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Thread: Pocket Monsters Midori Fan Art~

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    Red face Pocket Monsters Midori Fan Art~

    My early game Pokemon team right around Cerulean City in Pocket Monsters Midori.

    Right here.

    I also have it posted on deviantART for those of you who might like to know.

    I jut need to get up the nerve to draw my end-game team in Pocket Monsters Midori. I'm just kind of...lazy. I'm amazed that I was even able to draw those Pokemon as well as I did. I'm awful at drawing animals...

    Please don't mind the sloppy coloring. It was late...and I really wanted to finish. I can't stand not finishing something once I start it.

    Anyway... the text reads:

    aoi to doki doki to luku to midoroi

    Which is...

    Aoi, Doki Doki, Luke, and Midori.

    Um...they do, of course, translate, but they're my Pokemon's nicknames.

    Aoi - blue
    Doki Doki - the sound of a heart beat
    Midori - green

    I hope you like this picture. I spent between three and four hours on it.

    Thank you for looking at my art!
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