or we could get on S.S. Anne. So which do you prefer?" said Idolon

    "Hmm. I haven't been on a ship before so..." said Misdreavus

    "The Ship it is then!!" said Idolon as he rushed towards the docks with Misdreavus rushing after him.

    They both arrived at the dock which has the S.S. Anne docked on it. The two saw a stair leading to the ship's entrance. Then they saw two, what it seems to be, school girls welcoming people into the ship. But Idolon draws closer, his jaws dropped.

    "Have a nice trip into the S.S. Anne!" said the first 'school girl'

    "Yes! Have a good trip!" said the second 'school girl' in an oddly weird shrilly voice.

    "Oh. My. God. What on Earth are you two doing here!!!??!" shouted Idolon. The 'school girls' was surprised and look around and saw Idolon and his Pokemon.

    "Wha-what do you mean twer-I mean sir?" said the first 'school girl'

    "Ye-yeah! What do you mean?" said the second 'school girl'

    "Oh come on! Do you really think I would fall for that disguise?!" said Idolon

    "What disguise?" said the first 'school girl' innocently

    "I know you guys are the guys with the weird hairdo's at Mt. Moon. You guys are from...ehh...Team Ridicule?" said Idolon

    "HEY! IT'S TEAM ROCKET!!" shouted the second 'not-so-school girl'

    "AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH MY HAIR!!!" shouted the first 'school girl'

    "Really? Well then there's something wrong with that guy since he is dressed up as a sissy lady. Dude, what is wrong with you?" said Idolon

    "There is nothing wrong with me!! And how did you figure out our disguises?!" said the second 'not-so-masculine-school girl??'

    "First, your weird hairstyle and second-"

    "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY HAIR TWERP!!!" shouted the first 'school girl'

    "Yeah, but it is the same hairstyle you have at Mt. Moon." said Idolon

    "I knew I should have change my hairstyle... But my hair is so PRETTY, I couldn't change my beautiful hairstyle..." sighed the first 'ridiculous school girl'

    "And also the fact that I recognize your voices" said Idolon

    "Maybe we should go to voice acting school" said the second 'what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-this-guy-he-is-a-weirdo-school girl'

    "HEY I HEARD THAT!!" shouted the second 'I-don't-care-you're-dressed-up-as-a-lady-so-shut-up-sexist-school girl'

    "Oh come on!!" moaned the second 'Complaining-weirdo-with-horrible-

    "Shut up! I-" said the first 'Did-you-just-shut-me-up?-school girl'

    "Yeah! You're annoying the heck out of me!!" shouted the 'Oh-hell-no-you-didn't-school girl'

    "Oh yeah I did! What are you going to do?! HMM!?!"

    Then a big fist from the sky came crashing down on the 'Annoying-school girl'. The 'Thats-what-you-get-for-challenging-me-school girl' got punched into the ground leaving a body-shaped crater on the floor.

    "Oww" came the sound from the crater hole

    "Jessie! Are you okay?!" said the second 'Weirdo-in-skirt-school girl'

    "Uhh.." then the person climbed out of the crater looking worn out and beaten flat.

    "Well at least you're okay!" said the second 'Hurr-in-the-durr-school girl'

    "Yeah, I'm feeling great... After being punched by a massive hand from the sky, I would be as healthy as a Chansey" said Jessie in a worn out voice

    "Okay.. Now that that's over, May I ask why are you two weird heads doing here?" said Idolon

    "MY HEAD IS NOT WEIRD!!" shouted Jessie

    "Wow, she heals fast!" said Idolon.

    "Enough! I'm tired of being insulted by the narrator! It's time to wear our regular uniforms!" said the second 'Oh-hurry-up!-I'm-tired-of-writing-like-this-instead-of-using-space!-school girl'

    "Aww.. But this clothes make look-" said the first 'SHUT-UP-AND-WEAR-YOUR-CLOTHES-ALLREADY!!-school girl'

    "Okay! Okay!" said the two as they twirl around in lightspeed making two human size tornados. The two stopped twirling and and reveal to have worn their Rocket Uniform.

    "Prepare for trouble!"

    "Make it a double!"

    "To protect the world from devastation!"

    "To unite all peoples within our nation!"

    "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



    "Team Rocket blas-"

    "Hey guys! Wait!" shouted Meowth on the ship's entrance holding a sheet of newspaper. The Meowth went down to the dock, by tripping the entire staircase.

    "Oww.. Okay guys! Go on!" said Meowth after reaching the dock.

    "Anyways.. Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

    "That's right!" said Meowth

    "Are you guys seriously gonna do that, every single time I meet you?" said Idolon

    "Yes! It's our motto!" said Jessie

    "Oh god help me" said Idolon

    "Well, it seems you have broken our deception" said Jessie

    "And now it's time make a reception!" said James

    "Reception? For what?" said Idolon. The two pairs took out their Pokeballs.

    "For the hospital of course" said Jessie

    "For that's where your Pokemon is going to be!" said James

    "That's right!" said Meowth

    "We'll see about that!" said Idolon taking out his Pokeball as well

    "Go! Ekans!" shouted Jessie

    "Go! Koffing!" shouted James

    "Does two? Pft. Houndour! Feebas! Deal with them!" said Idolon as he unleashes his fish and hound

    "EWW!!! What is that?!" shriek Jessie

    "He says it's a Feebas" said James

    "It's UGLY!" said Jessie. The Feebas looked very sad at this.

    "Ignore them Feebas! At least you don't have their weird personality and hair!!" said Idolon

    "THAT TEARS IT!! Ekans! Bite that ugly fish!" said Jessie

    "Koffing! Poison Gas that Houndour!" said James

    "Feebas! Use Tackle! Houndour! Ember!" said Idolon.

    The Houndour immediately sprout flames from it's mouth at the Koffing before it could do anything. The Feebas however, failed to hit the Ekans and got bitten by the snake.

    "Haha! Looks like we got ourselves sea food for tonight! Not that I would eat that disgusting thing! I mean looked at it! It doesn't deserve to be called a Pokemon!! Much less a moldy fish in the dump! Piyouh!" said Jessie.

    The Feebas began to cry due to the pain on the out side and the inside. The Houndour looks angrily at Jessie and so did Idolon. The Ekans took off it's bite on the Feebas however, the fish continues to cry.

    "Feebas! Don't listen to her! I mean look, I know it's horrible to be called ugly, especially being called ugly by a weird haired freak that has a personality of an old hag!" said Idolon to the Feebas.

    "I RESENT THAT!! AND I MY HAIR IS NOT WEIRD!!!AND SHUT UP!!!" shouted Jessie angrily.

    "Anyway, Feebas You are a great Pokemon! Better than a Magikarp or even a Gyarados! You are very special! Even though you don't have the looks of one, it doesn't matter. It's the inside that counts.." said Idolon. The Feebas, touched by her trainers love, smiled and cried happily.

    Then she glows.

    "What?" said Jessie

    "It's evolving!" said James

    "But into what?" said Meowth as the light glows brighter and brighter.

    Then the light burst! And showed something. Something beautiful. The creature has a serpentine body with a blue tail, the majestic creature has long 'eyebrows' on her head and two flowing hair.

    "Wha-what?!" said Jessie

    "It's not an ugly fish anymore!" said James

    "Its-its..beautiful... What is it?" said Meowth dreamily

    Idolon, unable to talk due to his surprise and shook, took out his Pokedex. The Houndour and Misdreavus continued to look at the majestic Pokemon.

    "Milotic, the Tender Pokemon, It is said that it is the most beautiful Pokemon in the entire world. It is said that a Milotic protected the researchers who are running away from a Fearow and a bunch of Houndours, while they were figuring out why Servine is called the 'Grass Snake Pokemon' when it has legs and does not slither." said the Pokedex

    "A Milotic..." said James in awe. The Milotic looked at the water to see her reflection. She was shocked to see how beautiful she became.

    "It is beautiful! It's as beautiful as I am!" said Jessie. That sentence brought Idolon and his Pokemon backed from the shock.

    "Feeba-I mean Milotic... I-" said Idolon before the Milotic nudged her head on Idolon.

    "Wow, this is so sweet.." said James with water in his eyes

    "Yeah, Just now she was a very ugly fish and now.. She's the most beautiful Pokemon I have ever seen." said Meowth

    "I wish I had one" sulked Jessie. This however ticked Idolon

    "And what makes you think you are worthy of having one?! You insulted my Pokemon to the point that she cried!! You called her very ugly and that she doesn't deserve to be a Pokemon! And now since she evolved, You now want her!! Well I tell you what! It was the inside that made her beautiful... And all you care is about looks! And I would love to beat you up right now!!" said Idolon angrily at Jessie.

    "Well, too be fair I did get punched by a giant fist from the sky" said Jessie

    "Okay that's true! But you will never insult my Pokemon again! Milotic! Send this three flying!" said Idolon. The Milotic then swings her tail at the trio and they went flying over the water.

    "It looks like Team Rocket is blasting of aggaaaaaaiiiinnn!" said The trio as they disappeared in the sky with a flash. Idolon however still looks angry.

    "THE NERVE! I can't believe that lady! When I see her insulting my Pokemon again! I'll-" said Idolon angrily until something happened.

    "Please Master trainer, calm yourself" said a soothing female voice

    "Wha-What? Misdreavus?" said Idolon by surprised

    "It is not me Idolon, It's.." said Misdreavus

    "Me" said the soothing voice. The Milotic nudged her head at Idolon. Idolon looked at her and finally reliezing.

    "Mi-Milotic?!" said Idolon

    "Yes Master Trainer, It is me communicating with you. Like Misdreavus, I have to speak to you as well as others for Milotics have some Psychic powers within ourselves" said Milotic

    "Wow, I bet Houndour could talk as well" joked Idolon. The Three Pokemon laugh.

    "No, Master Trainer. Houndour cannot speak. Only Psychic's and Ghost-Types can for it is within their power." said Milotic

    "Yeah, I read that back at home, with all my books and stuff...." said Idolon

    "I sense trouble within you Master Trainer.." said Milotic

    "Yes, I sense it as well.. What's the problem?" said Misdreavus

    "It's just.. I don't know if I'm worthy of keeping Milotic" said Idolon

    "WHAT?!" said both Pokemon. The Houndour bark shockingly

    "I mean, looked at Milotic. She's beautiful and she is probably very strong. I'm not sure whether a trainer like me deserves someone like her.. I just..." said Idolon still figuring out whether he deserves a Pokemon like Milotic.

    "Master Trainer.." said Milotic. Idolon looked at Milotic.

    "Master Trainer, I know how you feel, And so do you. When I was a Feebas, no one wants me. They called me names and ignore me, I was very sad. I've been ignored for as long as I remembered, Even the Magikarp themselves ignored me. The other Water-Types called me hideous and ugly. I was very miserable." said Milotic then continued

    "But then everything change when the Fisherman attacked. He look at me with disgust and almost put me back in the water. But then he thought he could give me to someone if he ran out of Magikarps to sell. I was a back up. A fish that isn't worth anyone's time. A last product. I was sad and lonely ever since I was born. But then, you came along. You may have find me ugly, but you were...different. You never ignored me. You always there for me. You even defended me when someone insulted me.... You cared for me. You even gave me the confidence to defeat the Houndour.. No offence" said Milotic. The Houndour just barked happily.

    "Anyways. You know how it feels to be lonely and when I hugged you and you hugged me back. You have been very good to me. Too good. I began to think I was weighing you down and a nuisance to you're team. I felt ashamed. An ugly creature like me shouldn't get in the way of a great trainer. I thought I don't deserve someone like you. I thought you deserve something better than me.... But you still use me. And like just now, I was insulted and hurt, I began to think the lady was right and that I don't deserve to be your Pokemon. But stuck by me, You made me very happy. I wasn't happy until I met you. You have gave me a better life and because of you I evolved." said Milotic.

    "If it weren't for you, I would still be a Feebas and ignored for the rest of my life. Master Trainer, If it weren't for you..I would still be sad and lonely. The truth is. I am not worthy of you. Not the other way around. But no matter what happens. I will always be there for you. Like you are always there for me" said the Milotic.

    Idolon felt touched. He never viewed Milotic a nuisance nor a weight. He even think of her as an average Pokemon instead of some garbage. He then hugged the Milotic looking very happy. The two Pokemon joined in as well.

    "Awww..." said a lot of voices. Idolon then jumped backwards by surprised. He and his Pokemon then saw people on the ships deck looking at them. It's seems like a lot of people have saw their drama.

    "Well, that was a heartwarming moment" said a though voice.

    "I agree.." said a feminine voice

    "That...was...BEAUTIFUL!! Like the Milotic!!" said some old guy.

    Then, Idolon saw people moving out of a though man's and women's way. The though man then walk down the stairs. He wears a military costume and has spiky yellow hair. The female has long blue hair and wearing some sort of Psychic costume. The Two reached at the end of the stairs and looked at Idolon and his Pokemon.

    "Hello! My name is Lt. Surge! the Gym Leader of this town!" said the military man

    "And I'm Sabrina. The Gym Leader of Saffron City." said the Psychic

    "Yes, well you might been wondering why there are people watching you from the boat?" said Lt. Surge

    "I can explain. It began when one person saw a giant fist hitting a lady with a weird hairdo. Then people start calling saying there's a battle outside. It turns out the ladies were in fact Team Rocket in disguise. Then we saw the whole Feebas to Milotic and all those other stuff." said Sabrina

    "It turns out the Captain is part of Team Rocket too and they were planing to send the passengers to a secluded island filled with Team Rocket Grunts. Luckely I manage to defeat the Captain." said Lt. Surge

    "Okay. That explains a lot" said Idolon

    "But enough of this stuff! You seemed to bound with your Pokemon quite well from what the Milotic said" said Lt. Surge

    "Wait! You heard what she just said?!" said Idolon

    "Of course, The Milotic can speak like that Meowth did. Only through telepathy. It's quite complicated I don't think you need to know. But I must say Lt. Surge was right. You do seem to bond with your Pokemon quite well. Very well." said Sabrina

    "Yeah! And I want to see how well that bond is in battle! Since your Milotic kept calling you 'Master Trainer' it's obvious that you're a trainer. But can you be the Master? I must say. Your Milotic ain't the only one who looks strong! Your Houndour seems to be used once and your Misdreavus.. Is it your starter?" said Lt. Surge

    "Yep, And I have other Pokemon's as well." said Idolon

    "Alright!! I can't wait to battle you in the Gym!!" said Lt. Surge

    "Me neither. Ever since that obnoxious Fat kid challenged me I couldn't find a decent trainer to battle" said Sabrina

    "Fat Kid?" said Idolon

    "You know him?"


    "Hmm... Well, I must get going. I heard one of the Saffron Guards left in a hurry. Apparently crying to his mother." said Sabrina as she leaves.

    "How about it kid? Wanna test your Pokemon against my legion of Electric-Type Pokemon? How about this afternoon? After lunch! Because I'm hungry!" said Lt. Surge

    "Sure." said Idolon

    "Great! I'll see yah around!" said Lt. Surge as he ran towards the City.

    "You know what? I'm hungry too! Let's go find some place to eat" said Idolon as he walked towards the city with his Pokemon.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    WOW! This chapter took me 4 hours to make! And I realized Blue hasn't battle Idolon for a while. So in the next chapter there will be battles!


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..
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    Chapter 12: The Not-so-Continuity Chapter

    In Pokemon League, a meeting is set in place. There was a big round orange table with five cushioned chairs. The room's door open and came in four Pokemon Trainers. The trainer's sit on their places and began talking.

    "Alright, it's time to take attendance." said a guy with a cape

    "Why? You can clearly see-" said women with specks


    "What is wrong with you?"

    "As a member of the Blackthorn clan! We have to take attendance every time we have a meeting!" said the weirdo

    "I agree with the narrator, You are weird" said the old lady with a cane

    "I'm NOT WEIRD!" shouted the capey man

    "You wear a cape. A man with a cape is a man with mental problems" said the though strong man

    "I do not have mental problems!" said the mental man

    "I think we need to debate on that." said the lady with specks

    "Ohh. So THAT's why we're here" said the strong man

    "Okay. Let's see... Oh yeah! He has a red colored hair and we all know, red means madness and second-" said the old lady

    "ENOUGH!! We are not here to talk about my 'so called' mental health" said the deniable weirdo with the cape

    "The narrator is funny" said the strong man

    "I agree" said the lady

    "Ditto" said the old lady


    "What's he doing here?!" said le Caped Weirdness

    "Yeah! He's suppose to be in Star Trek!!" said the old lady.

    "You'll never take me alive!" shouted KHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN as he ran outside the room and jumped through the window and fell

    "Hey, The narrator called Lance the 'Caped Weirdness' maybe we should call him that. What do you think? Agatha?" said the lady

    "Why yes I agree. You Bruno?" said Agatha

    "Yes, Agatha and Lorelei I do!" said Bruno Mars

    "Not you! I meant the other Bruno!! And what are you doing here?!" said Agatha

    "Bruno Mars!? OMG! THE Bruno Mars?!!EEEKK!! I'm you're biggest fan EVER!" said Lorelei

    "He's our new entertainer and singer" said the strong Bruno

    "Really?! EEEEEKKKKK!! I have THE Bruno Mars singing at me!? Pinch me I must be dreaming!!" shreiked Lorelei

    "Wow, a singer made the impossible" said Agatha

    "By being in a fan fiction?" said the trainer Bruno

    "No, she made Lorelei shriek. I never seen her like this. Never" said Agatha

    "Well, she probably loves his songs" said the trainer Bruno

    "Bruno Mars!! Can you sing me 'When I was your man'??" said Lorelei. Just as Bruno Mars is about to sing, the Superman Wannabe kicked Bruno Mars out of the room.

    "Superman!! How could you?! YOU DESTROYED MY DREAM!!!" shouted Lorelei

    "'Superman Wannabe' Priceless" said Agatha

    "Can we stop all this nonsense?!" shouted Lance the Redhead Superman of Destiny

    "This whole fic is about nonsense. We are just Mankeys in costume!" said Agatha

    "How do you know my secret!!?" said Bruno in surprised

    "What secret?" said Lorelei

    "Uhh... Nothing!" said Bruno shifting his eyes back and forth

    "Shouldn't this chapter suppose to show battles?" said Lorelei

    "Yeah, this chapter is basically about us doing nothing but rambling and breaking the forth wall" said Agatha

    "And also about Lance being a weirdo" said Bruno

    "And lets not forget the random characters appearing out of nowhere" said Lorelei

    "And about ignoring me. So anyway's its seems everyone is here" said Lance the Mother of Wallace

    "BAHAHAHA!!!" laughed Bruno

    "What is it Bruno?" said Lorelei half hoping that Bruno Mars will appear

    "The-the nar-narrator sa-said that La-la-la-la-la-lol-lol-lol-lol-lol" laugh Bruno

    "SPIT IT OUT!!" shouted Agatha

    "He said that Lance is Wallace's mother!" said Bruno

    "Really? BAHAHAHA!!" laughed Lorelei. Agatha starts laughing to. Lance looks furious.

