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Thread: Age and anime viewership

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    I'm still am watching!

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    I'm 21 and began watching the show when I was 8 years old, when the show first began to air on mainstream TV in the UK. I gave up on the dub years later when the show became more and more difficult to track down due to constantly moving between channels and air times, which was around the time when Advanced Battle was showing. Around that time I became more reliant and eventually more interested in the Japanese version of the show which was late into the Battle Frontier saga. I continued to keep up to date with the anime like this up until the end of DP, but when Best Wishes started I completely lost interest in the show (although I do still sneak a peek at the episode pictures on a weekly basis!).

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    19 and I watch the anime every now and then but not a lot generally it is when my little brother is watching

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    19 years old. I am watching the anime but focusing on Best Wishes only.

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