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Thread: The Name's N! (771)

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    Nice introduction for N, VA seems to be matching the Japanese VA well, also movie tie-in was handled nicely, only downside to this episode is TR.
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    Can't complain about the VA they went with for N
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    They really nailed N's dub voice alright. It sounds very fitting. I was kinda shocked at first, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Eleventh View Post
    They did. Cilan identified it when using a map. Ash even annoyingly repeated it, as ever, in a bewildered tone.
    So they did, my mistake. Sorry for the confusion Dephender.
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    I don't like N in the games but I enjoyed him in this episode. I'd like to see if N is right that Zekrom will change Ash's future.
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    I must say, like this N better than the game version and I typically perfer the game counterparts. Overall, great episode!

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    great episode. i wanted to see n for a long time and this was a good way to introduce him.
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    A better title would've been "You've Got a Friend In N."

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    This was a great episode. I was surprised to see the opening when I saw the dub this episode for the first time. I'm glad TPCI changed the opening with footage from "Be an Arrow(Episode N)", using footage from "Be an arrow(BW2)" in the english wouldn't have made sense.

    This episode was also a great introduction of N in the Pokémon anime. I really liked how his personality was similar to the games. N's dub voice was really Good. In fact, the anime N's English voice sounded way better than N's English voice in the BW2 englhsh trailer. I gotta admit, TPCI did good job dubbing this episode.

    It's good to see Team Rocket in both their goofy and serious selves, I think it's a good balance of their personality. I liked how N protected Snivy and Axew by taking the hit from Frillish's Shadow Ball, then told TRio that they're fools. Ash's Pikachu and Unfezant blasting off Team Rocket was great, It's good to see them keeping their serious personality and getting blasting off.

    I liked the part where Ash told N about his encounter with Zekrom, and N thought there's must be a reason that he encoutered Zekrom.......
    Oh well, the reason was resetting Pikachu, that's all.
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    Even though this was N's (one of my favorite characters) debut, I felt that it wasn't that great. I guess I'm glad that he kept his in-game personality and stuff, but I enjoyed the little things more than N himself. For instance, that allusion to Team Plasma's experiments on Genesect at the start of the episode, Ash imagining tons of food and remembering his encounter with Zekrom, and Ash and Iris's battle with each other were all interesting moments. I was livid @ Axew wandering off as usual, and Team Rocket bored me with their schemes too. Plus, those Alomomola were such plot devices; they obviously only appeared so that Pikachu's poison status would be relieved. Still, the episode wasn't too bad.

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    Well, due to a job and other reality issues, I seriously slacked off on watching Pokemon episodes, falling over a year behind. I'm starting to catch up now, a couple of episodes a day (I've got over 40 episodes and 2 movies to go), so I'll get to back reviewing.

    Anyway, great character introduction for N here. He's one of the most interesting characters in the fifth gen games, and I've been liking his episodes so far. I found it most interesting when he asked Meowth why he speaks like a person instead of a pokemon, and Meowth acts like he's nuts. LOL I wish the show hadn't gone back to the 1.0 motto, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. At least Team Rocket's not taking long absences from episodes anymore. Overall, good episode.

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    I wasn't sure if maybe I was just hearing wrong, but no, James said "to unite the people within our nation!" instead of "all people!"
    Not complaining, just saying is all.

    Also, yeah, I want to know the reason (if any) Ash met Zekrom in the beginning of his Unova adventure. Hope it's not something that will just be thrown to the wayside.

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