    "Hey bub!! What's the big idea?!" said Lance angrily at me.

    Well, Lance you look bloody ridiculous with a cape. In fact, I find anyone wearing a cape is weird or demented.

    "How dare you?! Capes are AWESOME! That's why people wear them!!" said Lance.

    Or the fact that people wear them to cosplay as heroes.

    "I am not cos playing!!" shouted Lance.

    Surreee you're not

    "I'm NOT!!" said Lance.

    Your family is weird

    "TAKE THAT BACK!!" said Lance

    Make me!

    "This is gonna be epic!" said Agatha

    "Where is the Popcorn?" said Bruno

    "I have it" said Lorelei.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    The Elite 4 was transported to some sort of Arena with Lance on one side and me on the other. The rest of the Elite 4 were sitting on the Audience booth and were eating butter flavored Popcorn. Lance, looks weird as for I look awesome. I am wearing a black coat with black pants. I also wear a cowboy hat cause that's the only hat I got.

    Lance looked at me and smirk.

    "You think you can beat me?! I am the Champion! I RULE!" said The Derp dog of Derpiness.

    You rule some stuff I like to call poop.

    "That does it!! Go! Dragonite!!" shouted the Caped fool of a Blackthorn.

    Go! Salamance!! The Salamance came out of his Pokeball and roared.

    "Dragonite! Use Outrage!!" shouted Super Caper.

    However for some odd reason the Dragonite turn into a Psyduck

    "Psy?" said the Psyduck

    "Hey!! This is MADNESS!!!" shouted the Moo in the Moon

    "Madness? THIS. IS. SPARTA!!" shouted Leonidas as he kicked the Cape Overlord in the stomach and ran off.

    "What's with all this characters?!" said the Cry Baby clutching his stomach.

    I like adding random characters. Why? Because I can!

    "Dang you!! Change my Dragonite back and fight like a man!!" shouted the Ultimate Cape of Justice.

    Fine. I change the sissy lady's Pokemon back to it's original form.

    "Now, Dragonite! Use Dragon Rush!!" said the Flame headed weirdo.

    Salamance! Use HYPER BEAM! The Salamance shot a gigantic beam at the Dragonite. The Dragonite was shot backwards.

    "Dang it! Dragonite! Use Giga Impact as Salamance recharges!!" shouted the Dang-it-I-ran-out-of-cape-puns.

    The Dragonite charges towards my Salamance. But then all of a sudden, a meteor fell on top of the Dragonite before it reaches the Salamance. The Dragonite fainted.

    "HEY! YOU KILLED MY DRAGONITE!!" shouted the Angry Caped Crusader

    No, I said it fainted. I didn't said it died.

    "Yeah! BUT YOU STILL CHEATED!!" shouted the Accusing Caped Detective

    I did not.

    "Did too!"

    You smell

    "SHUT UP!!"


    "Dragonite! Return!! Go! Gyarados!!" shouted the Great Fatty's Cousin. The Gyarados appeared!

    Return Salamance! Go! Crobat!! My Crobat appeared in the battlefield.

    "Gyarados! Use Hydro Pump!!" said the Sissy baby's mother. However the Gyarados just jump on top of Capester.

    "First. Oww. Second. Cheater!! And Third. STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!!" shouted Le Capey Mickey.

    Crobat! Use Confuse Ray! The Crobat shot a sinister beam of light at Gyarados. The Gyarados got confused and began eating the chairs on the Audience booth, The Mother of Weird's Cape and also- OMYGOSHOMYGOSHOMYGOSH NO! STAY AWAY FROM ME!! NO! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! I got eaten.

    "Yeah!! Way to go Gyarados!!"

    "What are you talking about?! The Author has been eaten!!"

    "So what Agatha?! I am finally free of that Annoying Insulting person!!"

    "Yeah! But now the Story is finished!"


    "Without the Author! The Story wouldn't progress! Thanks to your Gyarados! The Story is doomed! Now the Story will end without us knowing what has happened to the Main characters!!"

    "Oh crap!! But wait! If the Author is gone. Why are we still speaking?"

    "Maybe the Author is still alive! If he dies. Then the Story will die!!"

    "Oh no!! Gyarados! Spit out the Author now!!!"

    "It's to late! Hear that!!"

    "What his stomach is just grow- OH MY GOD YOU DIGESTED THE AUTHOR!!"

    "Gyara gyara(oops)"

    "Oh great! Because of my Gyarados! The Story is over!!"

    "Hold on! The Story is still progressing!"

    "But how?! My Gyarados killed him!"

    Not exactly

    "What?!" exclaimed the Elite 4

    "How did you live?!" said Lorelei

    "Didn't the Gyarados digested you?!" said Bruno

    Well, it's simple really. I have extra lives.

    "What?! How?" said the Cap- you know what I'm tired of insulting him, Lance

    I am the Author. I can do anything!

    "Sorry for almost killing you" said Lance

    It's okay it is my fault. I should NEVER confuse a Gyarados ever again.

    "Good! Can you stop mocking me?!"


    "Oh COME ON!!"

    __________________________________________________ __________

    The Elite 4 was transported back to the meeting room. The four sat down at their chairs again and continue to discuss.

    "Aww. I was looking forward for the climax" said Lorelei

    "Say, We never get the chance to listen what you have to say Lance" said Agatha

    "Yeah, what do you want to talk about anyway? I hope it's not capes" said Bruno

    "Well, finally I get the chance to talk!! I can't believe you guys are letting me talk. This is like Madness or some-" said Lance

    "Madness? THIS. IS. SPARTA!!" shouted Leonidas as he appeared standing on the table and kicking Lance chest and send him and his chair falling. Leonidas then ran away.

    "Oww.. that hurts" said Lance. Suddenly KHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN ran through the door and stole Lance's cape.

    "Hey! THAT's MY CAPE!!!!" shouted Lance angrily

    "This cape now belongs to KHHAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!" shouted KHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN as he ran off with Lance's Cape

    "COME BACK HERE!!!" shouted Lance as he ran after KHHAAAAAAAANNNNNN.

    "Well, look at the time I must get going" said Agatha

    "Me too" said Bruno

    "Not quite yet for me... Bruno Mars can you sing me 'When I was your man'?" sighed Lorelei dreamily to Bruno Mars.

    "Too young, too dumb to realize

    That I should have bought you flowers and held your hand"

    "COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!" shouted the Copyright Police(also known as the RIAA) from outside

    Holy snot! RUN!!

    The rest of the Elite 4 ran towards the exit, while Lorelei carried the still singing Bruno Mars with her.

    And as for I. I manage to escape the Copyright Police with my Crobat and flied off to the sunset.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    That is, if my Crobat didn't LITERALLY flied us towards the Sun! Oww.. I got Sunburn all over my body.. Someone get an ambulance!! I'm THIRSTY!!


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off.. SERIOUSLY!! SOMEBODY GIVE ME WATER!! I'M DYING!! DANGIT!!

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    Chapter 13: Blue and Lunch

    "Aerodactyl! Kangaskhan! Skorupi! Come out!" shouted Idolon. He, Misdreavus, Houndour and Milotic are at Route 11 where, there is a table and a stove that is left out in the open. It is revealed that they are at a 'Picnic Area' which is left by the city folk for Pokemon Trainers to cook their meals with their Pokemon.

    "Alright everyone I like you to me-AACK!!" said Idolon before Skorupi jumped on his back, causing Idolon to fall down. The Skorupi then looked at Milotic. So did the Aerodactyl and Kangaskhan. The Kangaskhan said something.

    "Err.. Skorupi.. Anyways What did the Kangaskhan said?" said Idolon to Misdreavus.

    "She said that she and the other Pokemon had listen to what's going on outside. Apparently, they heard of you owning an ugly fish which turned into a beautiful Pokemon. The Aerodactyl said He hasn't seen such a beautiful Pokemon even before he was resurrected." said Misdreavus

    "You know something. I'm tired of hearing translations. I wish I could understand Pokemon.." said Idolon.

    "Master Trainer." said Milotic

    "What is it Milotic?" said Idolon

    "Maybe I could assist you with that" said Milotic

    "What really!?" said Idolon

    "Not exactly.. I could make you understand Pokemon. However I am not strong enough and that I need some Psychic or Ghost-Type Pokemon to assist" said Milotic

    "Ohh.. Well it's okay! I could train you and capture another Ghost-type! Since I like Ghost and Dark-types!" said Idolon.

    He then turned on the stove and began cooking food. The Kangaskhan looked concern and said something.

    "Oh it's okay Kangaskhan. Idolon is very good at cooking. He always cooked for me and himself back at home" said Misdreavus.

    The Kangaskhan seems less concerned. The Skorupi is jumping up and down apparently hungry. The Aerodactyl's tummy rumble at the delicious smell. After a few minutes or so Idolon then prepared the food for his Pokemon and himself. He cooked Aerodactyl some Roasted Miltank Steak. He gave cooked berries to Kangaskhan, Misdreavus and Skorupi. He then give Milotic some Poffins.

    "Dig in!" said Idolon.

    The Pokemons began eating their food. The Pokemon seems to be enjoying the food Idolon has made. Idolon was quite happy that his Pokemon love his food. But then suddenly he saw Blue walking towards him.

    "Hey, Idolon!" said Blue

    "Hi, You know I haven't seen you for quite a while." said Idolon

    "Yeah, I was training my Magikarp that I got from some weird geezer and-Sweet corn cobs!! What is that!?" said Blue as he saw Milotic

    "That's Milotic, I got her from that old geezer too" said Idolon

    "You mean that old geezer sold Pokemon like her?!" said Blue

    "No, He even gave her to me at 200 pokedollars. It's because she wasn't a Milotic at that time" said Idolon

    "Really? What kind of Pokemon was she before she evolved?" said Blue. Idolon showed him the picture of a Feebas with his Pokedex. Blue was shocked.

    "Wow!! How could something that ugly turn into something that is NOT ugly?!" said Blue

    "It's the inside that matters and all those mushy stuff." said Idolon

    "Well, I guess I don't want to about it then. Say I haven't battle you for a while have I?" said Blue

    "No, I guess not" said Idolon

    "Well! It looks like we're gonna have to battle! One vs One!" said Blue.

    "You're on!" said Idolon. His Pokemon gave out roars of approval

    "Okay! Go! Raticate!!" shouted Blue as he unleashes his Rat

    "Alright Skorupi! You're up!" said Idolon. Skorupi then entered the battle.

    "Raticate! Hyper Fang him! NOW!" said Blue

    "Skorupi! Use Poison Fang!" shouted Idolon.

    The Raticate bite the Skorupi with it's big teethes however once it let go of Skorupi, Skorupi bite it with Poison Fang. The Raticate sustain some damage and it's face has gotten purple.

    "Yes! It's poison! Skorupi, use Pin Missile!" ordered Idolon

    "Raticate! Dodge it!" said Blue

    The Raticate manages to dodged the pins by sidestepping. However the poison in it had gotten worse.

    "Skorupi! Use Poison Sting!"

    "Raticate! Dodge and use Pursuit!" said Blue

    The Skorupi shot a dozen poisonous stings at the Raticate. The Raticate dodged the Poison Sting and began charging at the Skorupi. The Skorupi saw the Raticate charging at him and sidestepped out of the way before the Raticate could hit the Skorupi. The Raticate then makes a U turn towards the Skorupi. But before it could finally hit the Skorupi, The Raticate ran slower and slower until it fainted in front of the Skorupi.

    "Haha! Wait a go! Skorupi" said Idolon. The Skorupi gave out a happy cry

    "Raticate! Return! Go! Pidgeotto!" shouted Blue as he returned his Raticate and calls out his Big bird.

    "Skorupi! Use Poison Fang!" said Idolon

    "Pidgeotto! Twister!" said Blue

    The Skorupi jumped at the Pidgeotto with his poisonous Fangs opened. However, The Pidgeotto flapped it's wings very swiftly and created a twister that hit the Skorupi. The Skorupi began to spin around in the twister. Then the twister died and the Skorupi fell down to the ground and fainted.

    "Skorupi, return! Aerodactyl! You're up!" said Idolon. The Aerodactyl flew up in the air and landed in front of Idolon, facing the Pidgeotto.

    "Pidgeotto! Use Twister!"

    "Wing Attack! Aerodactyl!"

    The Pidgeotto rapidly flaps it's wings creating a twister. However before the bird could unleashed it's attack, the Aerodactyl hit the Pidgeotto with his wing. He hit the bird once again, using his other wing. The Pidgeotto stumbled back and nearly fell.

    "Pidgeotto! Use Quick Attack!"

    "Aerodactyl! Prepare Ice Fang!"

    The Pidgeotto went very fast charging towards the Aerodactyl.

    "Now! Use Ice Fang!"

    "Pidgeotto! NO!"

    But it was too late for Blue. The Pidgeotto stopped in front of the stone dragon just as he bites the Pidgeotto with his Ice Fang. The Pidgeotto, then fainted.

    "Pidgeotto! Return!!" said Blue

    "Give up?" said Idolon

    "You wish! Go! Kabuto!" said Blue as he unleashes his sentient helmet

    "Aerodactyl! Use Thunder Fang!" said Idolon

    "Kabuto! Water Gun!" said Blue

    The Aerodactyl fly towards the Kabuto with his electrical fangs bared. However, when he was near the Kabuto, it shot a stream of water at the Aerodactyl causing him to fall to the ground.

    "Aerodactyl! Use Agility!"

    "Kabuto! Protect! Then use Water Gun again!!"

    The Aerodactyl went and hit the Kabuto before it could initiate Protect. But then the Kabuto shot water at the Dragon. The Aerodactyl fainted at the attack

    "Aerodactyl Return!!" said Idolon as he returned his Aerodactyl.

    "Kangaskhan! It's your turn!" The Kangaskhan walked into the battlefield and let out a roar.

    "Kabuto! Use Mud Shot!!" ordered Blue

    "Kangaskhan! Use Rage!" said Idolon

    The Kangaskhan ran towards the Kabuto with her fist raised. The Kabuto shot a stream of mud at the Kangaskhan. She felled backwards before she could hit the Kabuto, but she quickly stood up.

    "Kangaskhan! Use Rage!"

    "Kabuto! Another Mud Shot!"

    The Kangaskhan was fast this time. She ran as fast as she could at the Kabuto and punch it with rage. The Kabuto was sent flying and shot mud at the Kangaskhan while in flight. The Kabuto fell on the ground and fainted. The Kangaskhan felled after she got hit by the Mud Shot and fainted as well.

    "Kangaskhan, Return" said Idolon as he returned his Pokemon.

    "Kabuto! Return! Gyarados! Go!!" shouted Blue as he unleashed a Monster to be reckoned with.

    "Milotic! Can you fight?!" said Idolon

    "I fight for you, Master Trainer for as long as I live" said Milotic as she entered the battlefield

    "Woah! That Pokemon can talk?!" said Blue

    "Telepathically, actually. They have some Psychic Power within them" said Idolon

    "Master Trainer ey? Well we'll show her who the Master Trainer is! Right Gyarados?!" said Blue. The Gyarados roared at the sky and glared at the Milotic.

    "Okay! Milotic! Use Twister!!"

    "Gyarados! Use Dragon Rage!!"

    The Milotic brewed out a Twister at the Gyarados as it shot purple flames at the Milotic. The Gyarados got shot up in the air and fell down. The Milotic got burned by the flames and looked charred.

    "Milotic! Recover!" said Idolon

    "Gyarados! Use Bite!" said Blue

    The Milotic heals herself and quickly dodged the Gyarados as it charged up at her with it's fangs barred.

    "Gyarados! Use your Hyper Beam!!"

    "WHAT?!" said Idolon as the Gyarados began to charged up it's attack.

    "Quick Milotic! Do something!" said Idolon frantically as the Gyarados fired a beam of a lifetime.

    The Milotic brought up a Mirror like wall in front of her. The Hyper Beam hit the wall and was reflected back at the Gyarados with greater intensity. The Beam, now amplified, hit the Gyarados and knock it out.

    "What?! How is that possible!" said Blue

    "Mirror Coat! Milotic you're a genius!" said Idolon happily.

    "Thank you Master Trainer" said Milotic

    "Oh well, don't think this is over! I'm gonna train my Pokemon till I become Champion and I still won't stop at there!" said Blue

    "Well, you better be quick. The Great Fatty would beat you to the Champion before you do!" said Idolon

    "Oh crap! You're right! I gotta go! I'm not gonna let that big chunk of flab beat me!! So Smell ya latter!" said Blue while running onward.

    "Hey wait! What about the Gym?!" shouted Idolon at Blue. Blue then stopped and starts running back towards the city.

    "Oh yeah! I forgot! Thanks Idolon! I'll see ya at the Gym!!" said Blue as he ran back to Vermilion City.

    "You know, I remembered Lt. Surge said that I use my Houndour once." said Idolon. Idolon looked at his Houndour.

    "Looks like I'm gonna have to train you before our fight!" said Idolon. The Houndour barked happily as He, Misdreavus and Idolon went towards the tall grass.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    Yeah Chapter 13. I feel very refreshed after I died of sunburn and resurrected. I am frustrated and yet not frustrated that I kept on making Chapters and yet not having the Gym Chapter even made yet. So I promise myself that the next chapter will be the Lt. Surge battle.


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..

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    Chapter 14: The Doom of the Soldier

    After several minutes of battling an amount of wild Pokemon, Idolon began walking towards the Gym. He then entered the Gym, which is has a yellow floor, wall and ceiling. Idolon's eyes hurt and so does Misdreavus's. He saw a battle going on between a teenage boy with spiky hair and a man with yellow spiky hair. Blue has his Raticate out while Lt. Surge has his Raichu out.

    "Raticate! Use Swords Dance!!"

    "Raichu! Use Thunder Wave!!"

    The Raichu began encasing itself with electricity and charged at the Raticate. The Raticate manages to dodge the attack by performing....ballerina?! The Raticate is dancing belle which looks very ridiculous but not only that, it is wearing a tutu. Lt. Surge, Idolon and their Pokemon laugh out loud. The Raichu laughed so hard that it fainted, which stops the laughter and produce shocking. Get it?!

    "Wow, that's a dumb way to end a battle..... Oh what the heck! A wins a wins. Here! Have my badge!!" said Lt. Surge as he gave Blue his gym badge.

    Blue grabbed the badge and saw Idolon, standing by the front door. Idolon went towards Blue.

    "Congrates on getting your badge!" said Idolon

    "Yeah! I bet that Fatso isn't around here, so I decided to stick around Vermilion City for a bit" said Blue

    "Well well well, if it isn't the 'Master Trainer'. Now we met before at the dock remember? You know Team Rocket and the drama between your fish and stuff" said Lt. Surge upon seeing Idolon.

