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Thread: Where is Pokemon Snap 2?!

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    Default Where is Pokemon Snap 2?!

    Does anyone else think this is long overdue? I loved the first Snap, and there is so much potential now for the game, with 4 (now 5) generations of pokemon since Pokemon Snap.

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    I would love to see this, although I have never actually played the original (I own it, but have no N64 to play it on.) I can see it being released on 3DS during the wait between X and Y and their sequel(s).

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    It could definitely work with the 3DS, and the AR feature could be an interesting bonus level.
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    Despite being so simple, the first one was actually a really good game. It was cool just seeing pokemon roam around and being able to take pictures of them. They should definaetly bring it back for the 3ds but shouldn't make it a priorty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesquik3D View Post
    It could definitely work with the 3DS, and the AR feature could be an interesting bonus level.
    It would definitely work on the 3DS, and on the Wii U as well. Although it wasn't the most popular title, I'm surprised they haven't tried a sequel yet.
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