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Thread: White 2 Battle subway team.

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    Default White 2 Battle subway team.

    Hey guys, I have yet another team. This is one I'm making to take my first White 2 adventure. I usually just wing it without breeding or EV training, but it always annoys me that the team could be better if I had put in the effort. So I decided to make this team before I played the game. I wanted to not only make it for clearing the story, but also for wifi and the Battle subway. I've only thought of 3 members so far, and I may not even keep them, but regardless I need help choosing the other 3. I want the whole team to be centered around a Curse Ferrothorn. I would also like the team members to be sort of interchangeable. So, finnaly, here's the team.( Or, part of it.)

    Ferrothron @Leftovers / Chesto berry
    Iron barbs / Brave
    252 HP / 164 Sp.Def / 92 Atk.
    -Power whip / Seed bomb
    -Gyro ball / Iron head
    -Leech seed / Rest

    This is the pokemon I wanted to center the team arround. I love ferrothorn. He's an awesome tank, not to mention a powerful physical attacker, and this set does both near perfectly. After a couple of curses, Ferrothorn becomes near invulnearble to unboosted physical moves short of fighting type ones, which will take a small chunk of HP away from the user thanks to Iron barbs, considering most fighting type moves make contact with the user. While iron head and seed bomb may not be as powerful as gyro ball and power whip, they're options to consider since they have more PP.

    Chandelure @Leftovers
    Modest - Timid / Flash fire
    252 Sp.Atk / 252 Spd. / 4 HP
    -Fire balst / Flamethrower
    -Shadow ball
    -Calm mind

    I was thinking that chandelure would be a great partner for curse ferrothorn, consifering they check every weakness the other has outside of chandy being weak to the ground type. I am a little conserned about my physical and special walls both requiring set up. (Curse and calm mind.) Which is why I'm considering jellicent over Chandelure, but then I'd probably have to change the next pokemon aswell.

    Gyarados @Leftovers
    Adamant / Intimidate
    176 HP / 128 Atk. / 204 Spd.
    -Dragon dance
    -Stone edge
    I thought Gyarados would be a good complement to the team due to it's great Sp.def as well as intimidate, plus it has a good amount of risistences, including a resistence to ground, the teams only weakness. It also could be a great late-game sweeper once chandelure and ferrothorn have weakened the foe.

    Well, that's it for now. I'm really considering swapping chandelure for jellicent, since jellicent could abuse Toxic or Will-o-wisp to damage the opponent while Ferro sets up and sweeps. If you think this would be a good idea, then just let me know what pokemon I should put in Gyara's place. Thanks
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    That sounds like a pretty good team to me. You could put energy ball on chandelure to give it better coverage.
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    I personally don't like using anything defensive in-game. Raw offense gets me through everything, but that Curse Ferrothorn sounds nice. I am unsure about Seed Bomb and Iron Head though. Since you are using it in the Subway, where you will get healed after each battle, you could just go for Power Whip and Gyro Ball. The extra power will make Ferrothorn deadlier.

    I also think replacing Taunt with Earthquake/ Bounce would be better for Gyarados. Taunt won't be doing as much as another coverage move.

    Overall, great synergy. I like it.

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