    "Team Rocket?" said Blue

    "Yeah, you know those guys with the white shirts and a Meowth." said Idolon

    "Ohh. Well, I bet you beat them like before. So Smell ya later!" said Blue as he exited the Gym

    "Okay! We got a battle to do!! What's your name kid? I forgot to ask!" said Lt. Surge

    "My name is Idolon. I challenge thee" said Idolon as he entered the stage.

    "Thee?" said Lt. Surge

    "Shakespeare, Thought you knew" said Idolon

    "I'm an American! Not some guy with a top hat and that weird eye glass thing!" said Lt. Surge

    "Monocle?" said Idolon

    "Whatever! I am American! We eat Nachos and love to watch Football! Not some sissy play about boring things like opera!!" said Lt. Surge

    "Okay." said Idolon simply

    "Whatever! We're not here to fight with races! We're here to fight with Pokemon!! Here are the rules! Three Pokemons are allowed and No subsitutes! You got that!?" said Lt. Surge

    "Yep" said Idolon

    "Okay! Go! Voltobe!" shouted Lt. Surge as he unleashes a Pokeball with eyes.

    "Misdreavus! You're up!" said Idolon. Misdreavus gave out a cry and faces his opponent.

    "Voltobe! Use SonicBoom!!" shouted Lt. Surge

    "Misdreavus!! Use Hypnosis!!" shouted Idolon.

    The Voltobe let out a Sonic boom at Misdreavus. The Misdreavus went flying through the air on impact and landed on the floor. The Misdreavus's face went up and his eyes glowed a pinkish light at the Voltobe. The Voltobe fall asleep.

    "Wait! How can a Misdreavus learn Hypnosis!?" said one of the Audience.

    "Fufufu.. I'm special." said Misdreavus

    "His special" said Idolon

    "HE?!" shouted the Audience member

    "Sexist" scoffed Misdreavus

    "Voltobe! Wake Up!!" shouted Lt. Surge at his Pokemon

    "Oh yeah the battle! Misdreavus, Will-O-Wisp the big plump!" said Idolon.

    The Misdreavus shot a blue ball of flames at the Voltobe. The Voltobe was then engulf in blue spectrum flames.

    "EEKK!! Voltobe!! HOW CAN YOU SLEEP WHILE BURNING!?!" shouted Lt. Surge. The Voltobe then woke up and began noticing it's on fire. The Voltobe took evasive maneuvers and Exploded. The explosion hit the Misdreavus and thrown him at the ceiling. The Misdreavus then fall down and hit the ground.

    "No!! Why do you explode?! The floor is now covered with sod and ashes!!" said Lt. Surge at the unconscious Voltobe.

    "Misdreavus!! Are you alright!?" said Idolon worriedly

    "Miss" said the Misdreavus weekly. He then fainted.

    "Misdreavus, You did a good work." said Idolon as he picked up his Ghost Pokemon and put him on the bench.

    "Well, we have a tie for our first match. Now let's continue!! Voltobe return!!" said Lt. Surge as he returned his Pokemon

    "Well, it's your turn now buddy. Go! Houndour!!" shouted Idolon as he unleashes his hound.

    "Using your Houndour ey kid?" said Lt. Surge

    "Yeah! If I'm gonna have a hound! I'm gonna have a powerful one!" said Idolon

    "Well, lets see if your dog can handle my Pokemon! Go! Pikachu!!" shouted Lt. Surge as he unleashes the mascot of Pokemon.

    "Pikachu? Man, too mainstream. Oh well, Houndour!! Use Torment!!" said Idolon

    "Pikachu! Use Quick Attack!!" said Lt. Surge

    The Pikachu tackled the Houndour at a fast speed, the Houndour was thrown back. The Houndour went back up and bark something at the Pikachu.

    "Great! Now Pikachu can't use the same moves for a while! Houndour! Use Smog!!" said Idolon

    The Houndour releases a thick fog all over the Pikachu. The Pikachu breath in the smog and got poisoned. The Smog cleared and the Pikachu's face has gotten purple.

    "Pikachu!! Use Quick Attack now!" said Lt. Surge

    "Houndour! Use Bite when it's near you!" said Idolon

    The Pikachu charged at the Houndour in a very fast pace. The Houndour saw the Pikachu coming nearer and nearer. When the Pikachu is near enough, the Houndour pounce and bite the Pikachu.

    "Now Houndour! Use Ember!!" said Idolon.

    The Houndour let go of the Pikachu and shot flames at the Pikachu. The Pikachu sustained a lot of damage because of the close contact of the attack and the poison from earlier. The Pikachu then fainted.

    "Haha! Way to go Houndour!!" said Idolon. The Houndour barked happily.

    But then suddenly. The Houndour began to flash. Then he began to glow. The Houndour became engulfed in light and the light glows brighter and brighter until the light exploded. Once the light cleared, it is revealed that a new Pokemon has appeared at the same spot that the Houndour was standing. The Pokemon has two white horns grow on his head, a collar with a skull like pendant in the center of the chest and has a long pointy tail.

    "Wha?" said Idolon, he tooked out his Pokedex.

    "Houndoom, the Dark Pokemon, Upon hearing its howls, many Pokemon who hears them get the shivers and head straight back to their nests. It is said that a Milotic ended up fighting a Houndoom while it was trying to protect the researches from a pack of Houndours and a Fearow while trying to figure out why the Servine is called the 'Grass Snake Pokemon' when it doesn't slither and have feets." said the Pokedex

    "Yeah! My Houndour evolved! Haha!" said Idolon

    "A Houndoom huh? Hmm.." said Lt. Surge glaring at the newly evolved Pokemon

    "What's wrong?" said Idolon

    "Oh it's just that, back when I was a Private, I stumbled upon a Houndoom when I was in a Forest doing camouflage training. The Houndoom chased me throughout the forest and I was cornered by a big tree. Just when the Houndoom was about to roast me alive, an electric spark shot at it and the Houndoom ran away. I then knew another Pokemon saved me. I saw that a Pikachu saved me from that dog, and we became best friends. I then heard howls of Houndours and Houndooms so I ran out of the Forest and gone back straight back to the Military camp. Sure, the chief went mad at me for bailing out of the training, but I was fine and what's more is that I got a new friend." said Lt. Surge

    "Wow, almost roasted by a Houndoom huh." said Idolon

    "Heh, I don't know whether to kick it for burning my pants and underwe- I mean! Chasing me. Or thank it for giving me a friend. Still that experience would have traumatize me if I hadn't toughen up." said Lt. Surge

    "Great... My Pokemon species nearly traumatized a Gym Leader... Actually that's sounds cooler than I thought it would be" said Idolon

    "Nearly. But I'm not afraid of no Houndooms anymore! So enough about my past! It's time to battle!" said Lt. Surge

    "Alright Houndoom! Are you ready!?" said Idolon. The Houndoom barked in response

    "Go! Raichu!" shouted Lt. Surge as he unleashes his Raichu. The Raichu saw the Houndoom and began to look angrily and growl at the hound with electricity sparking on it's cheeks.

    "Guess that must be the same Pikachu. This is gonna be a tough match" thought Idolon.

    Just then, the Raichu unexpectedly shot a Thunderbolt at the Houndoom. The Houndoom quickly dodges the bolt with his reflexes.

    "Raichu! Take it easy!" said Lt. Surge. The Raichu wouldn't listen and prepared to attack.

    "Houndoom! Blind the Raichu with Smog!!" said Idolon desperately.

    The Houndoom went in circles around the Raichu while covering it with smog. The Raichu then remove the smog using Tail Whip and charged at the Houndoom with great speed.

    "Houndoom! Get out of there! Dodge!!" shouted Idolon.

    The Houndoom sidestepped the Raging Raichu. The Raichu glared angrily at the Houndoom. The Houndoom has a surprised look on his face.

    "Raichu! Stop!" said Lt. Surge.

    The Raichu won't listen and saw that the Houndoom belongs to Idolon. The Raichu than glared angrily at Idolon and shot a Thunderbolt at the Kid. Idolon was shocked and fell on the ground.

    "Ouch! With the shocking and bolting. And Stuff!" said Idolon.

    The Audience gasp in surprise that the Gym Leader's Pokemon would do something like this. The Houndoom saw the Raichu attack his Trainer and became very angry. The Houndoom looked at the Raichu with a glare of hate and growled. The Raichu did the same thing. The Two Pokemon stared at each other wanting to end the other. Then they attack.

    The Raichu shot a Thunderbolt at the Houndoom, he dodged it and shot flames from his mouth. The Raichu then ducked under the flames and began charging at the Houndoom with great Speed.

    The Houndoom than shot another Ember at the Raichu as it was charging at him. The Raichu the wiped the Ember out with it's tail and kicked the Houndoom in the face. The Houndoom staggered and got a black-eye.

    The Houndoom then shot a circular, dark and sinister beam from it's mouth, at the Raichu. The Raichu got hit by the beam and began fall backwards. The Raichu then uses Double Team, The Houndoom then took a sniff and shot another dark beam at the Raichu. The Raichu then blocked the beam by using Thunderbolt.

    "That's Dark Pulse and Odor Sleuth!" said Idolon while trying to sit up still paralyzed.

    "Raichu!! Stop it right now! That's an order!!" shouted Lt. Surge

    The Raichu didn't obey and shot a Thunderbolt at the Houndoom. The Houndoom got strucked by the bolt and is now paralyzed. The Raichu smirked, until it was hit by a stream of flames and has acquired burn.

    The Raichu then uses Thunderbolt, while Houndoom uses Dark Pulse. The Bolt and the Pulse interracted and locked into each other. The Combined energy began to form a big ball of darkness and Lightning in the center. The ball then exploded and thrown both Pokemon back. The two Pokemon stood up looking tired but still determined.

    The Houndoom saw the Raichu fall to the side looking angrily at the Houndoom and simply taunting him, planning for the Houndoom to attack so it could dodge it and perform a Quick Atttack. The Houndoom then tooked the taunt and angrily shot Ember at it.

    "Raichu! Oh no!!" said Lt. Surge as he, thinking his Raichu is in trouble, jumped in front of his Pokemon and got hit by the flames. The Soldier then rolled to the side with his legs are on fire. The Raichu saw what had he had done and ran towards it's master desperately trying to put out the flames.

    The Houndoom felt ashamed for what he had done and saw the Audience screaming and shouting. He then saw an Audience Member running outside to warn the Nurse.

    It was Chaos. The Audience is going crazy, running around screaming. A boy is Paralyzed and the soldier is on fire, which spread across the wall. The Misdreavus woke up from the sounds of the screaming Audience, and saw his friend laying on the floor, looking as though he can't move.

    "Idolon! Idolon! What happened?! What's going on!!" said the Misdreavus

    "Uhh.. I'm paralyzed and uhh..." said Idolon.

    "Shame, I actually like to see the Chaos going on in the Gym" thought Idolon before losing his conscious. After all, he is one of the men who wants to watch the world burn.

    Then all of a sudden a Nurse Joy appeared in the front door. And she called out her Jigglypuff to sooth the Audience, her two Chanseys that carried the Soldier and the Boy from the Gym. She then called her Poliwhirl to stop the fire spread. As the Pokemon followed their trainers.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Idolon woke up and saw that he is in some sort of hospital, laying in a hospital bed. He also saw that he is surrounded by all of his Pokemon.

    "Master Trainer" said Milotic telepathically.

    "Uhh..." manage Idolon. He then saw Skorupi standing on his stomach staring at him.

    "AAHH!! Skorupi!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?" shouted Idolon in surprised. The Pokemons began to laugh with joy that their trainer is okay.

    "Welcome back Idolon" said Misdreavus

    "Yeah, welcome me. With a Skorupi staring at me with his big eyes" said Idolon jokingly. His Pokemon laugh once more. Idolon then saw his Houndoom and suddenly remembered.

    "THE MATCH!! What happened! What happened to the Gym!!" said Idolon frantically

    "Calm yourself Master Trainer, Misdreavus can provide you with the answer." said Milotic

    "Well, I woke up and saw a bunch of people screaming everywhere, you on the ground and the Gym Leader on the ground too with his legs on fire." said Misdreavus

    "And I missed all that!? Shame.. I really wanted to see the Chaos" said Idolon.

    "Yeah, well then the Nurse came and restore order (Dang it!) and brought you and the Gym Leader to the Hospital." said Misdreavus

    "Okay, so how is Lt. Surge?" said Idolon

    "The Gym Leader's legs are incapacitated for some weeks. At least, that's what the Chansey said. I also learn some other things" said Misdreavus

    "What is it?" said Idolon

    "Houndoom said that the Raichu taunted him into attacking it with Ember. It turns out the Raichu was planning to dodge his attack and attack Houndoom with Quick Attack" said Misdreavus. The Kangaskhan let out an angry roar. The Aerodactyl growled angrily.

    "Yeah.. At first, Houndoom blamed himself for attacking Raichu when he was weak as well as harming the Gym Leader. I told him why he did it and told me the Raichu taunted him. So, I decided to see Raichu himself, when we reached here. At first the Raichu won't talk but I manage to get the information from it." said Misdreavus. The Kangaskhan said something angrily.

    "Ohh... What did Kangaskhan said?" ask Idolon

    "She said that the Raichu is a horrible Pokemon for attacking her baby and made Houndoom depressed." said Misdreavus

    "Baby? But her baby is just fi-oh" said Idolon until he realized, he was the baby. He BLUSHED!! The Pokemons laugh.

    "Okay....... Now that thats clear. Where are we Misdreavus?" said Idolon

    "We're at Lavender Town's Hospital. The Town is home to many Ghost-Types of the Kanto Region"

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    And that's Chapter 14! Finally! I made a Gym Battle Chapter!! I hope that you enjoyed this Chapter. The next Chapter might feature the Great Fatty but we'll have to see.


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..

    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

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    LOve your impression of surge.
    Will idolon get the ability to understand pokemon cause of all the ghost types.
    I will not stop reading this fic.
    They say if you press cntrl and W you get to see the programming of a website after making a signature with 3 ws and 8qs
    Fanfics I like that are still in production: Author's Run, Pokémon emerald the better version

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    Chapter 15: Monster of the Tower

    The Nurse went inside Idolon's ward to check on him. It seems the shock has done some damage but they are not major nor permanent. The Nurse said that Idolon is free to move and allowed to get out of the Hospital. Idolon took his stuff and returned all of his Pokemon. Except Misdreavus and Houndoom. As he exited his ward he saw Lt. Surge in a wheelchair at the Hallway, talking with Sabrina.

    "Hey! If it isn't Idolon!" said Lt. Surge

    "Yeah.. I'm sorry that my Houndoom burned your legs" said Idolon. Houndoom barked sadly

    "Nah! It's okay! I survived worse! One time I-" said Lt. Surge

    "Okay Surge, I think he gets it. By the way. I talked to you're Raichu and he said that he made the Houndoom attack him so he could dodge the attack and tackle the Houndoom" said Sabrina

    "Really?! Wow, I knew Raichu has a hatred for Houndooms but I never see him go so far.." said Lt. Surge

    "Well, I see that before Raichu became your Pokemon, the Houndooms and Houndours living in the Forest had bullied him for along time. He never had peace. Until he met you." said Sabrina

    "I didn't know... If I knew about that, I would never let him battle against a Houndoom ever." said Lt. Surge

    "It's no ones fault. The Raichu is sorry for his actions and promise never to harm a trainer nor risking his trainer's life." said Sabrina

    "Yeah, Houndoom is sorry as well. Right?" said Idolon. The Houndoom nodded.

    "Well, now that that's settle-" said Sabrina

    "Oh wait!! I just remembered!!" said Lt.Surge. He pushed his wheelchair nearer to Idolon and held out a badge

    "Here you go!" said Lt. Surge

    "What? Why?" said Idolon looking at the badge

    "Think of it as an apology from my Pokemon's behavior. Now take it!" said Lt. Surge


    "THATS AN ORDER!!" shouted Lt. Surge

    "Yessir!" said Idolon quickly as he took the badge from the soldier.

    "Well, NOW...That's settle I must be leaving. I find the presence of Ghosts from the tower.. Unsettling" said Sabrina

    "What's wrong with Ghost-Types? I like them" said Idolon

    "Some psychic's do have Ghost-Type Pokemon. But they don't have many on them because Psychic's Fear Ghosts and Dark-types...and also Bugs" said Sabrina as she leaves.

    "So... Lt. Surge." said Idolon

    "Yes?" said Lt. Surge

    "Why does Lavender Town have a hospital?" said Idolon

    "Because, There is a Tower filled with Ghosts. Sometimes the Ghosts over there attack the humans, for either Mischief or Malicious desires. So, the Towns people made a Hospital incase people get hurt" said Lt. Surge

    "A tower filled with Ghosts huh.....I know where I'm going!" said Idolon

    "Didn't I tell you is dangerous?" said Lt. Surge

    "I got shocked by a high leveled Raichu. And I'm an expert on Dark and Ghost-types. Plus I have my Pokemon with me. So yeah, I think I can handle the Tower" said Idolon

    "Well, I see. But don't say I warned you" said Lt. Surge.

    Idolon then ran towards the Hallway doors.

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Idolon went outside the hospital and saw the Town infront of him. The Town only contains a few houses and a tent. The Town like Pewter City, is surrounded by Mountains. Idolon then saw a tall, gloomy tower which is next to the outside Route.

    "I sense a lot of Ghost-Types over there" said Misdreavus

    "This place somehow reminded me of Lentimas Town." said Idolon

    "Each region has a place, where Ghost-Types roamed freely" said Misdreavus

    "Yeah, I know. Anyways! Let's Go to the Tower! I wonder what Ghost-Types live over there" said Idolon

    The two began going towards the Tower. By the time they are at the front of the Tower, an old lady with blond hair and a cane walked outside from the Tower and saw Idolon.

    "Why hello there, Are you going in the Pokemon Tower?" said the old lady

    "Why, yes as the matter of fact. My name is Idolon. This is Misdreavus. Who are you?" said Idolon

    "I am Agatha. One of the Kanto Elite Four" said Agatha

    "Woah! You're one of the Elite Four?!" exclaimed Idolon.

    "Indeed. By the way, Why do you want to enter this tower. Only Channelers and Brave Trainers go in here" said Agatha

    "I'm going in there is so I could capture a Ghost-Type! After all, I am a fan of Dark and Ghost-types" said Idolon

    "Really? I am to a fan of Ghost-types! May I ask where are you from, young man?" said Agatha

    "Lentimas Town. Unova" said Idolon

    "You're from Unova eh? Hmm.. but, Misdreavuses are quite rare in Unova" said Agatha

    "Yeah, he's special" said Idolon

    "Well now, I see you are a trainer. So are you going to challenge the league?" said Agatha. Idolon nodded

    "Looks like you're a decent trainer. So be it. I hope to challenge you in the future, Idolon. I want to see who got the better Ghost-Types" said Agatha as she leaves.

    "Alright! Let's head in!" said Idolon as he and his Pokemon entered the tower.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    The base of the Tower is filled with tombstones and a few people. Some people were sad, others were just plain unhappy. Idolon finds the Tower, surprisingly welcoming.

