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    Hey. Hi. Hello. I'm a huge Legend Of Zelda fan, and here's my fan-fic of Majora's Mask. I'm sorry if you don't know the games well, but if you do, then you should be pleased. Originally this was going to be a one-shot, but it's too long to be a one-shot. This will only have fifteen or so chapters. There won't be a Character Bios, or a Table of Contents. Here's my story.

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    Here's a userbar for the fic:

    This is my second fan-fic. I emphasize sound, and capitalize the word, "Time," to make it seem alive. Enjoy.

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

    Link watched in horror as the moon fell, entirely unprepared for the end of his life. An evil, dark smile covered the front of the moon, along with two, bright red eyes. It appeared as if they were staring right at the ground; the ground that wouldn’t exist in a few minutes.

    “Link!” Tatl screamed. Link could barely hear her over the shrieks below them, and the sound of the vibrating world. “Link do something!” she shouted. Skull Kid and Tael floated above Link, playing with The Ocarina of Time, and watched him. “Bring four people … One each from the swamp, mountain, sea, and valley.” Tael said.

    Keep your mouth shut, stupid fairy! Skull Kid shouted.

    He whacked Tael, but Tael recovered and flew back to Skull Kid’s side. “Hey! That’s my brother!” Tatl shouted.

    Link realized that if he was going to do something, he would have to do it now. The moon was only a few hundred feet in the air above them.

    The only power he currently had in his Deku form was his bubble. A whistle noise was suddenly present in the shaking air. It seemed that the quiet noise, for some reason, could be heard at any distance. Link aimed the bubble, and shot it at Skull Kid. It was close, but missed. It popped just next to Skull Kid, and made him drop the Ocarina of Time. He caught it before it fell too far.

    He he he…

    Skull Kid laughed. He wasn’t speaking though. The tone came out of the mask he wore.

    You think that this toy would help you? Even if you did have it, you would be no match for me!

    He turned his back to Link, and spread his hands and legs out. The moon gained a fiery cloak, and seemed to speed up.

    Link shot another bubble, this time hitting Skull Kid directly in the back. He dropped the ocarina. He flinched, and then tried to grasp the instrument as it fell.

    Link moved quickly. His steps were lighter as he ran across the roof of the Clock Tower in his Deku form. Diving beneath the Ocarina of Time before it fell, he held it in his hands.

    “Link, do something! Summon a goddess! The goddess of Time- anyone!” Tatl reminded him.

    “Right!” Link shouted. He put his mouth to the Ocarina, but it suddenly turned into a tuba, a common instrument of the Deku Shrubs. A beautiful music came out of it, as Link played the Song of Time.

    Nothing happened. The moon, now cracking the Clock Tower’s roof, sat still, the flames surrounding it no longer moving.

    Keep your mouth shut, stupid fairy! Skull Kid repeated.

    “What’s happening!?” Tatl screamed. The clock beneath them, just visible from the side of the tower roof, was moving backwards. People below the tower walked backwards, the moon rose, rather than fell, and Skull Kid and Tael were repeating what they said.

    “Is Time moving backwards?” Tatl said. Her voice was now a whisper. Their eyes perceived a world of chaos, but their ears heard nothing but what each other said. That, and, the sound of their loud beating hearts.

    “Yes. Time … is moving backwards.” Link replied.

    As he said this, a series of black and white clocks formed around them; encircling them until they were just in front of their faces. They closed around the pair of them, and blurred everything Tatl and Link saw.

    Dawn Of The First Day

    The inside of the Clock Tower was old and dusty. Wood was covered with vines, and the clock echoed through the inside with every movement.

    “Hello,” Said the man in front of Link and Tatl.

    “Link? Link! Where’s Tael!? Where’s my brother!?” Tatl said in panic. “It’s okay. It’s okay …” Link said in a comforting voice.

    “Well … No. No it really isn’t. We can’t live these days over and over again. That wouldn’t be progress. It would be chaos. A lack of Time is a lack of order.” The man said.

    Link was now just noticing the bundle on the man’s back. It was covered with masks … Some were happy, some were sad, and some were just …

    “Who are you? You remember the past three days?” Tatl asked.

    “Yes. I followed you two since the start. That demon stole a precious mask of mine … It’s called Majora’s Mask. It grants any wish the wearer desires, but at the cost of horrible evil. The mask is alive, you see. It controls the wearer. Essentially, putting it on turns you into a puppet.” He said.

    “I believe in you two. You can destroy Majora’s Mask, and you can save the land of Termina,” He continued.

    “Who are you!?” Link repeated.

    “Link … You don’t remember me? I met you in Hyrule. You played with Time when I met you there too,” The man said.

    “What? How do you know about me?” Link asked.

    “I apologize. Let me introduce myself,” he said, “I am the Happy Mask Salesman. I exist in any Time the world enters.”

    “So … You’re just like me.” Link replied.

    The tower shook with the movement of the clock. Even as they stood in that room, discussing what never happened, the moon was once again approaching Termina.
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