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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Moves Discussion Thread

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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Moves Discussion Thread

    Some moves work differently from the Main Games in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

    Discuss the changes here and also state whether there could potentially have been a better alternative for the way a certain move works.

    Linked Moves and their combinations can also be discussed here.

    To start the thread, there are some Linked Combinations that I find interesting. Not necessarily powerful, but interesting. For example, a Pokemon first using a slashing move, then Wide Slash and finally Vacuum Cut seems interesting to me, as it seemed to indicate the range of a slash getting bigger with every blow.

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    I very much like using something such as Thunder Wave and then Smellingsalt as a Linked Move, or a sleep Move and then Wake-Up Slap.

    I must say though, that some Moves such as Rock Smash, is rather sad, in the sense that it doesn't deal Damage, and only serve an obsolete function once Absolute Mover is accessed through IQ Skills.

    I love howmust function though.

    Too bad that what are IMO two of the best Moves aren't legally obtainable <_<

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    I really Liked the linked moves myself. I had a Charge Beam and Discharge combo on a Magnezone once. It was super overpowered.
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    Mind Reader + Sheer Cold is not really as useful as it may seem, as Sheer Cold has low PP. It does not help that the Boss Pokemon, the only ones the combination is relatively useful on, are easy to beat, especially in the first game. My Pokemon literally just spammed the regular attack to defeat Lugia as a boss...

    It is more useful in the second game, but by the time you get Articuno, (I doubt you would use Poliwrath) most of the trouble would be gone. Wasting two moveslots is not nice, either.

    I love how Mew is overpowered here, as all Pokemon can get to maximum stats. Its movepool is wide enough to not give Smeargle an edge. It also has an awesome Signature Item in the second game, the Life Ring, practically giving it the Ability Magic Guard.
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