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Thread: Star Trek: Into Darkness

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    Default Star Trek: Into Darkness

    I didn't see any thread like this, so I'm going to start one. The next Star Trek movie is due out May 17th. Here is a preview:

    So, what do you guys think? I think this movie looks great, and I can't wait to see it.
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    Welp. being a veteran Star Trek fan, a huge Star Trek fan in general, and an overall movie enthusiast; I'm looking forward to this movie! It also has my baby in it (Benedict Cumberbatch, otherwise known as my sweet prince.).

    It looks great! I rather hope it comes to my expectations, and I hope Benny can pull off that bad guy (drooling everywhere) role. c:

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    I cant wait for this movie.
    everyone says that i look like Spock from the first one.
    And the fact that it has benedict cumberbatch in it makes it all the better ^_^
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    Totally expecting this. xD
    Anyway many fandoms Curious about Who Cumberbatch would play as. Khan ? Gary Mitchell ? John Harrison ? Jean-Luc Picard(Strange -_-) ? or Robert April ?

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    OMG this movie is gonna be great I been looking forward to it since I found out is coming out this year. My older brother says that one time he and my was obsessed with Star Trek
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    Looking Good!
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    I am a star wars fan, but I liked the first Star Trek movie, and can't wait to see this one

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