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    Hey guys! I'm Psychic_Noir, known as Dusk or fallout539 in other places. I have been wanting to get into a Pokemon community ever since I got White 2 (Around the middle of the month) so I could use the game's features to it's full potential. I'm a big Psychic-type and Water-type fan, Solosis and Piplup are among my favorites.

    For my interests outside Pokemon, I enjoy writing, forum roleplaying, punk rock music, and Nightcore.

    That's about it! I'm looking forward to my time here at the Serebii forums!

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    I have no idea what "Nightcore" is, but I hope you enjoy the forum!
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    Welcome! Hope your time in Serebii forums is great.

    Shiny Pokemon (Caught)


    Pokemon games I have: Firered, Leafgreen, Sapphire, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, White, White 2, X, and Y.

    3DS Friend Code: 2148 -8657 - 3929

    My Youtube Channel: Trudermark

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    Hi, welcome to our awesome forum, have a great time here! :-)
    I have 2 Friend codes I use about equally. One is 4055-3723-1345 and the other is 0576 3520 6954. I'll try to mention which one to look for when needed, if I don't then ask.

    I try to train pokemon with the best natures and IVs, but generally don't breed for IVs and occasionally use a pokemon that could have a better nature out of laziness (on the other hand I have reset or recaught the same species 20+ times to get the best nature and decent IVs sometimes). I somewhat do EV training, but don't calculate it out so it's perfect, just rely on the chart in the super training thing.

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    Thanks for the welcome! I can't wait to find myself a niche and get to know the forums.
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    Wish list:
    Female Combee, Dratini, Dusknoir,. ALL OF THE VIVILLON. I'll take pretty much anything that isn't in my pokedex.

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