    "Well, this place is what I expected to be..." said Idolon

    He then continued upwards to the 2nd floor. He saw a another bunch of Tombstones in the area with fewer people standing infront of them. Idolon proceeds to go upwards through the stairs. When he got up on the 3rd floor, he sees another bunch of tombstone. Except, Idolon saw Apparations instead of people this time. Idolon took out his Pokedex to see what the Pokemons are.

    "Gastly, The Gas Pokemon, Almost invisible this gaseous Pokemon cloaks the target and puts it to sleep without notice. Some Researches own Gastlys and use them against the Fearow and the Houndours when they were chasing them while they were trying to figure out why a Servine is called the 'Grass Snake Pokemon' when they have legs and don't slither." said the Pokedex

    "Well, I know what I'm having!" said Idolon. He then saw a Gastly near by and decided to capture that one.

    "Misdreavus! Psywave that Gastly!" said Idolon. The Misdreavus sent waves of energy at the Gastly. The Gastly was knocked back by the waves and looks angry. It then shot a sinister ray at Misdreavus.

    "Misdreavus! Close your eyes!!" said Idolon. The Misdreavus manages to close his eyes before it could get confused.

    "Now! Psywave again!!" ordered Idolon. The Gastly once again got hit by waves of energy and looks tired.

    "Alright! Time to Capture it!" said Idolon as he threw a Pokeball at the Gastly. The Gastly was sucked in the Pokeball as it landed to the ground and shake.

    One Time.

    Two Times.

    Three Times!

    The Ball went *ping*.

    "Yes!" said Idolon.

    "Well, now we got another Ghost-Type. Shall we move on?" said Misdreavus

    "Yeah. I agree. I think I should train my Gastly here." said Idolon. He saw a staircase and went up. He saw a bunch of Ghost-types in the area. Idolon then unleashes his Gastly.

    "Hello, Gastly. I am your new Trainer. Idolon." said Idolon

    "So, you are the one who captured me... What is it that you want?" said Gastly

    "Too train you duh" said Idolon

    "You expect me to attack my brethren?" said Gastly

    "Uhh.. well.... If you don't want to then...." said Idolon. And then suddenly a crazy women wearing a white robe, jumped from behind the Tombstone infront of Idolon. He freaked out.

    "LADY!! What is wrong with you!!? You surprised me!!" shouted Idolon

    "OYOYOYOYOYOY!! I sssseeeennnnnsssseeeee cooookiiiieeeesss withhhhhiiiinnnn youuuu... DO YOU HAVE COOKIES?!?!" shouted the crazy lady

    "Uhh...No?" said Idolon


    "I don't have bloody cookies!!!" shouted Idolon.

    "OYOYOYOYOYOYOYILOLOLOOLOLOOLOOYOYOYOYOYOYLOLOLIOY !!!!!" said the Crazy Lady as she starts flailing on the floor.

    "Uhh...Is she a ghost?" said Idolon

    "No, She's just possessed by one" said Gastly

    "Who?" said Misdreavus

    "OYOYOYOYoyoyoyy........." said the crazy lady as she stops moving.

    "Uhhh.... Crazy Lady?" said Idolon. The lady didn't move.

    "Is she dead?" said Idolon

    "I sense no life in her..." said Misdreavus. Idolon and his Ghosts looked at the crazy lady's body

    "Well.... I'm glad I'm not possessed." said Idolon. Suddenly the crazy lady bolted upwards and starts standing.

    "WHAT THE HELL?!?! I thought you said she was dead!!" said Idolon in surprised

    "I'm not dead..... I am alive." said the crazy lady

    "What's going on you crazy women?! Is this a joke?!" said Idolon angrily.

    "It's no joke. I am a Channeler" said the Channeler

    "So, you change channels on the television?" said Idolon

    "No! You stupid poop! I channel sppppppppiiiiiiiiirrrrrrriiiiiiiiiittttttttssssss. .. ooooooooohhhhhhh" said the Channeler.

    "Man, you remind me of that crazy ghost back at that Strange House!" said Idolon

    "Who?" said the Channeler

    "Never mind. Say what did you just channeled?" said Idolon

    "I don't know.. I just channel some random spirit and BAM! I got possessed! Who possessed me?" said the Channeler

    "It was the Great Demon of the Pokemon Underworld." said Gastly

    "You don't mean..!" said Misdreavus

    "Who?" said Idolon

    "I'm talking about the greatest of the Nine Demons of the Spirit Realm. It is the Kukkī no Dai maō. Also known as..... the Cookie Monster" said Gastly

    "You have got to be kidding me" said Idolon

    "I was possessed by a powerful Demon?!" said the Channeler.

    "Kukkī no Dai maō.... Why would such a powerful entity possessed this girl" said Misdreavus

    "Maybe because I had cookies for lunch just now. Teehee." said The Channeler

    "Why on Earth would you have cookies for lunch?" said Idolon

    "I'm special" said the Channeler

    "You're weird" said Idolon

    "That's what makes me special! Unlike you" said the Channeler

    Apply cold water to burn area

    "Burn..." said Gastly

    "Yeah well, Anyway I got to go on top of this tower so....yeah been seeing you..or not...." said Idolon as he progressed towards the staircase

    "Oh wait! There are other Channelers up there! Plus!!" said the Channeler

    "Plus what?" said Idolon.

    "My mother has eaten cookies for lunch as well. And she's up there!" said the Channeler..

    "Oh boy, I get the feeling there's going to be crazyness in this tower" said Idolon

    "I agree" said Misdreavus

    "Me too" said Gastly

    Suddenly there were screams.

    "Come on! Lets go!" said Idolon as he ran up the stairs towards the next floor.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________

    Idolon saw Channelers and Ghost-Types running amok due to the impending doom that is coming to the world. He ran staircase to staircase. He reached the 6th floor just before the roof top.

    "We're nearly there! Misdreavus!!" said Idolon.

    "What's going on up there? Why do I sense several malevolent forces up there?! Could it be?!" said Misdreavus

    "Up there....Is a seal" said Gastly

    "What?" said Idolon

    "Long ago, the Nine Great Demons ravaged the lands and brought darkness to the world. The demons have destroyed lots of lives and brought extinction to, what you humans called 'Fossil Pokemon'. The Great Demons have destroyed many, and they were very powerful that many Pokemons couldn't defeat them. But, only one Pokemon is able to stopped them. The Pokemon known as Regigigas, the Mover of Continents saw the terror's made by the Great Nine. It created Three Golems to protect the people from the Demons, while it goes directly towards them. The Regigigas used many of it's powers, but could not defeat the Nine. So it decided the best way to get rid of them, is to seal them away from the world. It created many Tombs to hold the Demons from ever entering the World. It spread the Seals in many different places in the world. After it has perform it's duties, Regigigas Sealed itself away, so did its creations." said Gastly

    "So, the one up there is one of the seals?" said Misdreavus

    "Yes and I feared someone is gonna open the seal to the Greatest of the Nine!" said Gastly

    "Then, there's no time to lose! Lets go!!" said Idolon as he ran up the final stair.

    He reached to the top of the building and saw people in black costumes on either side of the wall. He saw at the front, a lady in a white robe laying on the floor and a man with light blue hair and a white shirt is standing.

    "Hey Boss, It's another brat!" said a Grunt

    "Hmm?" said the boss as he turn around and saw Idolon.

    "Oh, so it is a brat, so it is" said the blue haired man in a calmed voice

    "Who are you? And what's going on?" said Idolon

    "Idolon?" said a recognizable voice. Idolon looked to his left and saw Blue being held up by two Grunts.

    "Blue?!" said Idolon

    "My my.. A friendly reunion. But what of me for not answering your questions. I am Archer. A Team Rocket Executive" said Archer

    "An Executive?" said Idolon

    "Yes. I am. And what is going on is..." said Archer. He moved out of the way and Idolon saw a big tomb with a Marowak and a Raticate on top of it.

    "What the-" said Idolon

    "Idolon! Look!" said Misdreavus. Idolon saw where Misdreavus was looking. It was a Cubone, looking bruised and Beat up.

    "You might not know this, but this tomb contains the most mightiest Demon of the Nine also known as-!" said Archer

    "Kukkī no Dai maō" said Idolon glaring at Archer

    "Indeed. And I seek to use it's power for Team Rocket. And you might been wondering, how do I free the beast?" said Archer and then he make a cold laugh.

    "It's simple actually. For you see, it is said by the Dark Prognosticus-" said Archer

    "The Dark what-now?" said Idolon

    "Dark Prognosticus. It is the book of prophecies that foretold the future. But thanks to some plumber and his friends, the book is not very strong on predicting the future and can only be a universal manual." said Archer

    "And you guys have it?" said Idolon

    "I, have it. For it is a secret from all other Team Rockets" said Archer

    "But you are telling me now with all the Grunts here" said Idolon

    "This Grunts are too forgetful and you and that boy over there will perish under the might of the Demon.... Which can be released by two required sacrifices." said Archer in a cold voice

    "Sacrifices?!" said Idolon

    "Indeed. It is said by the Dark Prognosticus is that 'Two is required to be sacrificed in order to awaken the Darkness and only two. Not Three, but two. Four is out of the question. And don't get me started on six. So it must always be two. One must be a widow of a creature other than a man. The other must be a rodent that is loved by a man.' and these two Pokemon have the requirements. But, however the Demon must have a temporary Vessel until it could regained its power again" said Archer

    "You mean...the lady?!" said Idolon

    "Yes, The lady's daughter has accidentally channeled the Great Demon. But the Demon couldn't escape through her because of the curse of the Tomb made by the Continent Mover. But the lady right here has eaten cookies which attracts the Demon. But enough Chit-Chat. It's time for the ritual." said Archer.

    "Oh no" said Misdreavus as Archer raised his hands at the sky

    "Kukkī no Dai maō!! Greatest of the Nine!! I give thee two sacrifices!! The widow and the rodent!! Accept thy gifts, and be free once more!! ARISE!! ARISE!! ARISE!!!!" said Archer.

    The Pokemon began shaking and then their bodies seems to get thinner and thinner. The Cubone woke up and saw his mother being sacrificed and shouted "Cubone!! CUUBONE!!" whilst crying.

    "Raticate!! RATICATE!!!" shouted Blue. The Grunts holding him freed Blue so that they could cover their ears. Blue ran past the Grunts and took the Raticate before the sacrifice could be done.

    "No!! You fools!!! Bring back that Raticate!!" said Archer angrily. The Grunts glared at Blue and Idolon.

    "Misdreavus!! Gastly!! Hypnosis!!" ordered Idolon. The Two Pokemon's eyes glowed a pink flash which caused all of the Grunts to fall a sleep.

    "Cubone!! CUUUBBBOOONNNEE!!!" cried Cubone. The two trainers look and saw the Marowaks body reduced to ashes.

    "Oh no!" said Idolon

    "Idiot!! I should have saved the Marowak first!!!" shouted Blue angry at himself.

    "No, The Sacrifice! It's not complete!!" said Archer. Then the Tower shook. The Sky is now covered in storm clouds and the Tomb began opening.

    "No!" said Idolon

    "The Sacrifice! It still woke it up!!" said Misdreavus

    "I thought The Sacrificed failed!! How could that thing wake up!!?" said Blue in astonishment

    "Hahaha!! Yes!! I forgot! The second Sacrifice is to bring some of its powers back, while the first one is to awaken the beast!! Yes!! Awake! AWAKE MY COOKIE MONSTER!!!" shouted Archer

    "That sounded sooo wrong" said Idolon

    The sky began to produced lightning. And the Tomb is halfway open. The cries of the Cubone, the snoring of the grunts and the rumbling sound of the tower can only be heard. Then the Tomb has finally been opened. And then the untold demon has awaken. The Demon emerge from the tomb. It looks like a light blue furry sock puppet. With googly eyes.

    "COOOKKKIIIEEEE!!!!! Who did calling me back?" shouted the Cookie Monster

    "It is I! Master of the Dark!" said Archer bowing at the Sock Puppet

    "That's the Great Demon. A sock puppet" said Idolon disbelievingly

    "Yes, well Bannetts are sock puppets and have the ability to suck your soul. But still, I can't believe the Great Demon looks so ridiculous!!" said Misdreavus

    "ME WANT VESSEL!! Do vessel eat Cookie? Me want Cookie!!" said the Cookie Monster

    "Yes, Here she is" said Archer showing the unconscious lady

    "Vessle... Vessle is girl, but vessle eats cookie. Cookie good. Good Good" said The Cookie Monster.

    It then looked at the lady for a moment. And then there was a huge white flash. Once the light goes out the demon was gone. But the Lady is now standing. The lady looks more different than before. She wore a Blue furry sweater with blue pants. She is also wearing glasses that has googly eyes on where the glass would be.

    "AHH!!! Me like it here! ME WANT MORE COOKIES!!!" said the Cookie Monster

    "Yes, I can give you cookies. If you do me a favor" said Archer

    "What the favor is?" said Cookie Monster

    Archer then pointed at Idolon and Blue and said this words


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    Wow, this Chapter is random....very random. I hope you enjoy this Chapter. I hope this Chapter is funny and give you lols.


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..
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    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Oneshot(s)! It's-IT'S. It's.....Something. Caution: May shatter your sanity. Read, if you dare.....

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    Best chapter in a long time!
    You are rivalling the adventure of adventureness series in randomnes!
    They say if you press cntrl and W you get to see the programming of a website after making a signature with 3 ws and 8qs
    Fanfics I like that are still in production: Author's Run, Pokémon emerald the better version

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    Chapter 16 Boss Battle: Kukkī no Dai maō, the Greatest of the Nine

    "COOOKKKKIIIIIEEEE!!!!" shouted the Cookie Monster as it shot a huge beam at the two boys. The two boys fortunately jumped out of the huge beam's way. The Grunts began running away as soon as they woke up and saw the demon.

    "Wow, that's one heck of a beam" said Blue

    "Yeah, this is gonna be hard. But we can't let it get out to the world! Go! Aerodactyl! Kangaskhan! Milotic!!" shouted Idolon as he unleashes his Pokemon.

    "Go! Gyarados! Kadabra! Charmeleon! Kabuto!!" shouted Blue as he unleashes his Pokemon.

    "HAHAHAHA!! You're Pokemon is no match for the demon! Even if it's still weak from the failure of the sacrifices!!" said Archer

    "COOKIE MONSTER! DESTROYYYYYYYYY!!!!" shouted the possessed lady

    "Aerodactyl! Use Ancient Power! Kangaskhan! Mega Punch! Milotic! Water Pulse! Misdreavus! Psybeam! Gastly! Night Shade!!" shouted Idolon

    "Charmeleon! Ember! Kadabra! Disable! Kabuto! Water Gun!" shouted Blue

    "RAAAWWWWRRR!!" shouted the Cookie Monster

    The Pokemons do what they are told. The Aerodactyl immediately shot a Ball of Ancient energy from his mouth at the Beast. The Kangaskhan ran towards the Cookie Monster with her fist raised. The Milotic shot pulses of water, Misdreavus shot multicolored beams from his eyes, While the Gastly shot black beams at the Monster. The Charmeleon shot Flames while the Kabuto shot water instead. The Kadabra just looked at the beast with astonishment.

    "It cannot be...!" exclaimed the Kadabra mentally

    "RRRAAAAAAWWWWRRRR!!! ME NO LIKE BRIGHT STUFF!!" shouted the Cookie Monster as it got hit by beams, water, flames and Ancient Energy.

    The Cookie Monster was thrown to ground. It saw the Kangaskhan towering over it, preparing to throw a punch at it. But the Cookie Monster shot lasers from it's nose at the Kangaskhan. The Kangaskhan was thrown up towards the sky and fell towards the Ground. The Cookie Monster stood up and shot lasers from it's nose at the Pokemons. The Aerodactyl was the first to be hit by the Nose Laser and was thrown towards a collumn. The Cookie Monster then shot his Nose Laser at the Milotic. The Milotic manage to dodge the laser.

    "RAAAWWWRR!! PRETTY MUST DIE!!" shouted the Cookie Monster.

    "Nope! Kangaskhan! Return! Aerodactyl! Are you Okay?!" said Idolon. The Aerodactyl got on his feet and nodded

    "Kadabra! Snap out of it!!" shouted Blue

    "But..that's-" said Kadabra

    "We know! But it's weak now so-" said Idolon

    "WHO BE CALLING ME WEAK!!!"shouted the Cookie Monster.

    It then began shooting red lasers from it's eyes at Idolon. The Milotic saw her master is in trouble and jumped in front of him with Mirror Coat on. The Laser was then bounced back at the The Cookie Monster with greater intensity. The Cookie Monster was Thrown back.

    "RAAAWWWRRR!!! YOU DIE NOW!!!" shouted the Cookie Monster.

    It then shot a Nose Laser at the Milotic which deflected back at the Cookie Monster with greater power. The Cookie Monster barely dodged the deflected attack and roared angrily.

    "YOU, PRETTY, DIE!!" shouted the Cookie Monster.

    It ran towards the Milotic and grabbed her tail and swing her around. The Cookie Monster then let go of Milotic, and the Fish got thrown towards a Collumn, head first.

    "Milotic!!" shouted Idolon

    "Charmeleon! Dragon Rage! Kabuto again! Water Gun! Kadabra!! DO SOMETHING!!!" shouted Blue as Idolon ran towards his Milotic

    "Milotic! Are you alright?!" said Idolon frantically

    "Master... Trainer..." said Milotic

    "Milotic!! Use Recover!!" said Idolon. The Milotic recovered herself and looks positively healthy.

    "RAAAWWWRRR!!" shouted the Cookie Monster.

    Idolon saw Blue's Pokemon shooting draconic flames and water at the Monster. The Kadabra no longer astonish, has flashes in it's eyes. Idolon knew what that meant.

    "RAAAWWRR!! YOU DIE!!!! ALL DIE!!" shouted the Cookie Monster as it tried to use a Nose Laser. But it couldn't

    "Muwha?!" exclaimed Archer

    "WHAAA?!?! WHY ME NO SHOOT NOSE LASER?!?!" exclaimed the Cookie Monster.

    "Yeah! Why to go Kadabra!!" said Blue happily.

    "Aerodactyl! AncientPower again! Misdreavus and Gastly! Keep firing beams at it!! Milotic! Water Pulse!!" said Idolon

    The Aerodactyl shot Ancient energy as well as Misdreavus using Psybeam, Gastly using Night Shade and Milotic shooting pulses of water at the Cookie Monster.

    "AHH!!! ME HATE WATER! ME HATE BEAMS! ME HATE EVERYTHING!!!! except cookies" shouted the Cookie Monster as it got hit by the attacks. It then tries to use Nose Laser by blowing through it's nose many times

    "Now! Everyone!! FIRE!!" shouted Idolon.

    "Yeah! FOR RATICATE!!!" shouted Blue

    The Pokemons fired many beams, water, fire and energy at the Cookie Monster.

