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    Default Welcome to South Park!

    Welcome To South Park!

    A club for all South Park fans!

    Hello this is a club for lovers of the sick, twisted, dimented, show full of profanity... you guessed it! South Park! well it is in the name of the club AND in big size 6 font on the top of this post XD ! this is a club comemorating the T.V. show created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone called South Park on Comedy Central. This is a place to talk about the show, creators, movie, game ect.!!! here us fans can have fun disscussing our many topics now and in the future!

    now for the town laws!

    follow all sspf rules -you should know these

    members only
    - unless your a member please dont post unless its your application its not that hard

    must be a fan
    -this club was made for South Park fans if you dont like the show then please leave.

    be appropiate
    - yes i know its South Park but still remember to censor and follow the forums' policy on this subject

    be kind to all members
    -if you have a problem with a member please pm me and we will discuss it

    no flaming or trolling
    -please try to stay on topic

    dont bash other charachters
    -its just not nice and what if someone in this club also likes that charachter. plus its just down right not nice.

    try to be active
    -at least post once every 3 weeks if not ill have to kick you out for not participating in the club in other words, please contribute to the topic often and if you leave/ not post anything for 3 weeks i consider it not participating because i make a new topic every 2 days

    new members
    -post application here. you can pm/vm me if you think i missed your post

    topics- I update topics approxamatly every 2 days though if a member posts a new topic we will stick to it and my planned topic will be moved. also you can respond to previous topics (as long as they arent like a a week or 2 old)

    helpers,assistants, moderator or whatever you wanna be called- currently looking for one to employ! :D Jan 29-31

    breaking any of these rules results in a strike
    strike 1-warning
    strike 2-2 week ban
    strike 3- perma ban


    date joined:
    who is your favorite charachter and why:
    have you seen the official movie bigger longer and uncut?:
    did ya read the town laws?:

    my application :D

    date joined: 1/24/13
    who is your favorite charachter and why:
    My favorite charachter is Kenny McCormick because he is awesome and epic! i love his persona of mysterion whom i think is very cool AND he is immortal. LIKE A BOSS!
    have you seen the official movie bigger longer and uncut?: like 20 times :P
    did ya read the town laws?: well DUH! i wrote them XDD

    reserved for owner

    tag coming soon! the one i did looked like crap
    for helpers, assistants, ect.

    members of club :)
    scubasteve23 [1/27/13]
    Demon Kitsune Yoko Kurama[1/27/13]
    7 tyranitars [1/28/13]
    the3rdH0kage [1/30/13]
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    banner made by Lucina Archealis (I don't think I spelt that right OTL)
    ^U^ I LOVE Crona from soul eater!
    owner of the silver fan club
    VM me and such if you wanna play some SSBB! im always up for a challange!

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