Hey guys, I've been getting back into Pokemon and am in need of some advice here. I have been going through the game this time catching and training Pokemon I see useful for my team, but I am having a hard time deciding who to get for the last two slots. I've been switching out Snorlax, Vaporean, Dugtrio, Wartortle, and Gravler (can evolve, just need to play some Pokemans with the girlfriend haha)

Anyway, my concrete team consists of:
- Dratini (31)
- Exeggcute (35)
- Hypno (42)
- Hitmonchan (34)

- Nidoqueen (43) - pretty strong thus far, but seems to have quite a few weaknesses, and am thinking I may need a back up for this Pokemon when I get to the Elite Four.

What Pokemon do you guys suggest? My girlfriend is pretty hell bent on kicking my *** and that just cannot happen. That, and last time I played I ended up struggling a bit at the Elite Four.

Also, I only have 5 badges at the moment. Fly/cut/flash/strength/surf are not a concern with choosing my Pokemon.

Any tips are welcome!