    "AGAIN!!" shouted the two boys

    The Pokemons fired again and the Cookie Monster began staggering and looking exhausted.

    "RAAAWWWRRR!!!" shouted the Cookie Monster

    "We can't destroy it!!" said Idolon

    "How do we stop it!!?" said Blue

    "The only way to defeat the demon is by sending it back to the Spirit World!!" said Misdreavus

    "And how do we do that?!" said Idolon

    "Our Pokemons don't have the ability!!" said Blue

    "But I have" said a new voice.

    All the figures on the roof look and saw Agatha up on the top of the stairs. She looks angry.

    "Get out of my daughter you b****!!" shouted Agatha


    "Quick! Put the Demon to Sleep!!" shouted Agatha at Idolon

    "Gastly! Hypnosis!!" shouted Idolon.

    The Gastly went infront of the demon and his eyes glowed a pink flash. The Demon then fall to the ground asleep.

    "Quick! Go! Gengar!!" shouted Agatha as she unleashes her Gengar

    "Idolon! Tell your Gastly and Misdreavus to come here!!" said Agatha while standing next to the demon.

    "What are you doing?!?!" shouted Archer

    "Kicking it out of my daughter of course! You snitch!" shouted Agatha as she took out an old book and opens it.

    "Gengar! Misdreavus! Gastly! Surround this beast with your Ghostly Aura!!" said Agatha.

    The Ghosts do what she said and the demon's body became surrounded with dark purple aura. Agatha coughed and began enchanting some sort of spell.

    "Great Demon of the Nine! Terror and Mayham you have wrought! Go back! Go back to the prison in the underworld from once you came! アウェイ取り外すには、リリース!!!" shouted Agatha.

    There were lightnings. The lady began screeching and screeching.

    "NO!!" shouted Archer

    "Look! The lady! She's changing!" said Blue.

    The lady's spectacle began dissolving. Her dress began to change from a blue furry sweater to a white robe. The lady continued to screech until she finally stopped and fainted. The sky began to clear and showed daylight once more. The people looked at the lady, who is now unconscious.

    "This is not over..." said Archer as he called out his Golbat and flied out of here.

    "Hey! We got to stop him!" said Blue

    "Wait! Someone is coming up!" said Idolon

    Then a person went up the stairs.

    "Mother! Mother!" said the person. The person was the same Channeler that Idolon met back in the tower. She ran towards the unconscious lady.

    "Grandmother! You! What happened?!" said the Channeler

    "Don't worry Hope. Jennifer is fine. If it worn't for the boys here and their Pokemon. The Demon would have permanently possessed her." said Agatha.

    Hope looked at Idolon and Blue and said this:

    "Thank You"

    The lady began to regain conscious as her eyes opened

    "Mother? What are you doing here?" said Jennifer sleepily

    "Jennifer! Welcome back!" said Agatha happily


    "MOTHER!!!" shouted Hope as she jump on her mother and hugged her.

    "Hope! Mother, What is going on. Why do I feel like tarter sauce? Who are these two boys?" said Jennifer as she saw Idolon and Blue.

    "Don't worry daughter." said Agatha.

    "I'll explain everything"

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    Chapter 16 Everyone! Yeah I wrote this while listening to a Boss Music. I think is suitable for the Chapter because, Well is random. So yeah, The Cookie Monster has been defeated! You might think the main story plot would be that Idolon must defeat all the Nine Great Demons so he could save the world. Be actually, No. Yes, Idolon will have to battle the other 7 Demons, but that's more of a 'Side Quest' thing. By the way, Idolon has already defeated Two Great Demons. One is Aguni, the weakest of the Nine and the other is the Cookie Monster, the Greatest of the Nine. More Demons will be coming! So Idolon has to prepare for trouble.


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..
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    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Oneshot(s)! It's-IT'S. It's.....Something. Caution: May shatter your sanity. Read, if you dare.....

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    Chapter 17: A Whole load of Talking

    "So that's what happened" said Jennifer

    The Boys and the Girls were in Agatha's House. Agatha began talking about how she felt an earthquake in the Tower and rushed over there, where she met Hope who senses something wrong with her mother. When Agatha reached the roof, she used an old ancient spell, invented by her ancestors, to remove any creature from the land of the living.

    "Say, Agatha? Are you part of the Elite 4?" said Blue

    "Indeed. Like your friend here. I am a fan of Ghost-Types and have train with them to the Elite 4" said Agatha

    "My grandmother is the best!" said Hope happily

    "Yeah, If it weren't for your intervention, that demon would have had our Pokemon for breakfast." said Idolon

    "I thought it eats cookies?" said Jennifer

    "It might turn their Pokemon to cookies though" said Hope

    "Can it?" said Blue

    "I don't know. That beast is so powerful that even Regigigas has a hard time battling it." said Agatha

    "Wait. How could Regigigas defeat all of the Nine Great Demons if he has a hard time defeating one?" said Idolon

    "That's because, in truth Regigigas didn't fought them alone" said Agatha

    "Oh, mother it's just a myth" said Jennifer

    "Uhh...You do know you were possessed by one of the Nine Great Demons?" said Idolon

    "Of course not! Some Ghost just possessed me thats all" said Jennifer

    "Ignore her. She doesn't believe any myth. In fact, she doesn't believe Pokemon even exist!!" said Agatha

    "WHAT?!" said Idolon and Blue

    "Pokemon don't exist mother, Their just invented by some ten year olds, who are bored and made up some crazy things called 'Pokemon'. I mean seriously! A fire breathing dragon takes orders from a kid? And also some kids told me that they have a 'Pokemon' called a Chansey. Which they say is some fat plump pink creature with a pouch that has an egg in it. I mean really?! What ridiculous nonsense kids make up this days. I hope my daughter doesn't believe in such nonsense. But of course you would tell my daughter about this ridiculous stuff! And now she believe in this nonsense! Thanks mother for ruining my daughter!" said Jennifer as she walks away from Agatha with a huff.

    "She cannot be serious!" said Idolon

    "What is wrong with her?!? Is she blind and deaf at the same time?!" said Blue

    "She's crazy" said Idolon

    "Very crazy!" said Blue

    "A lunatic"

    "A Moron"

    "A Durr"

    "A Hurr Durr"

    "A Lickitung"

    "A Lickilicky"


    "Alright I get it! My mom is crazy! Sheesh! You don't have to insult her!!" shouted Hope

    "Sorry" said the boys

    "Now then, Regigigas. You may think he stood up against the Great Demons all alone besides his Golems right?" said Agatha

    "Right" said Idolon

    "The Great Demons?" said Blue

    "Oh. You didn't know. Well long story short, their just powerful demons from the underworld that wreck havoc on Earth" said Idolon


    "Anyways. Regigigas knew the Demons were destroying everything. So, he called for help" said Agatha

    "Who did he called?" said Blue

    "First, he called upon Latios and Latias to defeat a single specific Demon. Then he called Batman to-"

    "Wait. Batman?" said Idolon

    "Why yes. He called Batman to defeat 3 lesser demons, One of them is currently being held by the police" said Agatha

    "Wait, police? You m-m-mean Aguni?" said Idolon

    "Indeed" said Agatha

    "You mean that fiery Clefairy is a Demon?!" said Blue

    "Yes, indeed. Anyways. Regigigas summoned Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza to defeat the other 4 Demons, while Regigigas fought against the same being we fought just now" said Agatha

    "The Cookie Monster?! You mean a Pokemon that moves continents, have a hard time fighting that Demon?!" exclaimed Idolon

    "That's correct. The reason why we could defeat it, is because it's has 5% of its full power" said Agatha

    "Wow, 5% and we barely defeat it." said Blue

    "You got all that from your Ghosts?" said Idolon

    "That, and also I'm a Protector" said Agatha

    "A Protector?" said Blue

    "Yes, There is a Group of people that Regigigas had gathered. We called ourselves the 'Protectors'. Our mission is to make sure the demons are kept sealed within the tombs. Never to come out." said Agatha

    "So let me guess. Your a founder?" said Blue

    "Of course not! Why would you- Oh," said Agatha. Blue grinned, but Agatha hits his head with her cane

    "That's rude!" said Hope

    "Oww.." said Blue

    "I may be old. But I'm not that old" said Agatha

    "Wait. How come this Demons are locked up in tombs? Just now you sent it back to the Underworld. So-" said Idolon

    "The spell I cast was made recently. During the time the Demons wreck havoc, our forefathers have no idea how to remove them. But after a few centuries, A researcher had discovered that Ghost-Types can sent anyone to the Land of the Dead. And that if a person has more than one Ghost-type Pokemon, they can cast a spell that sent's the victim to the Underworld." said Agatha

    "Wow, And I have two actually" said Idolon

    "But there's more. Do you know what Dusclops are?" said Agatha

    "Yeah, I read about them. They say that what ever comes into it's mouth, will never come out. They say is like a black hole. Some people said that the victim will cease to exist, or that the spirit was consumed and was sent into the Dusclops fire" said Idolon

    "You do know about Ghost-Types" said Blue

    "I do Dark-Types as well. Poison too" said Idolon

    "Yeah. It is true that whoever enters the Dusclops mouth will never get out. But, they weren't gone nor consumed. They were sent to the Underworld." said Agatha

    "Really? How do you know?" said Idolon

    "A friend of mine, owns a Dusclops. The Dusclops told my friend about it, so she told me as well." said Agatha

    "So, if we encounter a Demon. And owned a Dusclops. Does that mean we could ask the Dusclops to consume a demon and sent it back to the Underworld?" said Blue

    "Well.... yes. But as you might know. They are not easy to contained. A Demon might know this and try to incapacitated the Dusclops before it could move" said Agatha

    "Hold on. I just thought of something" said Idolon

    "Yes?" said Agatha

    "If all the Nine Demons were contained in the tombs. How did Aguni get free?" said Idolon. Agatha sighed.

    "It's seems, we have a traitor" said Agatha

    "A traitor?" said Blue

    "Yes. It happened last month. There was a Protector who betrayed his comrades and gone Renegade. He wanted to use all the Nine Demon's power for his own benefit. So, he took a book we had found in Viridian Forest. The book that calls itself the 'Dark Prognosticus'" said Agatha

    "Wait. That Archer guy had that book!" said Idolon

    "Archer. He was once a Protector. But now he is a traitor and a Leader." said Agatha

    "So now what? Do we have to like defeat Archer and Team Rocket before they could awake other Demons?" said Blue

    "No, We Protectors can handle Archer. Plus, there is only Three Demons in the region. So I doubt a quest would be necessary. I suggest you boys do what ever it is you want. We Protectors will handle the Demons" said Agatha

    "Are you sure? I could help" said Idolon

    "This is more dangerous than Team Rocket. Plus, You boys have dreams, And you have to follow it before it fades." said Agatha

    "Okay then." said Idolon.

    "Hey, can you tell me something?" said Blue

    "No" said Agatha

    "Why?" said Blue

    "Because you're rude. Now get out"

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    Agatha had told the two boys that if they wanted to get to Celadon City, They have to go through the Underground Path. Blue immediately ran off while Idolon thanked the Two ladies and went off to Route 8. As they were walking Idolon decided to have a conversation.

    "Misdreavus, There's something that is bothering me" said Idolon

    "Yes?" said Misdreavus

    "If Alakazams have a IQ of 5000 and has immense Psychic powers. Why are they not the Dominant species?" said Idolon

    "It's actually a funny story. You see in the past a Human had a Alakazam for a friend. One day they were making jokes about themselves. The human jokingly said that his Alakazam has 5000 IQ points when they approach a group of people. And, would have you know it, The people believed him, and they have never seen it as a joke for about a century. Some humans stills say that Alakazams do have 5000 IQ. But most of them are Maniacs." said Misdreavus

    "Ohh..Well that makes a lot of sense." said Idolon

    "Don't be fool by that Idolon. For the truth is that Alakazams are smart in general. Well this actually applies to alot of Pokemons." said Misdreavus

    "You know Misdreavus. I miss being Mischievous." said Idolon

    "What do you mean?" said Misdreavus

    "You know, when I first got you. I sometimes used your abilities to scare people away when they were throwing rocks at my house? And also the time I ask you to use your ability's to scare the Great Fatty sometimes and also scare or prank other people" said Idolon

    "Yeah, I know how both of us love to cause Chaos and Mischief" said Misdreavus

    "But then the Great Fatty found out I had you and nearly pulverized me, when he came knocking at my door shouting. The every neighbourhood children knew it as well. And left me alone. Then I started to stop being Mischievous." said Idolon

    "Mischief is always a risk."said Misdreavus

    "That's what made it fun. Hmm..." said Idolon

    "What?" said Misdreavus

    "Nothing. Maybe we would have an opportunity to create Chaos one day. And some other day, maybe watch the world burn or something like that" said Idolon.

    "Yeah, I also want to do that as well." said Misdreavus

    "And that's why you're my best friend" said Idolon

    "I have other reasons to be you're best friend" said Misdreavus

    "Yeah, I know. Oh here we are" said Idolon upon noticing the Underground Path entrance

    "Come on. Let's go. Our next Gym is waiting"

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    And Chapter 17 is done! The Great Fatty might gonna be in the next Chapter. I miss that fat lump! I need to get some ideas on a funny introduction to his Fatness. But I hope you enjoy yadda yadda yadda.


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..
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    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Oneshot(s)! It's-IT'S. It's.....Something. Caution: May shatter your sanity. Read, if you dare.....

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    Well, hey, Here from the review game. My first review... Since you didn't mention which chapter to be rated, I'm just going to go for chapter one.

    Well, it's fine if I get ninja'd >_>

    Quote Originally Posted by Dormant View Post
    Hello, this is my first fan fiction that I made. I want feedback on this fanfiction, so I could make it better so yeah....... Enjoy!

    Rated PG-13 or below or not....depends

    Genre: Comedy and Action

    EDIT: This is the Prologue Arc, there Arcs in this story so I recommend that you would read all of the story so far before you review it.

    So enjoy!


    Once upon a time, there was a boy named Idolon, he is from Lentimas Town in Unova. He is 10 years old and lives in a lonely house next to the Pokemon Centre.

    He lives alone in that house ever since he was born. His parents have left him in that house with nothing but food, money, books, toiletries, appliances get the point.

    I'm a bit tense-confused here. "was" suggests that the story is in the past tense, while "is" suggests that the story in the present tense. Also, "you get the point" sounds like an "author's note" remark. I don't think adding an author's note during the story is something good to do. If you want to go for some humor while not doing an "author's note" - type of stuff, you can go for "and so on and so forth."

    Idolon wears a white buttoned shirt with a red tie that is long enough to cover up the buttons , a deep black vest, a completely black businessman's hat and a completely black jeans with black and grey shoes. He has black eye mains and had a pale skin.

    I think that the description for his "dress code" is kind of weird. I think Idolon should have something to wear other than the attire you mentioned, right? Even if he was left with possibly only a set of clothing, he, over the *insert number* years, should have been able to buy a T-shirt or jeans or something, right? I think you could also expand on Idolon's physical appearance. Also, what do you mean by 'black eye mains'? Again, there is tense contrast like 'has' and 'had'. Also, a second 'has/had' isn't needed.

    It may seemed that Idolon lives alone, that is until one fateful day.

    When he was young, a group of kids dared him to enter the Strange House. Idolon initially refused but the kids pried him enough to enter the house.

    Idolon was somewhat afraid of entering the house, at first he wanted to enter the house when he was ready, because he heard that there are Ghost-type Pokemon over there.

    Idolon loves Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokemon but he knows that entering a house filled with one of those types is not a smart move, but the kids pried him into entering the Strange House.

    1. I think you meant 'it seemed' or 'it might seemed like'.
    2. I'm not sure what you meant by 'that is until one fateful day'. Does it mean that people, before that day, thought Idolon lived alone, or does it mean that Idolon lived alone until 'that fateful day'.
    3. I don't understand 'he wanted to enter the house when he was ready' part. Try taking away the line, and I think it'll be better that way.
    4. Also, you can connect the points with the use of connecting words:
    Despite Idolon's love for Ghost and Dark type Pokemon, Idolon knew that entering a house filled with them is not a smart move. However, the kids ...
    5. Yes, we know that the kids pried him into doing it. You shouldn't repeat the word once more. A suitable replacement would be taunt. Therefore, it can be changed to: However, the kids kept taunting him and called him a wimp, causing Idolon to give in.

    When Idolon first entered the Strange House, he immediately sense presences all over him, the Strange house has weird looking plants and old furniture that seems to be shaking, torn walls and a big messy carpet in the center.

    At first Idolon was immobilized but then the sounds of the kids parents shifted him to reality, the kids outside then ran back to the town leaving Idolon in the house.

    A few more points here:
    1. I think you meant all around him, because, if I remembered correctly, all over is not used this way.
    2. It'd be better if you added a few emotion words or thoughts: Idolon knew immediately, that the house was haunted.
    3. I didn't know that Idolon was with the other kids before. Either I've missed something or I think it wasn't mentioned.
    4. Comma between "town" and "leaving"

    Idolon began investigating the pots and furniture. He then found a Pokemon floating above him, giving a surprise of a lifetime, giving him a fall on the butt to the wooden floor.

    It was a Banette. Idolon have always wanted a Ghost-type Pokemon as his starter since he likes Ghost-types but he also wants a unique starter Pokemon that is not a Snivy nor an Tepig and not even an Oshawott. Idolon bought 5 Pokeballs so he could catch one. Idolon does not want to have Banette as his starter because it doesn't suits him and that he finds Banette a not good enough Pokemon.

    The Banette was staring at Idolon as Idolon stare it back. Idolon is afraid that the Pokemon would attack him, but it didn't. Instead the Banette left. Idolon thought he was safe until a lady appeared in front of him. It is a ghost.

    Idolon had heard rumors of human ghosts appearing in the Strange House, but he thinks its an illusion made by Ghost-type Pokemon but the rumors turn out to be true.

    More points
    1. Okay, the fact that Idolon didn't seemed scared at all originally when he was left alone in a haunted house seems weird. He IS a 10-year-old kid, after all, right?
    2. You shouldn't use 'giving' twice, and it doesn't fit on the second time you use it. "... and caused him to fall on his butt" seems more appropriate.

    Idolon was about scream, run, cry, sleep, awake, then run again like a Skitty but then the ghost women talk

    "Who are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupieuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupoopuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

    Idolon responded "I am Idolon, who are you? And did you just said poop?"

    "What are you talking about? I did not said poop hehe........ I MA GHOST!! OOOoooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!

    "Erm, Okay...." (She's one dang crazy ghost)

    "I am err....."

    "Err, what?"

    ".................................................. ......................................... DON'T JUDGE ME!!! I HAVE FEELINGS!! EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO BODY AND NERVES!!!"

    "Okaaaaaaaayyyyy....... I don't know whether to feel scared or feel awkward..."

    "Yeah I feel awkward as well, So why are you here young nosepicking one?"

