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Thread: Why does my Garchomp suck?

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    Default Why does my Garchomp suck?

    I caught an Adamant Gible and trained it into Garchomp. I intend to build it for competitive battles, then I EV trained it. The EV's collected were 6 HP, 252 Attack adn 252 Speed. Below is its current stats:

    Adamant Garchomp Level 60
    HP: 223 (6 EV's)
    Attack: 183 (252 EV's)
    Defense: 127
    Sp. Attack: 97
    Sp. Defense: 114
    Speed: 149 (252 EV's)

    Despite the nature and the EV training, my Garchomp isn't very offensive at all. I noticed that when my Garchomp Lv.60 used Dragon Rush on Aron's Yanma at Lv49. Yanma survived with HP in yellow.

    I really don't know what is wrong with my Garchomp.

    Should it be something to do with IV's?
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    You did your EVs wrong. The attack and speed stats are way too low at level 60 if you have 252 EVs, even if your IVs are 0. Basically your IVs are incredibly low and you most likely didn't EV train it right, because with stats that low a Yanmega (which is surprisingly tough) takes 74.68 - 87.97%. Still it shouldn't have been placed in the Yellow unless your levels were different at the time of battle. Are you sure it was 49? It's weird to have a level 60 EV trained Garchomp and only be beating the Elite 4 for the first time.

    Regardless, you had to have EV trained wrong + have bad IVs. Skim through this, it should help.

    For further reference PLEASE use the stickies to ask single questions like this.

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