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Thread: Your pokemon memories- How you started playing

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    I was about 8 years old when i started loving pokemon
    So my parents bought me a nintendo ds for my birthday with pokemon pearl with it.
    I loved the game and played more than 400 hours on it.
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    I was about 7yrs old. Pokemon Red. Gameboy Pocket. Good times.

    As for the anime, I can't remember if it started during SM:TV live or not, but I definitely remember the episodes at some point being on during the show (this applies to my fellow UK peeps)
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    At age 7, I saw all of my friends playing Pokemon. I asked my uncle, and he gave me a free Gold game (He worked at Gamestop). He meant well, but it didn't work.

    My mother bought me Blue at Gamestop for $2 (it was in the used section). The rest is history.

    Also, I have collected cards since then, too!

    The Anime, I have watched even earlier.

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    Sharing more stories now, figure I might as well.
    The first time I ever played a Pokemon game was at my friend's house, and it was Pokemon Gold version. They were playing it on a Game Boy Player for Gamecube. Almost all of my friend's gamecube controllers always malfunctioned, so I somehow got stuck going in one particular direction on the bike until I hit a wall and then couldn't move at all. I didn't know this was because of the controller, so I called the game stupid. Only later did I get to play it for real, and become totally absorbed in the little world inside my Game Boy.

    When I first played G/S, I got hopelessly stuck at Goldenrod City, because I couldn't figure out how to clear the Sudowoodo blocking the route to Ecruteak. I beat the gym, played the Game Corner a TON (won all the pokemon), and trained my Pokemon to ridiculous extents. Later on I saw a friend playing a part of the game I had never seen before and asked them how to get past it. I was so excited to be able to move forward in the game, I played it the whole night. I "slept" in my bedroom's walk-in closet so my parents wouldn't be able to catch me playing game boy (I'd hear them first before they opened the closet door and could put away my gameboy quickly.) I wonder how much sleep I lost because of that game.

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