    1. Why would you sleep when you're being confronted by a ghost? I know this is a humour fic but still...
    2. One does not simply say "hehe" out loud
    3. Brackets aren't often used for thoughts of a character. Just say: She's one dang crazy ghost, Idolon thought to himself.
    4. Nosepicking? NOSEPICKING?! I like the humour there.
    5. Anyways, more descriptions, like Idolon's actions or emotions could be used. When he meets a dang crazy ghost, he could fidget a bit. Tense up. Or on the contrary, he could be stunned, or shocked to meet such a weird ghost, huge eyes to symbolise surprise... Standard Procedure.

    "Okay, I do NOT pick my nose!"

    "Whatever, why are in my crib son?!"

    "Are you trying to Moder-"


    "I'm here because some guys dared me to come here and see whether or not I'm a wimp please don't hurt me please" Idolon answered as quickly as possible

    "Grr... Dares...Kids...potatoes.... grr...."

    "Err... Okay.. and I'm also here for a Ghost-Type Pokemon for a starter so..." Idolon tries not to questioned the ghost about the potatoes

    1. Potatoes? Random Ghost is random. Also, after "to" it must be present tense. So it's "not to question" instead of "not to questioned".

    "Are you too young to get a starter Pokemon?"

    "Okay.. Yes but I wanted a Pokemon not only for a starter but also......for a friend, I live alone and I am lonely, I got no siblings nor parents so I figured I should get a Ghost-Type Pokemon as a friend"

    "Wow, that sadder that how I die.. its even more sad to think my death is less sad than your story" sniffs the ghost.The ghost starts forming spectrum tears

    "So how do you die again?"

    "I trip and fell..."

    "How is-"

    "I HAVE A CONDITION!!!! plus why would you want a Ghost-Type Pokemon as a friend? "

    "I like Ghost-Types and Dark-Types"

    "Oh, okay that's fine. Actually I think I have a Pokemon just for you!"


    "Yeah, *whistles* come out Misdreavus!!"

    Other than the *whistles* part, I'm not seeing any huge errors except tense problems. Also, it's not a good idea to use *action* in fictions. Change it for "Yeah," the ghost girl said before whistling, "Come on out, Misdreavus!"

    A Misdreavus appeared as it phased through the wall

    "This is Misdreavus"


    "Misdreavus, is also alone, there are other Ghost-Types here but Misdreavus is the only one of his kind to be here and is quite lonely. I think he is suitable for you is he?"

    Idolon looked at the Misdreavus and the Misdreavus looked back

    "He's perfect"

    "I figured he might be, so Misdreavus do you like to be his friend?"


    "Well, it looks like you have a new partner!"

    "Yes!! Erm... so do I catch him or something?"

    Misdreavus and the ghost began talking about that and came up with an answer

    "Do you need catch him to own him?"

    "Actually, I do!" said Idolon after remembering the Pokemon Rules

    "Okay, Misdreavus *pulls out a pokeball* are you ready?"


    Idolon threw the pokeball at Misdreavus, the ball didn't even move and then the ball clicked indicating the Pokemon has been captured.

    "Well, I'm gonna miss Misdreavus, but hey he got himself a friend now"

    "Yeah" Idolon pressed the button on the Pokeball and out came forth Misdreavus

    "I think I should let him out most of the time so that we can actually be best friends, is that okay to you Misdreavus?"

    "Miss!!" cried Misdreavus happily

    "Alright, now I can finally go back to sleep... Oh wait, I can't. BECAUSE I'M FREAKING DEAD!!"

    And Idolon went out of the house away from that awkward crazy lady ghost with his new friend Misdreavus and went towards town.

    And the house has gained a new resident.

    __________________________________________________ _________

    And that's the end of the Prologue! I will be adding more chapters that is about Idolon's adventure.

    PLEASE REVIEW!!!! Tell me if you liked the story so far and correct me of any mistakes so I can make this fic better

    So Dormant signing off...
    It's a good start. There are some grammatical problems, especially those that concern tenses. As for the plot itself, I'm enjoying it so far. It's also interesting to see a "friendly" or "weird" ghost since ghosts are usually portrayed as vengeful or angry. It is refreshing for a change. I also like the ghost's randomness. However, there are times when you need to give more descriptions. A 10-year-old talking to a weird ghost calmly is definitely not an everyday sight. Some of his actions can be added, such as fidgeting uncomfortably, and so on and so forth. Some of the unnecessary dialogue such as asking the ghost if he could catch in can be forego, because it seems like you're having a tad bit too much dialogue now.

    This chapter was a nice read, I must say. A good way to start off a fiction. I enjoyed it, though the opening was a bit cliched. Once upon a time... A boy named *insert name*. He was *insert age*. Just add more description and fix the grammar, and I think the chapter would turn out pretty nice

    EDIT: I hope my review was helpful! It was mostly grammatical, sorry XD

    Credits to Sworn Metalhead

    ASB Squad

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    Grammar...Grr.... My Arch nemesis! Thank you for the review!

    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Oneshot(s)! It's-IT'S. It's.....Something. Caution: May shatter your sanity. Read, if you dare.....

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    Chapter 18: The Return of the Fatness

    Idolon reappeared out of the Underground Path and entered Route 7. He then saw the City. Idolon was speechless. The City is HUGE and is filled with Condominiums and shops. He decided to go into the big city and instantly got lost.

    "Crap, Where are we Misdreavus?" said Idolon

    "I don't know! I never been here in my entire life!" said Misdreavus

    "Sorry, Just wondering. Maybe we should ask someone." said Idolon

    He began asking people where the Gym is, but the people usually ignores him and just continued walking away. Idolon walk and walk throughout the entire city, but could not find anyone who could answer him.

    "Crap! Why doesn't anyone talk to us?!" said Idolon

    "Maybe they think you're just some business man, trying to sell people useless junk" said Misdreavus

    "I hate my clothing" sulked Idolon

    "Of course, Cause your a loser" said a recognizable voice.

    Idolon looked behind him and saw someone he knows. And who is this Someone? Find out after the commercial.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

    "Hey, Hey! Are you sad? Are you depress? Are you sad again? Well turn that frown upside down!! With the all new..."


    "That's right! With the sum of 500 pokedollars you can have the all new..."


    "But wait! This is no scam! In fact! This is the best opportunity to get the best Magikarp in world. But it's not just a Magikarp! Its..."


    "That's right! It can do tremendous amounts of things that other Pokemon cannot do! Cause it's.."


    "It can fly! Dance! Do the backflip! Do MySpace! YourFace! Hisface! FINLAND!!! And once more, it can Dance!! It can do Anything! Why? Because it's.."


    "Go on a buy a.."


    "You can buy it at Cerulean City by a Stall that has the sign that says..."


    "Do it! It's Awesome! You will love it! Order your..."



    This Commercial is brought to you by Fisherman McFisherman the Fisherman, Refunds is not available, Not for Children under 5. If there's any complaints about the Super Magikarp. Please call this number 1111-2222-3333 or this number 42. Parental Guidance is advised.

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Back to the story, Idolon had heard a voice he known for years. He looked behind and saw a person he dreaded to see. And that person Ladies and Gentleman! It's the fat Snorlax of Unova! The Fattest Jerk in the world! Give it up ffffooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr..........THE GREAT FATTY!!(Audience Claps)

    "Oh no, not you..." said Idolon

    "What did you say? Punk?!" said the Great Fatty

    "Nothing...." said Idolon

    "Well, loser. I almost won against that Psychic chick. But then she got lucky and defeated my last Pokemon. She told me that I have to battle the Celadon and Vermilion Gyms to advanced forward. I already pulverise the Gym in this big city so I'm going to the other one. So I'll have to pulverize you, so my Pokemon could have fun beating up your's. You know, to boost self-esteem and stuff" said the Great Fatty

    "You want to fight against a wimp like me? Wow, You're pathetic" said Idolon

    "Watch your mouth punk!! Or my Fist is going to be in your face!" threatened the Great Fatty

    "You have to get through my Pokemon first!!" said Idolon

    "Well, then let's battle" said the Great Fatty

    "You're on!" said Idolon

    "Go! Machoke!!" shouted the Great Fatty. He unleashes a big muscular Pokemon with purple skin and a golden belt.

    "Oh.. New Pokemon?" said Idolon

    "Yeah! What? Are you scared?" said the Great Fatty

    "No way! Go! Gastly!!" said Idolon as he unleashes his Gastly. Suddenly the pedestrians began looking.

    "Pfft.. Whatever. Machoke! Use Focus Energy!!" said The Great Fatty. The Machoke began flexing it's muscles.

    "Gastly! Use Night Shade!!" shouted Idolon. The Gastly hit the Machoke with black beams coming from his eyes. The Machoke fell backwards, but got up to it's feet.

    "Machoke! Use Foresight!"

    "WHAT?!" The Machoke sure enough has it's eyes glow red.

    "How?!" said Idolon

    "Che' You really think I'm dumb do you?! Punk, Machoke! Use Seismic Toss!" said the Great Fatty.

    The Machoke then ran towards the Gastly, preparing to grab hold of him.

    "Gastly! Hypnosis now!!" ordered Idolon. As the Machoke came very near the Gastly, his eyes glowed a pink flash that made the Machoke go to sleep and fell.

    "Machoke! WAKE UP!!" shouted the Great Fatty

    "Meh heh heh. Gastly! Night Shade!" shouted Idolon. The Gastly shot black beams at the sleeping Machoke which woke up after it got hit.

    "Machoke! Use Karate Chop!" said the Great Fatty. The Machoke ran at the Gastly with it's hand raised up in a knife fashion.

    "Now! Hypnosis!" said Idolon. The Gastly used Hypnosis on Machoke before it could initiate the attack.

    "Oh come on! You're just cheating!!" accused the Great Fatty

    "I've got no time to plan on cheating against you! Gastly! Night Shade!!" said Idolon. The Gastly shot black beams at the Machoke. The Machoke woke up and tried to stand. But then it collapsed.

    "CRAP!!" shouted the Great Fatty as he returned his Machoke

    "Good Job Gastly!" said Idolon.

    But then, the Gastly glowed. The Gastly was now ingulfed in white light, which glows brighter and brigther. Then with a mighty Flash the light went out and the Pokemon had changed appearance.

    "What the-" said Idolon. He took out his Pokedex.

    "Haunter, the Gas Pokemon, It likes to lurk in the dark and tap shoulders with a gaseous hand. Its touch causes endless shuddering." said the Pokedex

    "Okay.. Haunter. Don't touch me then" said Idolon. The Haunter just laugh.

    "Are you done?" said the Great Fatty

    "Haunter. You can touch him" said Idolon

    "Woah woah woah! Stay back!! Go! Koffing!!" shouted The Great Fatty. He unleashes a floating gas creature.

    "Koffing! Get that thing away from me!!!" shouted the Great Fatty as the Haunter gets closer.

    The Koffing began to glow and unleashed an explosion that knocked the Haunter out of the Great Fatty's reach. The Haunter hit a building wall and fainted.

    "Wow, Haunter return. You did a good job" said Idolon as he returned his Haunter.

    "NO! I didn't ask you to Self Destruct!!" shouted the Great Fatty in temper.

    "Koff..." said the Koffing who is on the ground.

    "Koffing return!!" said the Great Fatty

    "And now, back to the rest.." said Idolon

    "PUNK! Go! Tauros!!" shouted the Great Fatty as he unleashes his Bull

    "Go, Houndoom!!" said Idolon as he unleashes his Hound.

    "Che' So you got yourself a big scary mutt. My Tauros is bigger and better than your puny mutt!!" gloated the Great Fatty

    "If you're going to sit there and gloat, that's fine by me! Houndoom! Fire Fang!" shouted Idolon

    The Houndoom jumped at the Tauros and bite it with his fiery fangs. The Tauros then got burned.

    "Dang it! Tauros! Use Horn Attack!!" said the Great Fatty

    "Houndoom! Dodge it!" said Idolon

    The Houndoom sidestep away from the Tauros's way.

    "Now! Use Dark Pulse!!" shouted Idolon.

    The Houndoom shot circular dark beams at Tauros. The Tauros was thrown back, but got on it's feet.

    "Again!!" shout Idolon

    "Tauros! Dodge it and use Horn Attack!!" shouted the Great Fatty.

    The Tauros managed to dodge the Houndoom's Dark Pulse and rammed the Dog with it's horns. The Houndoom got up to his feet again.

    "Houndoom! Fire Fang!" said Idolon

    The Houndoom bite the Tauros with his fiery fangs and the Tauros collapse.

    "Dang it! Tauros return!" said The Great Fatty

    "Who's scared now?" said Idolon

    "SHUT UP!! Go! Gyarados!" shouted the Great Fatty as he unleashes his serpintine monster.

    "Gyarados! Earthquake!" ordered the Great Fatty before Idolon could say a word.

    The Gyarados jumps up into the air and landed on the ground causing a shockwave that thrown back the Houndoom. The Houndoom collapse as it was thrown at the side of the building.

    "Houndoom! Return!" said Idolon as he calls back Houndoom back to his Pokeball

    "Haha! My Gyarados is strong!! Cause I train it!" said the Great Fatty

    "You're really arrogant!" said Idolon

    "Whatever! what ya gonna do? Call out your ugly fish?!" said the Great Fatty

    "As the matter of fact. Yes. Go! Milotic!!" shouted Idolon as he unleashed his beautiful Pokemon.

    The Great Fatty and his Gyarados was shocked to see such a beautiful creature. The crowd that was spectating the battle, looked at the Milotic. They were shocked as well.

    "Who's the ugly fish now?" said Idolon. This statement snaps the Great Fatty out of shock.

    "Shut up punk! Just because your Pokemon is now beautiful doesn't mean it's powerful!" shouted the Great Fatty.

    "We'll see about that! Milotic! Twister!" shouted Idolon.

    The Milotic spewed out a twister at the Gyarados. The Gyarados got knocked back by the twister.

    "Gyarados! Ice Fang that Pokemon!!" shouted the Great Fatty.

    The Gyarados then jumped at the Milotic with it's fangs bared.

    "Milotic! Aqua Tail!!" said Idolon

    The Milotic smacked the Gyarados with her tail while in mid air, before the Monster could bite her. The Gyarados hit the side of the building and landed back into the battlefield.

    "Grr...Gyarados! Use Hyper Beam!!" said The Great Fatty

    "Milotic! Mirror Coat!!" shouted Idolon

    The Gyarados shot a Hyper Beam at the Milotic. But the Milotic manage to coat herself in a Mirror like substance. The Hyper Beam was reflected back at the Gyarados with greater intensity. The Gyarados fainted.

    "NO!! ARGGHH!!! Return!" shouted the Great Fatty as he call back his Gyarados.

    "Go! Omanyte!!" shouted the Great Fatty as he call out his Snail

    "Milotic! Use Aqua Tail!" said Idolon

    "Omanyte! Rollout!" ordered the Great Fatty.

    The Omanyte used it's Rollout at the Milotic. The Milotic merely swats the Omanyte using her tail. The Omanyte crashed through the ground.

    "Now! Use Twister!!" shouted Idolon

    "Omanyte! Mud Shot!!" shouted the Great Fatty

    The Omanyte shot mud at the Milotic, ruining her beautiful looks a little. The Milotic spewed a twister, but the Omanyte managed to dodge the attack.

    "Now! Rollout!!" shouted the Great Fatty.

    The Omanyte thrown its self, while hiding in it's shell, at the Milotic. The Milotic was thrown back and collapse.

    "Milotic! Good work...." said Idolon as he return Milotic to her Pokeball.

    "HAHA! My Omanyte defeated that pretty fish of yours!" said the Great Fatty.

    "Grr.. Skorupi! Attack!" shouted Idolon as he unleashes his scorpion.

    "Skorupi, don't-AACK!!" said Idolon until the Skorupi jumped on his back thus causing him to fall down.

    "Hahaha!! You look Ridico-YEOCH!!" said the Great Fatty until the Skorupi pinched his butt with the pincer on its tail.

    "Enough! Skorupi! Use your Poison Fang already!" said Idolon.

    The Skorupi bite the Omanyte with it's poisonous Fangs. The Omanyte is now poison.

    "Quick! Venoshock!!" shouted Idolon.

    The Skorupi shot two purple lightings from both of the pincers on the sides of it's head. The lightning hit the Omanyte, which deals a ton of damage to the Snail. The Omanyte then faints.

    "What the? Why is that attack so strong?!" said the Great Fatty

    "Venoshock is more powerful when the Pokemon is Poisoned" explained Idolon

    "SHUT UP!!! I don't want you to lecture me, doofus! Go! Fearow!!" shouted The Great Fatty

    "Skorupi! Pursuit! Now!!" said Idolon

    The Skorupi rammed at the Fearow as it was unleashed. The Fearow was caught by surprise.

    "Cheap move!! Fearow! Fury Attack that Thing!!" shouted the Great Fatty.

    "Skorupi! Poison Fang!" shouted Idolon

    The Fearow pecked repeatly at the Skorupi's head. Once the bird stopped, Skorupi bites the bird with it's poisonous fangs.

    "Now! Venoshock!" said Idolon

    "Fearow!! Aerial Ace!!" shouted the Great Fatty

    The Fearow quickly charged at the Skorupi with great speed. The Skorupi shot purple lightning at the bird, as well as getting hit. The two Pokemon got hit by their own attacks and fainted.

    "Wow" said the crowd

    "Drat!! Fearow! Return!" said the Great Fatty as he called back his bird

    "Skorupi! Return!" said Idolon as he called back his scorpion

    "Che' My last Pokemon, You're so gonna lose!" said the Great Fatty

    "Whatever" said Idolon

    "Grrrrr...Go! Servine!!" shouted the Great Fatty as he unleashes his legged snake

    "Misdreavus! Your turn!" said Idolon

    "I won't fail you" said the Misdreavus as he entered the battlefield

    "Servine! Use Mega Drain!" shouted the Great Fatty

    The Servine shot a green beam at Misdreavus and began sucking his energy.

    "Misdreavus! Screech!" shouted Idolon

    The Misdreavus let out a horrifying screech at the Servine. The crowd covers their ears.

    "Now Misdreavus! Psybeam that Servine!!" shouted Idolon

    The Misdreavus releases a multicolored beam from his eyes at the Servine.

    "Servine! Use Leaf Blade!!" shouted the Great Fatty

    The Servine's leaf at the end of it's tail glows light green and it slashes the Misdreavus with it.

    "Misdreavus! Use Psybeam again!!" shouted Idolon

    "Servine! Leaf Blade!" shouted the Great Fatty

    The Misdreavus releases a multicolored beam from his eyes, but the Servine cut the beam with it's Leaf Blade. The two Pokemon looked very tired.

    "Misdreavus... Are you Okay?" said Idolon with concern.

    "Now! Use Mega Drain!" shouted the Great Fatty

    The Servine shot a green beam at the Misdreavus.

