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Thread: Help me patch up my team?

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    Default Help me patch up my team?

    All I have for my playthrough so far (starting from scratch) is:


    I want a water type, something cool. I can't come up with anything, and I don't want to use any 2 or 4 gen starters. No venusaur, Charizard, Blaiziken
    or Sceptile. I know, not much to work with, but please try to help. Blastoise and Swampert are neck and neck on my choice. PLEASE DONT TELL ME ABOUT NATURES MOVES ABILITIES OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT

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    I would go with blastoise it can be breed to know water sport

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    Well you're in the wrong place for that. This is in-game team rate. But i'm not a mod, so I can't say much. You can always go with gyarados, wailord, kingdra, starmie, vaporeon. Depending on which way you want to. physical sweeper, physical wall, physical or special sweeper, special sweeper, special wall/healer respectively. Also you need a fighting type. Fire and fighting have the most SE type coverage iirc, so lucario, medicham, one of the hitmon's would fill that spot nicely, since you already have a fire type.

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    Please repost with movesets and team descriptions as per the rules, so people can rate properly (it's hard to give a rate if we don't know what moves they have).

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