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Thread: need black 2 team help

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    Default need black 2 team help

    Hi I need help with my team as I find I don't win a lot of online battle's and so changed the majorty of them but I still need a last member. this is what I have so far;

    nature - adamant
    ability - mold breaker
    item - muscle band
    moves - dragon claw, outrage, earthquake, dragon dance

    nature - timid
    ability - levitate
    item - black sludge
    moves - toxic, venoshock, shadow ball, giga drain

    nature - quiet
    ability - magic guard
    item - life orb
    moves - trick room, shadow ball, focus blast, psychic

    nature - bashful
    ability - natural cure
    item - bright powder
    moves - surf, thunderbolt, psychic, recover

    nature - timid
    ability - serene grace
    item - leftovers
    moves - aura sphere, fly, flamethrower and air slash

    as I said before any help for improvements or a last member would be very helpful to me.
    thqs in advance
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    Trick Room clashes with the rest of your team, as three of them are fast.
    Starmie would be better with Modest/Timid Nature.

    Also, looking at your sig.....Zekrom and Victini cannot be shiny

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    Those are shinies that he wants but anyway onto the rating.

    I agree with Shine in taking out Trick Room, and if you can trade/migrate over, I'd take out Reniculus and throw in a Timid Alakazam, but that's just me. He is fast, he can hit hard with Psychic. His biggest problem is that he is a bit to frail. and for a 6th again if you can trade over one or migrate from Gen 4, a fast Physical Infernape never hurts.
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