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Thread: Forsaken Feelings (Slayers, Amelia/Lina)

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    Default Forsaken Feelings (Slayers, Amelia/Lina)

    Rating: R
    Anime: Slayers
    Type: Yuri
    Genre: Comedy/Romance
    Pairings: Amelia/Lina
    Status: Completed c:
    By: PPLyra
    Notes: Set after the Forbidden Dance episode and geez... my One-shots have been short lately :/ I'll write the next ones longer than 2000 words ._. nya~

        Spoiler:- More notes:

    "I wonder where Mister Gourry and Mister Zelgadis are..."

    "Who knows..."

    "Who knows? ... Who knows?!" I exclaimed at Miss Lina who was beside me. We were walking together in a hollow forest whilst looking for our male companions. "You were the one who was responsible for blasting that place with a Dragon Slave-- Not just once, but twice!" I tried to refresh her memory. "For the sake of world Justice, you went too far, Miss Lina!" Sure, a lot of people saw us perform that singing and dancing so-called -magic act that was really embarrassing, but casting two Dragon Slave spells like that...?! Miss Lina was out of her mind...

    "Don't tell me you want me to Dragon Slave you because you keep reminding me about that horrifying concert we just done! Besides, those thugs and that damn Martina deserved it for laughing at me like that!" Miss Lina said, cracking her knuckles as if she was getting ready to hit me. "Plus, I did all that for free!" she growled.

    "Yeah, you told me that..."

    "Do you want me to hurt you, Amelia?!" She looked at me like I was an enemy or an evil villian.

    "I-I... Miss Lina, calm down! I don't want to pick a fight with you, okay?" I said, trying to calm her down as I jumped over a deep puddle that was in our way.

    She seemed to not taking a notice of it. I tried to wave my hands on front of her, but she ignored me. "Who said I wanted to fight you? We all know who's going to win--"


    Oh, my...

    It took us five whole minutes to find an open lake to swim on while our clothes were getting dried using our belts as hangers. The water was cold, but we used our Flare Arrow to make it warm.

    After a while of relaxing in the warm water... "Miss Lina, do you mind?!"


    "Your eyes were like a magnet to my boobs!"

    "I was daydreaming because I'm getting hungry!" she complained, splashing about in the water.

    "They're not dumplings... and watch it! You almost kicked me!" I said, getting up to splash Miss Lina with the water.

    We spent about an hour there, wearing nothing but our singlets and shorts after we splashed about. It was getting dark as Miss Lina stood up to look at our attire that were hanging on the tree branches. "Amelia, I think our clothes are dry now..."

    "Okay, Miss Lina... I'm coming!" I stood up, brushing the dirt off my shorts as I made my way to where my clothes were. "Huh...? That's strange... I can't seem to remove my cape from the branch!"

    "You clueless Princess... Let me do it!" I moved a step back as Miss Lina slipped her last boot in her foot. She was fully dressed and I was the opposite. "Stupid thing!" she grumbled at herself.

    Then, she pulled it hard. I heard a small ripping sound as she lost her balance and landing onto me. "Warghh!" I exclaimed. My cape covered our heads as we fell. Her bigger body against mine felt like I got hit by a boulder.


    Ahh... The pain... I can't see anything! My cape was in the way and it was dark out. I tried to struggle my way out, but Miss Lina was still on top of me. I tried to speak, but something was preventing me to even move my mouth. At that moment, I felt a slight chill in my skin because I'm not wearing my proper outfit on. The wind then blew stronger than before, blowing my cape away.

    Then I saw my solution on my problem: Miss Lina atop me, with her lips locked onto mine.

    She was dead unconscious. I then squirmed about, but still nothing. I stayed there for a while, still having her close to me. For some unusual reason, this felt right... I'm not sure why though...

    "Mufffaaah..." Miss Lina said, tearing her eyes open and seeing me. She sat up away from me with her hand over her mouth like she ate something bad. "This shouldn't have happened..." She then stood up on her feet and ran off.

    "Miss Lina! Where are you going?!" I had to ask, but she didn't answer and she disappeared in the forest.

    Whatever did I do wrong...?

    It was really dark now, nothing to see. So I cast a Lighting spell for some light around me. I was crying softly, wondering why Miss Lina ran off like that... Does she hate me for somethin I didn't intend to do?

    Then I heard rustling noise of leaves. I swiftly rubbed my teary eyes with the sleeves of my shirt. "Amelia? Amelia! Oh, you're okay!" someone said. I turned around and it was Mister Gourry. "Where's Lina? Have you seen her? Zel and I went looking for you guys... but he went on his own to get us an Inn and left me to look for you two."

    "Sorry. No I haven't... Well, she sort of ran off and left me here..." I cried.

    "Something happened to her maybe..."

    "Yeah, maybe."

    "Maybe it's her time of the month!" I then blushed. Mister Gourry knows what that means?! "No, can't be... She can't run away if it was her time..." Then he sat next to me. "You didn't mention her older sister right?"

    "Why would I do that? Then this place would've been into smithereens if I did."

    "Yeah, I guess..." He then sighed. "Wait, don't tell me you gave her slug! You know how she hates slugs after all!"

    "Huh? Of course I know that! And I wouldn't do that to her anyway..."

    "Anyway, Amelia. Let's get going. Zel might be worried about you."

    The Inn wasn't that far and I ate dinner with the guys. It was quiet without Miss Lina hogging all the food. Nothing much happened that night. So I went to my bedroom to sleep for the night. Hoping Miss Lina was alright... Wherever she might be.

    Knock knock!

    Then my room door opened. I could smell it was her walking in the room. I looked up and Miss Lina came in slowly. "Miss Lina! I called you earlier. You got dirt in your ears maybe?" I found myself saying. I then sighed. "I don't know what to do with you."

    "You could start by saying hi," she giggled.

    "Hi..." I whispered. "Anyway, how did you find me.. I mean, where we are..."

    "It was simple. This was the closest Inn."

    "Oh... yeah. And you know... that kiss earlier? I know the kiss was an accident but... Did you feel a spa-spark?"

    "What spark? I didn't feel anything..."

    My heart shattered at that moment. "Oh, but I did..."

    "Amelia, listen, that was just an accident, okay? None of that happened on purpose. It's not real! Forget it and don't mention this ever again because the guys might get mad at us, especially Zel." She then sat on my bed, patting my back, then giving me a tight hug. "It will be our little secret, okay?" She said that like Mister Xellos's trademark was rubbing off on her.

    "Alright, let's get some shut-eyes!" I said, after shaking the feelings I had inside.

    "But I'm hungry! I missed dinner!"

    "Awh, don't worry! You'll survive the night, Miss Lina!"

    "Easy for you to say. You're not the one who's starving!"
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