    "Misdreavus! Look out!!" said Idolon

    The Misdreavus saw the beam and dodge it before the green beam could touch him. The Servine then collapsed.

    "No...NO! Servine get up!!!" shouted the Great Fatty at his Servine

    "It's over. I won" said Idolon

    "NOO!! I refused to lose to a loser like you!!!" shouted the Great Fatty.

    "That's enough!" shouted a girl voice.

    The crowd then makes way for some girl dressed in a kimono.

    "Uhh.. Sorry but who are you?" said Idolon

    "I am Erika. The Gym Leader of this town." said Erika

    "What are you doing here? I beat you!" said the Great Fatty

    "Indeed unforunately, but this young man beat you so therefore you must face defeat!" said Erika in a stern voice

    "Grrrrrrrrrrrr.......Fine, I accept defeat." said the Great Fatty.

    "Good. Now begone!" said Erika

    "Che' I'm going. But know this doofus! I'll beat you and your Pokemon! Just you wait!" said the Great Fatty.

    The Great Fatty then ran off to the outskirts of the city. The crowd then cheered for Idolon. They too don't like the Great Fatty.

    "Well, congratulations on defeating that guy" said Erika

    "Yeah no problem." said Idolon

    "Therefore, I must give you this badge" said Erika giving Idolon his fourth badge

    "But why? I thought I have to battle you first!" said Idolon

    "Well its because One, I'm sleepy and I want to take a nap. Two, you got a lot of Pokemon on you and I don't want to face all them. It takes too long, and I won't have my nap. And three, The Author is busy running away from the Grammar Police, so he has no time writing another battle." said Erika

    "Ohh... Okay Thanks! Say do you know where Fuchsia City is?" said Idolon

    "Yes, Its at the South of this City. If you had a bicycle, you could use the Bicycle road." said Erika

    "Nah, I hate riding bicycles. I'll just fly over there." said Idolon

    "How? There's no way you could-Oh" said Erika until Idolon unleashes his Aerodactyl.

    "Well, it's been fun here but. I got to go. Aerodactyl! To Fuchsia City!" said Idolon as he mounted on his dragon

    The Aerodactyl took off and flew south. Into the city where the ninja lives.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    And that's Chapter 18! Sorry for such a sloppy chapter! I swear after an amount of Chapters the story will get better! I hope...


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..
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    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Oneshot(s)! It's-IT'S. It's.....Something. Caution: May shatter your sanity. Read, if you dare.....

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    Chapter 19: Rocket vs Chaos

    "Koffing! Use Smokescreen!"

    "Skorupi! Night Slash!"

    In Fuchsia Gym there is battle between a Kid that is dressed up like a business man, and a ninja named Koga. Idolon healed up his Pokemon before entering the Gym. So far. Idolon managed to defeat two of Koga's Koffings with his Houndoom. His Houndoom however, got hit by a Destiny Bond. As you may know, Idolon is now using his Skorupi.

    Now in the battle, Koffing releases black smokes. But Skorupi manages to Slash the Koffing with it's pincer's and the Koffing went down.

    "So, You have manage to defeat my last Koffing!" said Koga

    "Yep." said Idolon

    "But you'll never defeat my last Pokemon! Go! Ninjask!" shouted Koga as he unleashed a very fast flying bug

    "A Ninjask... One of the Fastest Pokemon in the World..." said Idolon

    "Ninjask! Fury Cutter!" said Koga. However the Ninjask refuse to do anything.

    "Skorupi! Night Slash!" said Idolon

    The Skorupi then slashes the Ninjask with it's pincers.

    "Ninjask! Use-" said Koga

    But the Ninjask slashes the Skorupi with it's forearms at light speed.

    "Skorupi! Now! Use Toxic!!" shouted Idolon

    The Skorupi shot a stream of Purple liquid at the Ninjask. The Ninjask was then badly poison and fainted.

    "Ninjask! Return!" shouted Koga as he calls back his Pokemon

    "Good job. Skorupi" said Idolon

    The Skorupi jumped up and down with delight. Then it glowed. The Skorupi was ingulfed in light and the light glowed brighter and brighter. And then with a big flash. The Pokemon, standing at the same spot as Skorupi, is bigger and has long arm-like pincer's sticking at the sides of it's head. Idolon took out his Pokedex.

    "Drapion, The Ogre Scorp Pokémon, Its body is encased in a sturdy shell. Its head rotates 180 degrees, eliminating blind spots. One of them ate my last cookie." said the Pokedex

    "Rotate the head?" said Idolon. And much to his horror, the Drapion turn it's head around 180 degrees.

    "That's weird." said Idolon

    "Hoho! So your Skorupi has evolved! I think I should get one myself! But enough of my ramblings! Here's your badge!" said Koga

    He then gave Idolon his Soul Badge.

    "Thanks" said Idolon

    He returned his Newly evolved Drapion back to it's Pokeball, and went out of the Gym.

    "Well, 5 down. 3 to go!" said Idolon

    "Where do we go next?" said Misdreavus

    "To Saffron City. Sabrina said that she is looking forward for our battle." said Idolon

    He then unleashes his Aerodactyl and the three flew away from Fuchsia City and flew towards Saffron City.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Meanwhile in Team Rocket HQ...

    A man is siting in an office room, with a Persian sitting on his lap. He then got a phone call.

    "Hello?" said the man

    "Blah blah blah. Blargher Blagher Blllllaaaaaaaaaarrrggggge"

    "I see..."

    "Blah Blabbity. Blab blab blabber"

    "Oh really? Anything else?"

    "Blarger Blarge"

    "Okay." the man then put down his phone. He pressed the intercom button and said this.

    "Attention all Grunts! It's time to initiate, Operation: Master!!" said the man.

    Suddenly, a bunch of Blimps with the red letter R on it, began to move towards a city nearby. Saffron City that is.

    "Once the Master Ball is in my grasp. Nothing can stop us from capturing our most valuable invention!! So speaks I, Giovanni!!"

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

    Idolon and his Aerodactyl landed infront of the city's entrance. There appears to be Guard, that is blocking the city entrance.

    "Uhh.. Can I enter the city?" said Idolon

    "Nope." said the Guard

    "Why?" said Idolon

    "I'm thirsty" said the Guard


    The Misdreavus sighed and used Hypnosis on the Guard. The Guard fell down with a snore.

    "Come on, lets get moving" said Idolon as he walked passed the sleeping Guard and entered the city.

    The city is big and wide, albeit smaller then Celadon but still. Big.

    "Hey, What's that huge building over there?" said Idolon looking up at a very very tall and huge building.

    "Oh that? That my child, is Silph Co." said an Old man that appeared next to Idolon. Idolon jumped back by surprise.

    "Oh sorry, I didn't see you there" said Idolon

    "It's okay lad. I'm Mr. Silph. Owner of Silph Co." said the Old man

    "Woah!! You own that building!!!" said Idolon

    "Yep. You know, Everyone has heard of Silph. Co. My guess is that you're not from here..." said Mr. Silph

    "Yeah... I'm from Unova" said Idolon

    "Unova Hmm......" said Silph

    "What's wrong?" said Idolon

    "Oh! Nothing... Just Nothing......."


    "Anyways! Moving on! Since you're from Unova, You might not know Silph Co.!" said Mr. Silph

    "Well, the name does sound familiar...... Sorry, I can't remember" said Idolon

    "That's okay. Anyhow. Silph Co. is one of the biggest Companies in the entire World! We make products and TMs as well as Pokeballs! Why, all of the stores in Kanto and Johto is filled with our products!" said Mr. Silph

    "Wait. So the potions and stuff I buy in Kanto and Johto-"

    "All manufactured by non other than Silph Co." said Mr. Silph

    "Wow, And you own the company!? You must be very rich!" said Idolon

    "Yes, I am. But I don't mind giving money to people who needs it the most. I'm a charitable man" said Mr. Silph

    "Wow, And I'm right here, talking to one of the most wealthiest person in the world." said Idolon

    "It doesn't matter. Money is money. Just because I'm filled with them, doesn't make me a different being. I'm a person. But anyways, even though you dressed up like a business man, I can tell you're a trainer" said Mr. Silph

    "Really? How?" said Idolon

    "I have a feeling. So, I get that you're challenging the Gym Leaders of this region, yes?" said Mr. Silph

    "Yes, I'm going to challenge Sabrina to a battle" said Idolon

    "Well then, I'll tell you where the Gym is. You see it's-" said Mr. Silph

    Until suddenly an Explosion appeared! The Silph Co. Building roof has smokes coming out. A bunch of helicopters with big red Rs are stationed above the building.

    "By George!" said Mr. Silph. Then his phone rang. Idolon stared at the carnage

    "Hello?" answered Mr. Silph

    "Radda Radda Radda"

    "What?! They stole the blueprints for the Master Ball?!"

    "Radda" Mr. Silph then turn off his phone

    "No! This is terrible!!" said Mr. Silph worriedly and frantically

    "What's the Master Ball?" said Idolon

    "The Master Ball is a Pokeball that can catch a Pokemon without fail!" said Mr. Silph

    "What?! And you're telling me that Team Rocket has the blueprints to make one?!" said Idolon

    "No, not one. I fear they have the blueprints to make as many as they want!!" said Mr. Silph

    Idolon looked at the carnage that Team Rocket has caused. Normally he would enjoy Destruction. But for some reason he doesn't. Maybe it's because Team Rocket has the Blueprints to capture as much Pokemon without fail.

    "Don't worry Mr. Silph. I'll get the blueprints back from you" said Idolon

    "What?!?! Oh nonononono! Let the police deal with this!!" said Mr. Silph

    "Then they'll be gone when the Police gets here! I'll get the blueprints back! I promise!" said Idolon

    Before Mr. Silph could say anything, Idolon unleashed his Aerodactyl and mounted on him. They both then ascended to the air, as the helicopters began moving away from the city. Mr. Silph looked up in the sky and saw Idolon's Aerodactyl flew after the blimps.

    "Oh... For some reason... That boy............"

    "Reminded me of my son..."

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________

    There are two types of men in this world. Some men wants to watch the world burn, while the other wants to watch it grow into a stinky mess pile of pollution.

    Idolon is one of them. He is fortunate that he kept a good distance from the Rocket helicopters, so he won't get caught following them. He then saw the Rocket Base. The base is actually a big white building with red round roofs and a huge satellite dish. The Rocket Base is surrounded by trees. Idolon then saw the entrance to the base and told Aerodactyl to land in the trees. The Rocket entrance is guarded by two Grunts and a camera.

    "Hmm... Aha! I've got an idea!" said Idolon.

    He then unleashes his Haunter. He told Misdreavus and Haunter his plan.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________

    "Man, I'm bored." said one of the Grunts guarding the entrance

    "Well, who said being a Guard is fun?" said the other Grunt

    "Why do I signed up for this?" said the 1st Grunt

    "Uhh.. Money?" said the Second Grunt

    "I hope this guarding thing is worth it." said the 1st Grunt

    "I think it is... I think" said the 2nd Grunt

    Then suddenly, the 1st Grunt felt something gripping on his shoulder. He looked to his right and was greeted with a pink flash.

    "What the?" said the 2nd Grunt as he saw the 1st Grunt on the floor snoring. He then looked to his left and saw a pink flash as well.

    Then a Misdreavus went infront of the guard camera and shot a pink flash. The people looking through the camera have fall asleep.

    "Good work! Now Haunter, phased through the wall and open the door from the inside!" said Idolon

    "Are we going to do some Mischief?" said Haunter

    Idolon chuckled

    "Maybe. I hope so" said Idolon.

    The Haunter phased through the door and opened it. Idolon then entered the Rocket Base. The hallway is primarily made out of grey and blue steel as if it was a space station. Idolon unleashed his Houndoom in order for him to detect any Grunts nearby.

    As he walked by, his Houndoom detected some Grunts up ahead. Idolon told Haunter to give them a surprise and put them to sleep. The Haunter agreed and phased through the wall, and appeared behind the Grunt. He then put his hands on the Grunts shoulder and gave a pink flash, which made the Grunts fell on the floor snoring.

    Idolon kept on walking through the hallway and come across an intersection with a Directional Board hung on the Wall. It said this:

    <--- Cafeteria

    ----> Laboratory

    <--- Toilets

    Idolon decided to go to the laboratory. He turn to left and walk onwards. He come by a couple of Grunts, but he kept on putting them to sleep using Haunter's and Misdreavus's Hypnosis. He then come across a room that has the sign that reads 'Laboratory'. Idolon went inside and saw many scientific gadgets. There's some Robot like machines hanging on the wall and two mini boxes on the table.

    "Misdreavus, Can you search for a blueprint that has the word 'Master Ball' in it?" said Idolon. Misdreavus nodded and began searching

    Idolon saw the note besides the the two boxes and it said:

    'This two boxes are items to be given to Magmar and Electabuzz. Once the two Pokemon have been traded, whilst holding the items, they evolved. The red box seems to possessed a great amount of magma energy, while the other holds electrical energy. Be warned, the two boxes can make the Power Generator go critical, and will make a great explosion when triggered by another explosion.'

    "A big explosion?" said Idolon. Then he grinned.

    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" said Idolon.

    "Blowing up this base, sky high?" said Misdreavus

    "Yep." said Idolon

    "Oh boy! Hey look! I found a cabinet that labels 'Explosives' right here!!" said Haunter pointing at a cabinet

    Idolon went to the cabinet and saw a bunch of explosives. He then saw a remote and a C4 and grabbed them.

    "This is too easy, Do you see any blueprints Misdreavus?" said Idolon

    "No, I guess their boss must have had it" said Misdreavus

    "Well, let's find the Power Generator and attach this babies first" said Idolon

    Houndoom felt a little bit worried that his master might not survive the explosion, he was about to make. But he knows that his master has a plan on escaping. Idolon then went out of the Laboratory. He went back to the hallway and went forward. He then saw an elevator at the end of the hallway. Idolon reached the elevator and pushed the 'Down' button. Once the elevator reached his level, the elevator door opened and revealed to have some Grunts occupying it.

    "What the?" said a Grunt

    "What's a business kid doing here?!" said another Grunt

    Then the Misdreavus and the Haunter shot a pink flash at them, The Grunts began to fall asleep.

    "Come on, help me move their bodies." said Idolon.

    He and Haunter moved the Grunts out of the elevator. They then went into the elevator with Houndoom and Misdreavus. Idolon pressed the lowest floor button, and the elevator starts to descend. Once the elevator reached the floor, Idolon found himself in another hallway. He then walk forward and saw a room that has the sign 'Power Generator' attached on it.

    "Heh heh heh... I'm looking forward for this..." said Idolon

    He then entered the room. The room has a bunch of workers that are monitoring the big Generator in the center of the room.

    "Hey! There's a kid here!" said one of the Workers.

    The Workers looked at Idolon. Then the Haunter and the Misdreavus began to put them all asleep. Idolon saw the Generator has two square shaped holes. He put the boxes in the holes, which caused the Generator Gauge to reach critical. Idolon grinned and put the C4 on the ground.

    "Warning. Power Generator has reached critical mass."

    "Heh heh heh.. Now to find the blueprints and blow this place up!!" said Idolon

    "I don't think so!" said a new girly voice.

    Idolon looked behind him and saw a bunch of Grunts and a Female with a short blond hair and a T-Shirt with a big red R on it. All of them are wearing Sunglasses.

    "Who are you?" said Idolon

    "I? I am the boss's favorite Agent! Domino! And I see you're planning to take back the blueprints, we stole from Silph Co. and also blowing our base sky high!!" said Domino

    "And I see you and your lackys are wearing sunglasses, so that I can't Hypnotize all off you" said Idolon

    "Correct! You see, I saw some Grunts laying around heavily asleep so I figured someone is infiltrating our base by Hypnotizing every operative they come across. I must say. I'm shocked to see a kid is infiltrating us!" said Domino

    "Hmph! Looks like not all of Team Rocket has the IQ of a baby" said Idolon

    "Don't you dare mock Team Rocket you little brat! Aren't you too young to blow up a base anyway? Hmm?" said Domino

    "All I want is to see the world burn." said Idolon promptly

    "Well, too bad! The world isn't going to burn anytime soon! Cause Team Rocket is going to conquer it!" said Domino

    "Whatever. Misdreavus. Psybeam all of them" said Idolon

    "I don't think so!" said Domino

    Before Misdreavus could shoot his Psybeam, Domino throwed a metal Tulip at Misdreavus. The Misdreavus was then shocked by electricity and fell down.

    "What is that?!" said Idolon as he picked up Misdreavus.

    "That's my special Tulip. But enough of this shenanigans!" said Domino.

    Domino then rolled at Idolon and grabbed his vest, dropping Misdreavus.

    "Now kid, What ya gonna do?" said Domino.

    The Houndoom tried to pounce at her, but she kicked him away.

    "No one kicks my Houndoom and shocks my Misdreavus!" said Idolon

    "Yeah. I ask again. What ya gonna do?" said Domino.

    Then she got shocked by electricity and fell on the floor. Behind her was Haunter, holding the Tulip that Domino throwed at Misdreavus.

    "Oww... " said Domino.

    The Grunts saw their leader fell and began growling at Idolon. One Grunt saw some sort of gun on the table next to the Generator. He ran at the table and point it at Haunter.

    "Don't worry Miss Domino! I'll deal with that kid's Haunter!!" shouted the Grunt

    "No! That's-" said Domino still on the ground, unable to move due to shock.

    The Grunt pulled the Gun's trigger and a bright yellow beam shot out of it. The beam hit the Haunter and he began to glow. The Haunter began glowing a bright white light and then the light burst in a flash. The Haunter has evolved.

    "-A Energy evolving Gun...." said Domino before fainting.

    Haunter now looks different. He now has pointy ears, a body and has red eyes and a mischievous smile. Idolon took out his Pokedex.

    "Gengar, The Shadow Pokemon, It hides in shadows. It is said that if Gengar is hiding, it cools the area by nearly 10 degrees F." said the Pokedex

    "No wonder I feel so chilly.." said a Grunt

    "Wow, you evolved!" said Idolon as Gengar began stretching

    "Man! Who knew having a body could feel so good! Hey! Watch this!" said Gengar

    The Gengar's eyes and body glowed purple and the Grunt's Glasses began to move from their eyes and fell to the ground.

    "Sweet! You learn Psychic!" said Idolon

    The Gengar nodded and shot a pink flash at the Grunts as well as the Grunt with the gun. All the Grunts in the room are now asleep as well as the workers.

    "Come on, Let's go find the blueprints" said Idolon

    Idolon grabbed Misdreavus, as the Houndoom gets up from being kicked. Then the four went out of the Generator room.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    And that's Chapter 19! Sorry for not posting a chapter for so long! I got writers block. But yeah, not alot of Comedy in this chapter...


        Spoiler:- Idolon.:

        Spoiler:- The Great Fatty.:

        Spoiler:- Blue.:

    So Dormant signing off..
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    One Author, One Creator and Two boys. Set in Johto. Where everything is not what it seems. For they must flee from the group called the Grammar Police. And saved the World from an unknown threat.

