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    Default Elemental Strike

    Welcome all to the Elemental Strike Guild. Man has abused and neglected the elements for so long, now they are taking their rage and striking back. Here serebii members can join a division and help their chosen element strike back at the world. We are here to have fun and socialize with each other.

    1.No spamming the thread
    2.Don't talk bad about the leaders or members
    3.Do not rage about a person on the serebii forum this
    4.Lister to your leaders if not you are kicked from the clan

    Ranking system
        Spoiler:- Numbers For Ranks:

    How To Rank Up
        Spoiler:- Things to do to rank up:

    We are a xat chat clan not a forum boosting clan we do all our talking on the xat chat and if any member joins it will be a good idea to come to the xat chat to talk and battle people. We are not big on wifi yet but we will so

        Spoiler:- Forms :

    Zero and Eevee for the rank bars and division leader bars
    Ram for the Guardian bars
    Eliteknight for letting me use the blue lights
    Thanks Anak for the earth division bars
    Thanks People
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