    Credits to ~BrightStarVictory~ of Subspace Generate Graphics!

    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Oneshot(s)! It's-IT'S. It's.....Something. Caution: May shatter your sanity. Read, if you dare.....

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    Chapter 20: Ground Shattering Moment, Idolon vs Giovanni

    Giovanni woke up from a start. As the leader of Team Rocket, he monitors the entire facility from his room with his laptop. He remembered seeing the entrance Guards falling to sleep, one after the other. He then remembered the screen flashed a pink light and falling asleep.

    Giovanni then began to check his base through the laptop screen, and saw a that many Grunts have been asleep. The line of sleeping Grunts leads to even the lowest floor. He then, to his surprise, saw a young lad wearing a black vest, pants and hat, a white shirt and a long red tie. He saw the boy with an unconscious Misdreavus on his left hand, and a Gengar and a Houndoom standing besides him.

    "Hmm... This must be the boy, Jessie and James was talking about..." said Giovanni

    He then gave out a grin. Giovanni's Persian had been sleeping on his lap all this time, unaware the base has been infiltrated. It then woke up with a yawn and saw it's master grinning.

    "So, You think you could infiltrate our base and get away with it eh?" said Giovanni.

    He then pressed the intercom button.

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    "So, it seems as though we have a visitor..."

    Idolon looked up and saw a speaker on the top corner. He then realized that the Boss of Team Rocket is speaking directly at him.

    "As you may have know, I am the Boss of Team Rocket. I must say, you have a record for ruining some of our operations. I always thought my Agents were bumbling oufs, to beaten by a child. And I thought they were mad as well, saying the child is dressed up like a Business man. And yet, here you are. Infiltrating our base in those clothing and attacking our Grunts and Operatives." said Giovanni

    "Yep, Here I am. Destroying your base and all" said Idolon

    "Hahahaha! Destroying our base? Heh, You merely took out my Grunts and infiltrated our lair. I don't see any damage being made to the base at all! But, enough of this games..... I know why you're here. You wanted the Master Ball plans, aren't you?" said Giovanni

    "Yeah! Where are they?!" said Idolon

    "They're with me, in my office. If you want them, you would have to reach me first!" said Giovanni.

    "So be it.." said Idolon

    He then took out a Hyper Potion he bought from Fuchsia City, and applied it to Misdreavus.

    "Ohh... I feel better.. What happened?" said Misdreavus as he began floating besides Idolon

    "I'll explain later" said Idolon

    "What the?! Hau- I mean Gengar! You evolved?!" said Misdreavus

    "That's right! Now I can do more scaring and mischief even better!!" said Gengar

    "Save it for the Rocket Boss, Gengar. Let's go" said Idolon as he walked toward the elevator.

    Once the four of them are in the elevator, Gengar and Houndoom explained what had happened in the Power Generator room. Once they've all reached the top floor they saw a hallway with regular walls and orange wallpaper. They began walking through the hallway and then spotted a room. The sign above the room door said:

    'Boss's Room'

    "Alright guys. It's time we settle this, once and for all" said Idolon

    "Yeah, for you that is" said a women voice.

    Idolon and his Pokemon spun around and saw the Team Rocket trio yet again. This time with sunglasses.

    "Oh no, not you guys again..." groaned Idolon, as the trio began to recite their motto

    "Prepare for trouble!" said Jessie

    "Make it a double!" said James

    "To protect the world from devastation!"

    "To unite all peoples within our nation!"

    "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



    "Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!" said both of them.

    "Wobbuffet!" said a Wobbuffet that appeared out of nowhere

    "Uggghhhhh........ My ears are bleeding! Whoever made that motto should be burned on a stake!" said Idolon

    "There is nothing wrong with our motto! Twerp!!" said Jessie

    "You're just jealous, because we have our own motto!" said James

    "Jealous? Why should I be jealous to two abnormal Humans who has less IQ than a Meowth?" said Idolon

    "We're not ABNORMAL!!!!" shouted both of them

    "Sadly the Meowth part is true..." said Meowth

    "Enough of this!!" said James

    "We've heard our Boss's announcement!" said Jessie

    "And we're here to get rid of you ourselves!!" said Meowth

    "As well as taking your Pokemon!" said James

    "I can't wait to get myself a Milotic!!" said Jessie

    "I rather die if you think I'll give you my Milotic!!" said Idolon

    "Well it seems you're going to have a bad time!" said Jessie

    "Because this time we're gonna win!!" said James

    "Go! Arbok!" shouted Jessie

    "Go! Weezing!" shouted James

    They both released their respective Pokemons. The Arbok hissed at the Houndoom as he bark it back. The Weezing looked at the Gengar.

    "Alright then! You've ask for this! Houndoom! Fire Fang that Arbok!" shouted Idolon

    "Arbok! Dodge the attack!" said Jessie

    The Houndoom lunged at the Arbok with his fiery fangs barred. The Arbok manages to dodge the Fire Fang.

    "Weezing! Sludge Bomb that Gengar!" shouted James

    "Gengar! Use Shadow Punch!" said Idolon

    The Gengar throwed a shadowy fist at the Weezing before it could throw a sludge bomb.

    "Arbok! Use Glare at that mutt!" said Jessie

    "Houndoom! Dark Pulse!" said Idolon

    The Arbok glare at the Houndoom, but it did not paralyzed him. The Houndoom shot a black circular beam at the Arbok. The Arbok was thrown back at the wall. It then stood up again.

    "Oh no! The sunglasses are preventing Arbok to Glare!!" exclaimed Jessie

    "Not to worry Jessie! Weezing! Shadow Ball!" said James

    "Gengar! Block the attack with your own Shadow Ball!!" said Idolon

    The Weezing and the Gengar thrown their Shadow Ball at each other. The Shadow Balls colided at caused an explosion.

    "Arbok! Use-"

    "Houndoom! Dark Pulse quick!!" said Idolon

    The Houndoom shot the Dark Pulse at the Arbok. The Arbok then fainted.

    "Arbok! Return!" shouted Jessie as she returned her Arbok

    "Gengar! Shadow Punch!" said Idolon

    The Gengar throwed the Shadow Punch at Weezing. The Weezing then fainted.

    "Weezing return!" shouted James

    "It's your turn now Meowth!" said Jessie

    "Yea- WHAT?!?!" said Meowth as Jessie grabbed his tail and prepare to throw him.

    "Meowth! Use your Night Slash at that Gengar!!" shouted Jessie as she throws the Meowth

    "That was just a joke!!!! I don't know how to use-WAAAAHHHH!!!" said Meowth as he passes through Gengar and hit the wall behind him like a dart.

    "Wow, never trust a Meowth." said Idolon

    "Well James, It looks like we lost again!" said Jessie as she sat on the floor

    "Yeah, W-W-We lost again to the twerp!!" said James

    "I feel like I'm gonna cry!!" said Jessie

    "Me too!!" said James

    "Ugghh.. Me t-three" said Meowth as he put his face out of the wall and collapse on the floor.

    Jessie and James began to hug each other and are about to cry. But, Idolon stopped them and said this:

    "Can you guys, please try not to cry. Because, Once Team Rocket is in Ashes, You have my Permission to cry"

    The two looked at Idolon as he began walking towards the Boss's Room. The Gengar waved at them with a mischievous smile.

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Idolon and his Pokemon went inside the Boss's Room. The room had the same wallpaper as the hallway. There are potted plants and a desk, with a big boss chair. The chair is facing towards the big long window, that is at the back of the room.

    "Well well well... If it isn't my little... uhh how do you say it? Ah yes. Intruder" said The man sitting on the chair

    "So you must be the Boss of Team Rocket! By the way. My name is Idolon" said Idolon

    "Oh? Well let me introduce myself then. My name-"

    The man then rotates his chair and faced Idolon. He wears a big orange coat, with a green shirt with a white collar, and a red tie. He also has a Persian on his lap.

    "My name is... Giovanni" said Giovanni

    "Wait. Geo-what now?" said Idolon

    "Giovanni" said Giovanni again

    "Geo....Dude?" said Idolon

    "Giovanni!!" said Giovanni

    "Geowinnie?" said Idolon

    "Giovanni!!!!" shouted Giovanni irritatingly

    "Geovenninininini?" said Idolon

    "Giovanni!!!!!!!" shouted Giovanni

    "GeoValley?" said Idolon

    "GIOVANNI!!!!" shouted Giovanni

    "Geo... uhh... What now?" said Idolon as Giovanni began having a throbbing cross popping vein on his head.

    "IT'S GIOVANNI!! GEO-VAAN-NII!!!" said Giovanni

    "Ohh.............................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ................... Sorry, what are we talking about?" said Idolon

    Giovanni and his Persian felled over, anime style with his chair.

    "Ugghhh... You pest..." said Giovanni

    "Yeah... Anyways. I'm here to, you know, get the blueprints back and all" said Idolon

    Giovanni is now back in position and began to laugh

    "Hahahaha!!! You think I'm going to give the blueprints back to a brat like you?!" laughed Giovanni. His Persian laughed as well.

    "Why not?" said Idolon

    "Because you're a pest. And I don't give things to pests. I squash them" said Giovanni

    "What if you're the pest?" said Idolon

    "I am the boss of Team Rocket! One day, we will rule the world! And I know exactly how to do it!!" said Giovanni

    "Really? How?" said Idolon

    "Let's just say, I'm going to pay an old friend of mine a visit" said Giovanni

    "You have friends?" said Idolon

    "Shut up. Once I'm done toying with you. I'll be on my way with this" said Giovanni. He showed Idolon that he is holding the blueprint.

    "Is that a challenge?" said Idolon with one of his eyebrows raised.

    "You posed no challenge to me whatsoever. But, I'm going to have some fun..." said Giovanni

    His Persian then leap out of Giovanni's lap and faced Idolon.

    "Alright. Fine. Houndoom! Fire Fang that cat!" said Idolon

    "Persian, Power Gem" said Giovanni

    The Persian then lets loose a purple beam at the Houndoom. The Houndoom then fainted from the impact.

    "Darn it! Houndoom! Return!" said Idolon as he returned his Hound

    "Heh, Not so tough now eh?" said Giovanni

    "Gengar, Hypnosis" said Idolon

    The Gengar hypnotized the Persian to fall asleep.

    "Drat! Persian! Wake up!!!" shouted Giovanni

    "Now Gengar! Dream Eater!" said Idolon

    The Gengar then absorbs the Persian's Energy and ate it's dream. The Persian then woke up.

    "Now Persian! Use Shadow Claw!" shouted Giovanni

    One of Persian's paws becomes surrounded by a black aura with a purple outline. The aura then takes the form of a claw. The Persian then leaps at the Gengar.

    "Gengar! Telekinesis!" said Idolon

    The Persian was then stopped in mid air as its body is surrounded with green aura.

    "Now Gengar! Focus Blast!"

    "NO!!" said Giovanni

    The Gengar formed a big light-blue ball on his hands and throw it at the Persian. The Persian was knocked to the wall. But it still conscious.

    "Persian! Shadow Ball!" said Giovanni

    The Persian growled and thrown a Shadow Ball at Gengar. The Gengar got hit and was thrown off the floor and hit the wall. The Gengar fainted

    "Gengar, Return" said Idolon

    "Hahaha!! The only Pokemon you have left is that floating Ghost besides you!!" said Giovanni

    "Nah, I got other Pokemon. But, since you're so cocky. Misdreavus! Psybeam!" said Idolon

    The Misdreavus shot multicolored beams from his eyes, at the Persian. The Persian fainted on impact.

    "NO!!!" shouted Giovanni as he went towards Persian, leaving the blueprint on his desk, and picked his Pokemon up with both of his hands.

    "Yes!!" said Idolon

    "You may have defeated my first and best Pokemon. But you haven't won yet!! Look!" said Giovanni as he pointed at the laptop screen.

    Idolon saw the Rocket Grunts are stirring and are about to awake.

    "Excellent..." said Idolon

    "Yes- Wait what?" said Giovanni

    "Do you remember that I told you that, I was destroying your base?" said Idolon

    "Hah! You think I'll fall for that trick?!" said Giovanni

    "Trick? You mean I didn't put your Power Generator to critical and placed a C4 next to it?" said Idolon

    Giovanni raised his eyebrows and looked to the laptop screen. He looked at the buttom left of the screen and saw the Power Generator room. He then looked in shock and saw the Power Generator has gone critical and that there's C4 infront of the Generator itself. He looked at Idolon and saw he's got a detonator on his hands.

    "You..... You're not just a brat!! You're a Madman!" exclaimed Giovanni

    "I just want to see the world burn Gio-whatever." said Idolon

    "You're going to blow up the base!?!? But you'll die along with us!!" said Giovanni

    "Not quite." said Idolon.

    Then he jumped on Giovanni's Table and took the blueprint.

    "I suggest you evacuate the base. In the meantime. Have fun" said Idolon

    He unleashed his Aerodactyl inside the Boss's Room and Mounted on him. The Aerodactyl then smashed through the window and fly around the Rocket HQ at a very high height. Giovanni looked at the sky with through his now broken window. Then he pressed the intercom button and shout:

    "Attention all Team Rocket Operatives!!! Evacuate immediately!!!! This is not a drill!" shouted Giovanni

    Every Rocket personal awoke from their leader's voice. They then heard the Boss telling them to evacuate, and every Rocket Operative began running towards the exit. Yes, all of them. Giovanni began running out of his office with his Persian on his arms, passing by Jessie, James and Meowth

    "AAAHHH!! Do you hear that!!! We gotta evacuate immediately!!!" said Meowth

    "But what about my Soda Cap collection?!?!" said James

    "There's no time!!! We gotta go! Now!!" said Meowth

    "But I need to go to the loo!" said Jessie

    "Are you serious?!" said Meowth

    "Well, Either that or I'll do it right here and now!!" said Jessie

    "Oh, come, on!!!" said James and Meowth.

    Then all three of them ran towards the nearest bathroom.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Idolon was on the air and saw the Rockets below him, were running out of the base. There were a lot of Grunts outside now, and Idolon saw a man in an orange coat with a Persian on his arms, running out of the base. Idolon saw Giovanni looking at him, with anger in his eyes.

    "Hmm... It looks like that's everyone... I doubt even a moron would stay back to go to the toilet... Go! Gengar!" said Idolon grining as he unleashes Gengar who is still excausted from the battle.

    "Gengar.. Let's watch some fireworks..." said Idolon.

    The Gengar grinned and looked at the base, as well as Misdreavus.

    "Ready?" said Idolon

    "Yep!" said Misdreavus

    "Kekekeh! Ready!!" said Gengar

    Idolon then pressed the button on the detonator.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    The Rockets are outside the base, quite far from it frankly. They were somewhere, deep within the forest that surrounded the base. Suddenly, a couple of people with a Meowth came out of the base

    "Wait for us!!" said the three.

    Then the base exploded. The explosion was intense. The explosion blew away the trio in front of the former base's entrance.

    "WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAAAAAAAAIN!!!!" shouted the three.

    "WOBBUFFET!!" shouted the Wobbuffet that blew away with the three.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    "Is everyone here?" said Domino

    The Rocket Grunts nodded. Then they heard a BOOM!!

    "What the?!!?" shouted a Grunt as the ground below began shaking.

    "What happened?!?! What's going on!!?!?" shouted another Grunt

    Then the ground stopped shaking, and the Grunts stopped panicking but are confused.

    "Wait a moment.." said Giovanni

    "What is it sir?" said Domino

    "Where are does fools that called themselves Jessie and James? You know the ones that are assign with a talking Meowth?" said Giovanni

    Then right on cue. The trio fall from the sky and fell on the ground where Team Rocket is. The trio was then surrounded by the entire team.

    "Owwie..." said the Meowth

    "Wh-Where are we?" said James

    "I-I don'- Ah! It's Mr. Boss!!" shouted Jessie as she saw Giovanni

    "Huh?" said James and Meowth.

    They then saw Giovanni.

    "Ah! Mr. Boss!!" said James and Meowth

    "Yes... Anyways, What happened to our base?" said Giovanni

    "We don't know! All I remember is hearing a huge explosion and blasting off!" said James

    "Sir! There appears to be huge smokes in the sky, sir!!" said one Grunt

    All of Team Rocket looked at the sky and saw Smoke clouds coming from the North.

    "Come on, let's see what happened to the base" said Giovanni

    "Boss, Do you want me to hold on, your Persian?" said Domino

    Giovanni then thought for a while.

    "Fine" He said.

    He then gave Persian to Domino and he and the rest of Team Rocket walked towards the Base.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    The base is no more. Not one facility is standing. All is left is the flat ground, which is filled with roaring flames. Idolon was watching above the sky and grinned.

    "Wow, So much destruction. So little time..." said Idolon

    "Kekekeh!! Do it again!!" said Gengar clapping his hands

    "I wish" said Idolon

    Idolon and his Pokemon saw Team Rocket walking towards the ruins of their base. Idolon gave a chuckle.

    "Man, I never saw such a huge explosion.." said Misdreavus

    "I should have bought a video recorder.. That was awesome..." said Idolon

    Idolon then signaled his dragon to fly back to Saffron City.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    Team Rocket looked at the flames with great shock. Many of them were in tears. While others were just staring at the fire with a shock on their faces.

    "Jessie, Do you remember what that twerp said?" said James

    "That if Team Rocket is in Ashes, he'll give us permission to cry" said Jessie

    "I think Team Rocket IS in Ashes!!" said James

    "That means..." said Jessie

    They both hug each other with tears in their eyes

    "WE HAVE PERMISSION TO CRY!!!!! WAAaaahhh!!" said Jessie and James while crying at each others shoulder. Meowth has tears on his eyes

    "Both of you stop it!!!" shouted Giovanni.

    The Three looked at Giovanni with great surprise.

    "Team Rocket is NOT in Ashes!! Our base my be destroyed, but I managed to create on thing that could save us!" said Giovanni.

    All of Team Rocket looked at their leader, as he reached inside his coat to get something.

    "Behold my fellow Team Rocket!" shouted Giovanni

    He then tooked out a purple Pokeball with an M on it.

    "Could that be?" said Domino

    "Yes, It's the Master Ball. A Pokeball that can catch any Pokemon without difficulty!!" said Giovanni

    "The Master Ball...." said Jessie, James and Meowth

    "Wait, does that mean-" said Domino

    "Yes, With this Pokeball Team Rocket will capture the most Powerful Pokemon in the entire world!! And then, We'll rule the world!!" said Giovanni

    The Rockets began cheering with joy. They are no longer sad about their base being destroyed anymore.

    "Yes....................Idolon, You may have destroyed our base. But you haven't destroyed Team Rocket" said Giovanni quitely as he looked into the flaming remains of his Headquarters.

    "As long as I'm here"

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    Sorry for not updating a lot! I've been busy... But yeah! Chapter 20! Woooohh! 20 chapters already!!


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